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    • Game recommendation time: Life Is Strange

      3 years ago


      I'm absolutely hooked on the wonder that is Life Is Strange. Played through it twice yesterday and I'm going to replay it again as soon as I finish writing this. Not a lot of games make me want to replay them immediately after I finish them. Anyway, let's start of with a pretty gif.


      This game is insanely pretty. May not look like much from this gif, but it even starts out splendidly, in the middle of a storm that I would refer to as hella gorgeous. (Tornados are pretty cool to look at, who woulda thunk.)

      The game's about Max Caulfield, a teenage girl who seems like she came straight from the nerdy parts of the internet (all in a good way, of course) - apparently the kind of girl who recites Lord Of The Rings a lot and who loves Scott Pilgrim vs The World. (My personal favorite; they make Tomb Raider references. And she even listens to music I like!). Let's not forget about her abundant love for photography. Oh, right, and she can also time travel. Pretty neat.

      I'm not going to give away too much about the game, other than the fact that it's a choice & consequence kind of game (think Telltale and Quantic Dream) and it's episodic (so far, only the first episode is available). It actually feels like the choices you make will have a significant impact on the whole story, which is a feeling I didn't always get while making choices in The Walking Dead, for example.


      You can also use the whole time travelling thing to redo choices (and sometimes even get additional options when you do so), which is great when you want to try different things out, or you simply regret a previous choice. It still kinda adds to the whole indecisive/paranoia bit though - the "no going back now" feeling isn't there anymore. Should you change what you did, or should you not?

      On top of the whole time travelling thing, you get to deal with your ordinary high school drama that involves cheating, guns, and the disappearance of a fellow student. Believe me, it sounds way more lame than it is. (This game is incredibly story rich, and keep in mind I'm saying that while only having played one episode out of five.)

      The only bad thing I have to say about this game is that the lips don't synch up to the voice acting (which personally didn't really bother me all that much; I was too busy marvelling at how pretty and clever the game is).

      By now, you might have noticed that it's hard for me to describe why I love this game so much without spoiling it.
      The trailer does a good job at it, though.

    • 3 years ago

    • How it should all work

      in Forums > How it should all work | Follow this topic


      We still need to figure out how it's all going to work - for example, do we have one host or several? Do we switch between people? Do we only have one person playing per time, or several (and in that case, how many)? Will we do this through Skype calls or Hangouts, and how shall it be recorded? Etc etc.
      A logo of some sort would be neat, too!

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    • Things I have accomplished so far in 2015:

      3 years ago


      - I haven't accidentally written 2014... yet
      - I've (somewhat) learned a new language (Dragon Age Elvish, look at this nerd)
      - I've managed to avoid tagging Chris in a journal post

      That's it, really.
      The year has started off pretty well.

    • The Oxford Comma Cafe vs. Dragon Age, Burnie style

      3 years ago


      Great things often happen in the OCC forum. This was one of them. Thanks to @FLYbarger, we had a little quiz/game show of our own - us who have played the Dragon Age games would ask questions related to them, that those who don't know a lick of DA lore would answer. You would expect hilarity to ensue, and I can assure you, it did.

      So here it is: a beginner's guide to Dragon Age... by beginners.

      @EricVela: Who is Flemeth?
      Fly: He's a wizard... and he looks like Gandalf.
      @Joron093: Female sorcerer married to goat thucker/chucker?

      Me: Who is Andraste?
      Joron: Leader of the inquisition?
      Fly: He's a dwarf... and a policeman

      @Desayjin: Mabari as best described as ... what?
      Joron: A female dwarf that wears magic rock armor. Or is that the guy who controls ones wardrobe?
      @malide: It's an event in which the dragons return to the land.
      Fly: I'm going to burn one of the only two phrases I know in this universe... A Darkspawn leader

      @MrWartburg: What are the Grey Wardens?
      Fly: A type of neutral police who balance the good and evil in the universe?
      Joron: Stone walls?
      Malide: They're responsible for keeping the peace between dragons and everything else.

      Desayjin: Templar's arch-rivals are .... ?
      Joron: The Assassins smiley0.gif
      Fly: I agree with Joron
      Malide: The mabari.

      Me: What is Orzammar?
      Joron: Magic hammer used by the dwarves to forge magic armor and weapons.
      Malide: It's a location that is very difficult to get to, but is the source of the dragons power.
      Fly: An Elven word that means friend... (Lord of the Rings don't fail me now!!!)

      Desayjin: Orlais is to France as Tevinter is to ... what?
      Joron: Germany?
      Malide: Paris.
      Fly: England
      Joron: Crescent rolls?

      Eric: What is the Qun?
      Joron: It's a tribe, group or race of peoples in the lands of Dragon Age, who at some point suddenly got horns and Sten loves cookies. And they like to ban lots of stuff.
      Malide: The Qun is the weapon of the leader of a rebelious group of dwarves.
      Fly: An olympic style event where the Dwarves make their families proud.

      Me: Describe Bianca.
      Fly: Easy. She's totally a mage who had her entire family slain by Darkspawn...

      Desayjin: What is a Grey Warden's source of power?
      Joron: A Grey Warden's source of power is there cloak, people who have cloaks in games are usually bamfs.

      Needless to say, 'twas 100% correct. All of it.

    • New Years resolution

      3 years ago


      Quit buying so many video games.

      Hahahahahah, no. I'm just kidding. I'm not crazy.

      My year started off well, with a drunk Skype group call involving some Boardgame Online and Survivors (there would've been some Cards Against Humanity but the site was unfortunately down). Can't complain too much so far.
      Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be ever in your favor.

    • 3 years ago


      'Tis the season.


      I need to stop.

      Happy holidays, everyone! smiley1.gif

    • Demarais Targaryen

      3 years ago



      "Haven't you put @Chris through enough already?" Apparently not. I'm sorry. Take Photoshop away from me.
      (But come on, SOMEONE must've thought of this one before.)

    • Cosplay make up tests are fun

      3 years ago


      I enjoy looking like I haven't slept for weeks and I'm about to murder someone.


      Man, if there is anyone I like more than Stiles, it would be void!Stiles.
      I probably won't make a proper fem!cosplay of him until my hair is back to its normal color, though. Accuracy!

    • I see Christmas hats everywhere

      3 years ago


      I want one too!


      Ah, there we go. Tis the season, people.

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