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      2 years ago


      So, Youtube Red is not available in Canada. However, Lazer Team can be bought on Youtube for $15 CAD (which is an awesome price). So I bought and watched it. Literally just finished watching it actually ..... And .............. I have some bad news.......

      The movie's shit.


      Weird editing, and angles that seem awkward. Music is kinda awkwardly generic at times. Strange plot choices. Sometimes a little too predictable. Acting at times is off-putting.
      If you've ever seen a "YourMovieSucks" review, you know he would tear this movie apart. They're great videos by the way, and really tear through what added to and detracted from the experience for him.

      Now here's where I back pedal. I loved the movie.

      And I hope a lot of the people (presumably RoosterTeeth fans) did too. And I hope they are conscious as to why the movie " is shit". Usually in this scenario someone who doesn't like it meets someone who did and they have an exchange that roughly turns into "I didn't like this"
      "But that's what makes it LazerTeam". Like oh it makes it unique, its campy, an understood joke, or charming. This conversation has been had a million times over other movies (as well as games, music, paintings, architecture, and basically any artistic design).

      I hope that Lazer Team may help some people to realize, it's not some special scenario to be campy or charming. It's just art.
      Every movie is an experience, unique to itself. It could be similar to other movies, that if you've seen and will cause certain feelings. It could be executed completely differently. It could be flawlessly smooth or filled with holes. It could be "shit" or it could be "great". Doesn't matter.
      It's just an experience, that you get to... do. And either you like it or you don't.

      I personally like LazerTeam. Doesn't matter how the special effects were done, if you think the plot line was done to death. If the music was weird. if the acting was off. If you felt like RT was worked in unnecessarily. Or if it was flawlessly rolled out with an unbelievable plot and beautiful acting. None of that matters.

      LazerTeam's particular combination worked well for me. So I like it. Cause that's how art works get used to it you ass hat.

      Also it was dirt cheap at $15.

      I forgot to add, there's a lot of weird shit on AdultSwim and late night Teletoon that I watched all the time. So I guess I can be more inclined to not immediately see unconventional as a negative. So if something in the movie looked bad to you, I may have seen it as unconventional and ultimately appreciated and enjoyed what differences it brought.

    • 2019 years ago

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