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      Hey, @Chris. Succumb to the pelvic sorcery.

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    • Chris-marais-tree

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      I did not just waste half an hour on googling @Chris and Christmas trees just to do a shitty edit of a shitty pun.

      Marais Christmas, guys!
      ...Someone stop me.

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    • Ten Little Roosters (SPOILERS)

      3 years ago


      It's starting to feel like we're all playing Riddles in the Dark. And we're all wearing skull masks. Actually, more like blindfolds.

      Well, almost all of us, at least. I wonder who many got this week's victim (and way) correct.
      I thought it was a red herring due to the whole "mentioning that Chris is tripping = me spelling it out for you" thing, and they actually did say in the second episode that Burnie died in RvB because of the tank (even though they didn't actually mention the name of the tank). Damn it.

      Well played, @SixRomeo.

    • Science in Gaming - Super Hexagon

      3 years ago


      As stated yesterday in a certain lovely forum thread, I was drinking energy drinks while playing Super Hexagon. For science. While my science bro was drinking beer while playing Super Hexagon. For science.
      And I may or may not have written a report about it. For science.

      I present to you, the first (and who knows if it will be the last) installment of Science in Gaming!
      (With a lame ass banner to catch people's attention.)

      Since RT's journals have a character limit, I've been forced to divide my report into three different parts. But don't worry about not finding the parts, as I will link them (in case you actually want to read all of this).
      Without further ado, let's dive right into it.


      While talking to a friend over Steam as we were both playing Super Hexagon, a question arose - how would one's performance change if they drank a lot of energy drinks? Would their reflexes improve so that the game could be beaten easier, or would the spinning and hexagon shapes of doom get so much more intense that the person would end up like a confused Pokémon? There was only one way to find out - trying it out.

      The following day I decided to nominate myself as Test Subject #1498 and bought some energy drinks, ready to start testing, when my friend decided to join in - but instead of drinking energy drinks, he would drink beer. ("I can't let you drink alone", he said. Sure, that was totally his reason.) Like the responsible and mature adults we truly are, we did this in the name of science. Totally not for fun. This is serious matters.

      This is the detailed report on our caffeinated and intoxicated science experiment.

      First off, I shall explain what Super Hexagon is, for those of you who don't know. You are in control of a little triangle, which you spin around a hexagon shape, in order to avoid obstacles coming your way. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Not only do you have to get used to the speed of the obstacles coming your way or your own movement speed - you also have to get used to the colors changing and the whole game spinning in different directions, and sometimes even the obstacles moving sideways to block your path. You may have seen Michael Rage Quit this game before, and trust me, you will understand how he feels as soon as you try it yourself. (Yet, I've logged over 24 hours on that shit.)

      Materials and methods

      For this experiment, my science bro Magnus and I started drinking our sciencey liquids at around the same time. I downed 2x500ml energy drink, and he 2x330ml beer (with an alcohol percentage of 5.2%). We started at around midnight, and finished our experiment around 1:30 am. We were both playing the Hyper Hexagonest level, which is the hardest level in the game. For you to understand the utter pain and self-hatred we put ourselves through during this experiment, here is NerdCubed's permadeath video of the very same level (although he makes it look easy).

      During our experiment, we discussed our results and comparisons between them (among other things) quite a lot. By this I mean every damn time we died, which is about every ten seconds or so (sometimes a lot less, sometimes a little more). We quite often ended up talking about other things as well, which of course happens very easily, but in a way we did so to distract ourselves from the actual game. I will explain this further in the discussion part of this caffeine-induced report that I'm totally not writing at 2:30 am because I can't fall asleep. Science.


      Throughout our experiment, we managed to reach a few interesting (to us) conclusions:

      1.1) Drinking energy drinks makes the game feel like it's moving slower
      1.2) Your aim gets worse
      2.1) Alcohol makes the game (among other things) look blurry and feel like it's moving faster
      2.2) Your aim definitely gets worse
      3.1) Thinking about other things, distracting yourself, improves your performance
      3.2) Both caffeine and alcohol cause you to either overthink, or think about many different tings and/or aspects, which helps distracting you, leading to better performance
      4) Bowling balls are a health hazard

      To clear these points up for you and get rid of possible misunderstandings and/or confusion, I will explain them further in the next journal entry, which can be found right here.

    • Science in Gaming - Super Hexagon [P2]

      3 years ago


      If you haven't read part one yet, please do so here before reading this.

      Discussion and sources of error

      1.1) Not much to explain here. Caffeine will give you a boost intended to wake you up and give you more energy, equals better reflexes, equals the game feels slower. The caffeine in energy drinks stimulate the central nervous system in your body, make you more alert at the same time as it dilates your blood vessels, lowering your blood pressure by increasing blood flow.

      Taurine is another ingredient found in energy drinks, which helps regulate your heartbeat, muscle contractions and energy levels, and can act as a neurotransmitter, i.e. chemicals transmitting signals between your body's nerve cells. Some studies show it could help people to function better under certain circumstances.

      And of course, there is sugar in most energy drinks. A lot of it. (Source)

      1.2) Your aim doesn't get worse in the sense you might think. As your reflexes improve, you tend to move your little triangle too fast and past your target. Either that, or the spinning of the game makes you focus too much on your movement that you accidentally spin the wrong way.

      2.1) Also not much to explain. Alcohol works as a depressant for your body's central nervous system, slowing down activity, leading to slowed reaction time and impaired motor coordination. This obviously makes it harder for you to keep up with a game where you would most likely need better reflexes rather than worse. (Source)

      2.2) This point basically goes together with the previous point. You can reread it if you'd like, I won't stop you.

      3.1) This has to do with overthinking; thinking too much about your physical actions. For example, you know how when you do something you're normally good at in front of someone else, you tend to do worse than usual? You think too much about what you are doing and try to control your actions more than letting it come naturally. It's pretty much the same with Super Hexagon, and this does not limit itself to when you're caffeinated or intoxicated. It's like learning how to ride a bike - you'll have to be aware of what you're doing in the beginning, but eventually you'll stop thinking about it and your brain will take over automatically. It becomes an acquired reflex; a reflex you develop by frequently repeating a definite stimulus.

      3.2) Caffeine and alcohol make you, or at least made us, overthink - but about things other than Super Hexagon and our movements and actions. We started thinking about life and discussed it as an attempt to try point 3.1 a bit further. We also discussed a few hypothetical questions and situations, such as @Gavino 's infamous Snail Assassin one, along with paradoxes and riddles. Being that caffeinated or intoxicated at 1 am a Monday-to-Tuesday night makes you think a lot, but about the right things in this case.

      We also came to the conclusion that the game itself made us reflect over life; something that definitely helped distracting us from the gameplay itself and let our minds take over. Given that the game is fairly repetitive (albeit hard) gives you a lot of time to reflect over life. Especially when everything you hear is the same music and the same robotic, monotonous voice saying "Game over. Begin" over and over and over again, due to you losing and retrying so much. After a while (especially while drinking so much energy drink or beer) this makes you wonder what you're really doing with your life, which in turn makes you reflect over your life choices, which in turns distracts you from the actual gameplay, which in turn makes you perform better. So in a way - losing repeatedly makes you a better Super Hexagon player.

      4.1) You also get a better insight in what the meaning of life, the universe and everything is, and you think about what you really want to accomplish in life (or at least, so it feels like at the time). Random conclusions ensue during the discussions working as distractions. Bowling balls are dangerous. They just are. They are heavy and can kill people. Also, ideas such as robbing banks and stealing prison suits for Chell cosplays are very tempting to follow through. And I am apparently not going to marry anyone in the future unless this person is @Chris . But that is not important to Super Hexagon science.

      Sources of error: One thing that may have determined the outcome of this experiment is that I have hours and hours of playtime experience on the Hyper Hexagonest level, whereas Magnus only had a few minutes before we initiated our research. We are also not identical physical beings, as surprising as that might sound, so our tolerances and behavioral patterns etc. most likely differ, which would probably cause the results given in this experiment to change if we were to switch roles. Perhaps we also drank too little to see a more significant change, which is something we might have to try and find out some other time. Only time will tell.

      A short summary and finalization can be found in the third and last journal entry right here.

    • Science in Gaming - Super Hexagon [P3]

      3 years ago


      I can't believe you're still reading this shit.
      Please read part one and part two before reading this, so that you will actually understand what I am talking about in this journal entry.
      Let's wrap this up.


      Energy drinks improve your reflexes and slow the game down for you, but you still can't aim worth shit - the game almost slows down too much. Alcohol makes your vision blurry and deteriorate your reflexes, along with your motor coordination so that you can't aim worth shit during these circumstances either.

      Distracting yourself is something that is easier to do in the middle of the night while caffeinated and/or intoxicated as you practically become a full-fledged philosopher, which makes it easier for you to play the game as you start recognizing patters and play through automatism rather than thinking too much about your in-game actions.

      So basically - drinking energy drinks or beer while playing Super Hexagon both hinders and helps, on such levels that they even each other out.


      ***Please keep in mind that this experiment is not 100% scientifically accurate and that it may possibly change from individual to individual, depending on caffeine/alcohol tolerance and amount you drink, Super Hexagon skills etc.
      Thanks for reading!

    • Someone made a scribble based on my fem!Neptune cosplay

      3 years ago


      This is awesome.


      No idea what this person's RT account is (if they have one), but here's their tumblr!

    • Guys (TLR SPOILERS)

      3 years ago


      This whole sleuthing thing has made me so confused, I can't even think straight. What if...


      What if I'm the killer? Oh god, @Chris. Dude. Bro. Dudebro. I'm so sorry.

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