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    • Master sleuth (TLR SPOILERS)

      3 years ago


      Got this week's victim, and the way he was gonna die, correct! With a little help from a friend of mine, of course. Discussions and theory comparisons are great in these situations. Man, I feel so accomplished.

      Although it sucked seeing @Chris go. That adorkable little nerd. I was totally rooting for him (even though I didn't list him as my survivor).
      Me and my friend were actually guessing that Adam was going to shoot the killer with the bow and arrow, and that Chris would throw himself in front of it because of their slightly new-found friendship (no better way to bond than Riddles In The Dark). Well, at least we weren't completely incorrect..!

    • I started playing LoL again

      3 years ago


      Damn it.

      I made a new account, though, since I haven't played for about a year and I figured I could use the practice (oh, how right I was - I suck and I am surprised people haven't caps locked profanities at me so far). If you wanna add me it's the same as my username here (in case clarification is somehow needed, it's crofteria).

      So feel free to play with me if you want to laugh at how terrible I am and listen to me nag about how Jinx isn't a f2p champion right now.

    • 7 Facts About Me

      3 years ago


      Holy shit, I've actually been tagged in a thing! Thanks to @jacjoyce for tagging me!

      1. I'm indecisive as shit
      This goes for basically all kinds of things. From what I want to eat and what I'm going to wear, to my feelings towards other people and what I want to work with in the future. It's shitty as hell, and I absolutely hate it. Those times when I actually do know what I want feel like they are super rare, and I value them highly.

      2. My favorite band is MCR
      My Chemical Romance has a special place in my heart, and they've kept that special place for the past seven (almost eight) years. I cried like hell when they disbanded last year; their music has been there for me when no living person has, and I will always remember and treasure that.

      3. I'm a cosplayer
      In case some of you have missed it; I cosplay! Been cosplaying for almost three years now, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Making the characters you love come to life is a wonderful feeling, especially when people appreciate what you do (even if you're sometimes afraid that you might not do the characters justice)..!

      4. I'm studying to become an English teacher
      This kinda goes together with the first category a bit, as I'm not sure this is what I want to do. I'm thinking about finishing my education (even though I have four years left), work a little to get dolla dolla bills and then go back to uni and study game development. That way, I can have my teacher training as a backup plan in case the game development thing won't work out. (I haven't decided yet, though. Naturally.)

      5. My nickname is Stiles
      Got it after my favorite Teen Wolf character, because I am apparently very much like him personality-wise. And I'm not arguing with that fact, if I'm gonna be honest.

      6. Dolores Umbridge can suck my nonexistent dingledangle
      I don't think there is any other villain (or character in general) that I hate more than her. Dear god. She's even worse than Voldemort. The only version of Umbridge I can tolerate is the one from A Very Potter Sequel.

      7. My dream is to one day own a Jaeger
      A life-sized god damn Jaeger. Like Gipsy Danger. Or Striker Eureka. Or a combination of both. I don't care. I just want a Jaeger.
      Either that, or a fully functional Crescent Rose. If I have either of those, I can die happily. (Although I'd prefer a Jaeger, if I had to pick.)

      I'm gonna go with @jacjoyce's way of tagging and put the first five people I see on my friends list that haven't done this yet. @thaidanh @FLYbarger @wolftrek @IToastieI @MrWartburg
      If you decide to do 'em, have fun! Can't wait to see it!

    • Five Nights at Freddy's theories

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      Let's talk theories! This game is extremely interesting to discuss, as they don't actually say much about the backstory of the game - we only get hints all throughout the game (same with the first FNAF game). I've had several hour-long conversations with my friends about this very topic, and we are all in awe over how profound it turned out to be.

      I was thinking of making this a FNAF2-only topic first, but later realized that we basically have no choice other than bringing in theories from the first game if we wanna discuss the second, and vice versa.

      Sooo... anyone who has any interesting theories about the game's story so far?

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    • Commander Shepard, Alliance Navy

      3 years ago


      It's coming along! Slowly but surely. (I still blame uni.)


    • Cosplaying is an expensive hobby

      3 years ago


      Went to the store to buy paint and some other materials for my fem!Matt Miller (Saints Row) cosplay today, and it added up to be wayyy more expensive than I expected. Still have quite a bit left to buy, so I'm starting to wonder if I really wanna make that cosplay now, as a lot of the materials I've got left are even more expensive.

      So, I'm debating whether or not I should just skip Matt for now and go straight to making my Commander Shepard armor. Not saying it will be cheaper, but since it's a long-term project, I think it's a project that I actually feel would be worth spending more money on (compared to Matt, at least) since it's so complex.
      Besides, the earlier I start, the earlier it'll be finished! And I'm really, really pumped for this project. I haven't had a cosplay project this big and time-consuming before, so I'm stoked and I really wanna get to it as soon as possible.

      What do you guys think?

    • Help me pick!

      3 years ago


      Right now I'm trying to decide what cosplay I want to start making, and it's really, really hard. So I was thinking maybe you guys could help me pick (or at least give me pros and cons so it'll be easier for me to decide). I'm trying to choose between:

      - A genderbend of Matt Miller (Saints Row)
      - Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy, movie version)
      - Tali'Zorah (Mass Effect)

      Help would be much appreciated!

    • Shitty movies list

      3 years ago


      I have a list of utterly shitty movies I wanna watch sometime in the future, as I am quite sure it will result in a lot of fun and cringing at the same time. I thought I'd share a few.

      The top three on this list are the following movies:
      Foodfight! (a horribly animated movie starring Charlie Sheen as an Indiana Jones wannabe looking dog)
      Ratatoing (a cheap, with emphasis on cheap, ripoff of Ratatouille)
      The Amazing Bulk (I don't even know if this is for real. Is this for real? Please tell me it's not actually for real.)

      Have "fun"!

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