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    • Turku

      4 hours ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      So as some of you may have noticed in the news, Finland is in the headlines for stabbings and a shooting in Turku. (The police shot the attacker in the leg before detaining the attacker.) For those who may have been concerned but don't know Finnish geography, Turku's about 300kms south-west from where I live. 

      Now, there's been a video spread around and a rumour with it that someone shouted "Allah Akhbaru" or whatever in that video. And therefore linking this all to the Barcelona attacks. 

      I've just watched the video and listened to it on full volume several times. To my native-Finnish-speaking ears, someone's shouting in Finnish "Varo", then "Varokaa", which both mean "Watch out, look out." And judging by Twitter, I am not the only lonely Finnish one hearing that.

      It's horrible what's happened in Turku, but I'm super angry at people spreading false information. So... please feel free to share the above bolded lines to let people know they shouldn't jump into stupid conclusions like that rumour. 

    • Warframe

      18 hours ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Just tried out this game on X1, superrrrr awesome but I'm also superrrrr confused oh my god. 

      Btw. Not really into Minecraft, but I got some Story Mode on X1 as it was a freebie. I'm branching further away from FF! xD

      *_* I should sleep. 5am. Oops

    • Don't Tell My Laptop About This

      1 day ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      I was originally going to attempt to write a poem about my recent issues with sleeping, but maybe some other time.

      So within a year or so, I'm going to need a new (gaming) laptop*. And since I'm more used to WinOS, I'm probably going to have to suck it up and embrace Win10 (with which I had bad experiences in the past and quickly downgraded back to Win8.1, which has been working pretty damn fine for me).

      So anyway. Win10 users. Post your pros and cons here. Pretty please. =w=;; Especially on the following subjects (and sorry I'm such a noob with all the terminology): 

      - Internet connection issues (I was completely cut off from internet with Win10)

      - how programs from Win7/8.1 are working on 10 (anyone with GIMP and/or Steam, would appreciate comments on the transition).

      Thank you in advance for any feedback! ~^w^~

      *And yes, laptop. I don't have the space for a damn PC. So shhhhhhhh.

      PS. Not looking for laptop recommendations. I can barely understand the specs in Finnish, and English tech talk is just Hebrew to me (for now; I'm going to learn more in Finnish, and then begin to attempt comprehending stuff in English as well). Anyway, I know someone who speaks Finnish and understands tech, so no worries there. =^_^=

      (....Oh bummer, my printer/scanner will probably not work at all ahahahahaha. And my mp3-player will probably refuse to connect. RIP.)

    • Starry

      3 days ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Decided to give the First membership trial a test run... x) 

    • Series and Soda

      4 days ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      About the only series I follow right now are RvB and GoT. For both, I gotta say WOAHHH and wtf and noooooo can'twaitforthenextepisode(s). (I'm on episodes 19 for RvB and 4 on the latest episode of GoT.) ((If you wish to discuss either series with me, or Helix or Band of Brothers, I'd be happy to exchange wooooohs and noooohs ~^w^~)

      And now, soda. My weakness. My addiction. *-* The reason why I've gained weight (not that it shows, I hear, but the scale at the doc was showing numbers I did not appreciate) and why my life keeps going down the hill, especially finances-wise.

      SO. Going to attempt this again: cut down soda from my 'diet'. This is going to be hard, because Mt Dew is like... an addiction to me. Like, I can wake up, dress up, and head straight to the store for a bottle. Then few hours later, I might go back for more. >__<

      Over the years I've tried this several times. The longest I've been without any soda was after my jaw surgery in 2015, for 5 weeks. (My lower jaw was underdeveloped and causing issues, so it got moved forward a few millimeters.) Latest attempt was before Christmas 2016, managed for a week. Since then I've managed for a day, if even that. I've tried different strategies: cutting it out completely; reducing... replacing with tea, juice and smoothies, avoiding Mt Dew while allowing other types of soda.... Nothing's worked so far.

      Soooo we'll see how long I'll last this time! Or maybe I'll just have to admit I can't do this and just cut down other sources of extra sugar. XD 

      My weekend's been spent eating badly and avoiding sleep... It's really starting to show that I don't sleep well. xD Supposed to revise more of linguistics this coming week - about 3 weeks until semester starts!

      What about you guys? How's your weekend's been? :) Got any plans for the week?

    • Thunderstorm

      6 days ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Yep... It's here. D:< Just saw a flash of lightning above the lake (uuugh thunderstorms above lakes are the worsssst I know). 

      Hope I can have electricity later... but for now, shutting off and unplugging all the important expensive electronics!  >__< Finnish summer at its best, lels...



      (PS. This tweeted video is from Espoo in southern Finland.... http://twitter.com/raunolaroni/status/896415593901043716 )

    • FFXV NG+ Gameplay Stream

      6 days ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      EDIT: Next quest is to take down Deadeye the behemoth... not in the mood for that right now, so stopped streaming already. xD

      Hi everyone! Thought I'd post this on here on my personal journal thingo - I'm going to attempt streaming Final Fantasy XV New Game+ gameplay on Mixer in a little bit! (I say attempt, because I've had connection / lag issues before)

      This time without the headset, as I don't feel like talking much and I want to nom on candy (if I remember to do that... it often happens I get snacks nearby then just forget about them). ANYWAY. The chat hopefully works, and if not, then I'll be posting commentary on Twitter - and will be happy to try and respond to any questions you might have about the game etc. :) 

      Sooo come join me as I attempt to drive the Regalia Type-D and defeat monsters! x3 Stream will last for about an hour or two, depending on how my mood develops from the current mehh one. xD



    • Random Thoughts at 4:30am

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Sometimes I feel like I'm trying too hard. Sometimes I feel what I do is not enough. 

      I miss him.

      The window's open, because it's like 30C inside my apartment even with the AC on. Just heard the sound of breaking glass from outside. There's like 4 parking lots nearby... and downstairs neighbors have had... issues. Like, 1-2 months ago this dude started wailing, screaming, howling, whatever you wanna call it, and tried to break in to the apartment right below mine. I sleep with a knife next to my bed, sometimes when I go outside for a walk, even though carrying weapons is illegal in Finland just as is pepper spray (yep, you need an expensive permit for that which you need to renew every couple or few years or so). One of my neighbors, whenever he spots me, keeps following me around. So that's why. I'm always nervous to keep the window open, even though there's a lock system to it so it can't be forced open at ease, but holy hell it's so hot in here.

      I guess I'm at that phase again where I sleep through the days and stay awake the nights. Amazing.

      I don't miss him, yet I do. I just... want to go back to how things were, turn back the time even just by 12 months. Better yet, 9 years...

      I need to visit the city library today, so I might just... stay awake until the first buses go, and just go drop the book in and then come home to sleep. My brother should come over this weekend, but that is ONLY if he can come by his own car, which is questionable considering it's in need of some repairs.

      Sometimes I wish I could erase every single memory of him. His face. His hands. His smile, eyes. His voice. I know memories are what make us who we are. I don't want to forget the things that happened, just ... him. I'm sorry, dear, but I can't stand remembering you, it hurts too much. The knowledge of your existence just -- it's too much

      The hell is wrong with me. I haven't had these thoughts in weeks. How pathetic. 

      Ahh. There's a bus leaving at 5:05am, so... in about 20 minutes. Guess I'll get properly dressed and get going. Sorry for the sap. I'd promised myself not to write on these topics, not on here, but... guess I'm good at breaking promises to myself. Yep.

    • Losing My Mind

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Technology!!! Ahh, the elixir of life and the bane of my existence.

      Usually I have no problem fixing my connection by myself. 

      But when Windows diagnostics starts spitting words like "DSN server" at me, I am at a loss.

      See, my provider told me my modem was outdated, so they sent me a new one. I'd been having some connection issues, disconnecting and all, and this new modem was supposed to fix everything.

      Ja vitut.

      Everything is just worse!!! I've tried turning the modem off, on, resetting it, unplug everything and plug back in, run diagnostics over and over... I checked via my phone that there's this ... page thing where you can check IP-related stuffs (?? can't really discuss tech stuff in English, as is probably quite obvious) and I remember having an instruction booklet and all for this stuff but ??? I've moved 3 times since getting that one, and no idea where it is now???

      Thankfully my Internet works with an Ethernet cable (actually a lot faster than with old modem's wifi) BUT that is very... very bad. It's snaking around the apartment, the flooring plan is just awful here for situations like this... and my Xbox consoles won't connect to the Internet, of course. =w=;;;

      SO. That's how my Wednesday night is going. I might try and put the old modem back on, test if I can still get WLAN to work with that one.

      How's you all doing? :') (And no, not really looking for advice with this problem... Everything is in Finnish for me, so English instructions are most likely to go over my head...)

    • Oops I did it again

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

      Semester starts on September 4 or so. And my sleeping pattern is waaay off. It's soon 3am. How do I stay on track, like, how do I not do this before AND when semester starts? xD I've a ton of things to do - cleaning around the house, studying linguistics, studying Swedish and Russian, playing video games, research the field(s) I want to work in...

      I guess I need to... make myself a timetable? And somehow stick to it?

      Anyway. So glad Aug 7 is over. It was kind of depressing (in that, for the first time in 9 years, certain someone wasn't here to wish me happy birthday... didn't even send a message or anything. It's like.. I simply don't exist to him anymore, yet he was the one who wanted to remain as friends or whatever. Like ???? also damn it I'm writing about that againnnn nooooo Laura noooo). Yet it wasn't all that bad. I mean. I got to wear my new super awesome camouflage hoodie. My eye-makeup looked pretty neat (considering I rarely use mascara, let alone eyeliner). I had a bit more cake. I had sushi (at the only restaurant in JKL where you can get sushi that's beyond decent). I had a drink at my fav bar. I got lovely messages from people. 

      ...I'll just stop there and go play Alphabear until I run out of honey and then I'll just try to sleep and when I wake up, I'll just revise linguistics stuffs and maybe go to a gym and just----

      Hope you all had a wonderful Monday, that your week is starting off great and that it stays that way. Cheers,


      It's about 2 hours later or so and I'm still up. Why? Because I had song lyrics stuck in my head, and not even the correct ones... Nope. Instead I rewrote them, originally in my head only but thought it'd be funny to share. <.<;;; 

  • About Me

    DOB: Aug 7, 1990.

    Town: Jyväskylä (JKL for short).

    Nicknames: ZGZ, zzest; L, Lorie.

    Characteristics: Easily obsessive over things. A bit of an introvert, y'know, shy, freezing easily with new people around. But once I get comfy and start talking, you'll probably want to tell me to STFU at some point. My sense of humour is a little odd, and it's got an ON/OFF button, too. (And it's never, ever in the gutter~~ I swear.) I also go through phases of high activity for a few days only to then sleep through a week or even a month.

    Languages: Finnish (native), English (fluent), Swedish (lol), Russian (more lol), Japanese (even more lol), Spanish (a few words), French ("Je m'appelle" and that's all I can remember).

    Studies at: University of JKL.

    Degree: BA English language specialist (completed); MA English language specialist [NOT qualified as a teacher, by the way, that's a different program].

    Employment goals: Translation, communications, ... stuff like that. I've experience working as an office assistant, and also as an admin to an online group. I've also done some translating & interpreting.

    Other life goals: Finish writing stories and maybe get them published.

    Fav games: Final Fantasy (III to X-2, XII to XIII saga and XV), Dragon Age, Bioshock Infinite, Deus Ex - Human Revolution, Spyro the Dragon, Forza Horizon; used to play a lot of Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped and Gran Turismo 2. I also have Titanfall, Watch Dogs and The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim, haven't really played them that much yet.

    Likes: Mt Dew (way too much), cats and dogs both, arranging (book) shelves, using emojis (way too much), relaxing in the forest or by a lakeside, and driving a car (summer nights <3); guys in uniforms...

    Dislikes: Overly affectionate people, strangers sitting next to me on the bus, neighbors noticing my existence, and that the local store doesn't sell my favorite juice. D:< 

    Random fact: In the past 7 years, I have moved 8 times in total. In the past 3 years, I moved like once a year from one area of JKL to another.

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