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    • Group logo and art

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      So I'm not exactly a great artist. I'm not even close to someone who can draw something decent. If you're one of those people that can draw and have some good ideas for a good logo for the group or just some cool art, you can post it here and we can use it on the group page or during the Cockbite Fight Night streams. 

      As an example, here is a sorry excuse for a drawing I made for a Cockbite Fight Night logo:


      Yep, I'm that bad.

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    • RTCG Gamer Tags and game suggestions

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      Post your gamer tags and games you like to play here so people can find you play with you online. We'll also use this to help work out what games we might play during Cockbite Fight Night so let us know your gamer tag and games so you can be involved. 

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    • RT Community Gamers group

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      A new group has been created for the gamers of the community. I've made this as a hub for gamers to find other people to play online with and talk about all the games they enjoy. Also, if people want to post reviews and news on games new and old to share with members of the community. 

      We'll also be holding online game nights where we can not only watch people play games but give members of the community a chance to show their skills as part of the action. Details will be posted on the RTCG group page for what we'll be calling Cockbite Fight Nights. So keep an eye out for details on that in the coming days. 

      Head over to the group page, join up and introduce yourself. 

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    • I have made it amongst the gods!

      5 days ago



      I got my first 1st in PUBG. Worship me as if I was your god. :p

      I think my heart may have stopped beating for a minute while there was only two of us left. 

    • PUBG and heart attacks

      2 weeks ago


      Well I just finished a quick game of PUBG before bed. Got second which is my highest so far. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my body was tingling. I think I just had a mild heart attack.

      Well, off to bed.....

    • Lost my smile of pure joy

      3 weeks ago


      Growing up I had a few pets. I went through a few goldfish and we had a few birds come and go. I've always liked animals, even the blue tongue lizard that used to live under the stairs out the front of our house. I always wanted a dog though. I'd visit relatives or friends and the first thing I'd do is go say hi to their dog. I'd be at the park near home and people would walk their dogs and I'd go up and pet them. Even the ones that would nip at my feet. I would annoy my mother for us to get a dog but she would just say no, until the day she said we were going to see a breeder to pick up a Jack Russell puppy. Mind you by this stage, I was 20 and about to move out of the house, so it wasn't exactly for me. It was more of something to keep my mother company now her two children were moving out. Still though, I wanted to come and just see the puppies. We were looking at the litter and my mother was talking to the breeder. I was just playing with the dogs. I was holding a boy, actually I was holding 3 but one boy I thought we should get, but my mother was holding a little girl puppy and we decided to get her. I held her while we drove home (my aunt was with us and I think she wanted a turn at holding her also but I wouldn't give her up) and although she was my mothers, she was really mine. We called her Annie. 

      The nights were hard for the first week or so. She would cry and whimper because she was used to having her family around and now she had a couple of strange people. It wasn't hard in an annoying sense, more hard in that I didn't want her to feel that way and wanted her to be comfortable. We had a bed for her in the laundry so I'd lay in there on the cold tiles with her until she'd fall asleep, but she'd wake up during the night and cry so either my mother or I would bring her into one of our rooms. She eventually got comfortable though and would sleep through the night. She was tiny and each morning I'd wake up and she would be sitting beside my bed waiting for me to get up. Then she'd follow me down the hallway and I'd go down the stairs but she wouldn't be following me anymore. I'd look back at the stairs and she'd be at the top of the stairs looking at me like I'd just abandoned her because she was too small to get down the stairs. So I'd go back and lift her down the couple of stairs and we'd both keep walking to the kitchen. There were a couple of stairs up to the kitchen so again, she'd be looking at me with a "why are you leaving me?" look and I'd lift her up the stairs and we'd both have breakfast. This would happen everyday and she'd grow and look at the stairs and try to work up the courage to give it a try but then she wasn't ready so I would lift her down and up the kitchen stairs. Then the day came when she made it down one stair and she looked at me wagging her tail, but wanted me to lift her down the next stairs. Eventually though, she conquered the stairs both up and down. The next challenge was jumping on my bed. First she'd get tall enough to put her front paws up on the side of the mattress. So instead of waiting me to wake up, she'd kick the mattress to wake me up. That's when things started to happen in her time rather than mine. Then eventually she could jump up on the bed, so she'd lay on my chest looking at my face and shove her nose in my face as soon as I started opening my eyes. No snooze button on that alarm clock.


      I'd teach her things and let her get away with a lot but I would also keep her under control. She would be bad and would think she was the leader but I would keep her in check. She'd be bad and try to eat her food under my bed and snap at me when I'd try to grab her food to get her back to her bowl. She knew to not bite hard though and if she thought she was too hard, she'd snap out of defensive mode and lick my hand to apologise. She'd bark at big dogs because she knew I'd always protect her, but if they barked back, she hide behind me. So I'd pick her up to take her away and she'd start barking at the dog again. Like she didn't have to worry because I was holding her. So I'd put her down on the ground again and she'd stop barking and try to get me to hold her again and look at me like she was thinking "No, what are you doing? That dog will kill me. Protect me again". Annie was a little dog that thought she was invincible. But she wouldn't abuse it. She knew I wouldn't let anything happen to her but she also knew that she couldn't push it. She liked people and liked other dogs if they were relaxed dogs and didn't get too close to me. 


      I've never really liked or wanted children. I don't hate kids, I just don't want any. I don't know what to do with them or how to interact with them. I like people that I can talk to and they respond in ways that I understand. And that is how I would talk to children of all ages. I would talk to it like I would talk to anyone else and get jibberish back and not know what to do. Also they stare at me and they're not mine for me to tell them to stop and go away. They're not doing anything wrong but who sits directly opposite some strange guy on the train and just stares at the guy? That said, Annie is the closest thing I would consider to be my child. I realised I loved her, taught things to her, protected her in ways that parents would liken that to how they raised their child. The difference to me is, Annie was more loyal, we understood each other and she was consistent. Children grow and change and would probably think I'm lame or what I'm doing is not for their benefit but to not let them have fun or whatever. And if it was my child, it would be an absolute bastard in a multitude of layers. Annie however, was just a consistently pure joy for me. It didn't matter how I felt or how bad a day I had. I would just go visit Annie at my mothers place and I'd feel happy again. It was like she would know when I was feeling down also. She'd just come up and curl up next to me and just look at me like she was asking if I was ok.

      I could tell hundreds of stories about my Annie. Little stories like her sitting at the window with her head around the curtains waiting for me to get home. Or how she would lay on my pillow when I'd get up during the night to go to the bathroom and not move when I came back. How her ears were silky soft and when she was young, she looked like she had black eyeliner. However, like so many other things that have brought me joy, it had to end. July 1st, 2014 I stopped smiling. We had to put her down because she had tumors throughout her body and unfortunately I couldn't protect her from those. Since then, I don't think I've smiled out of pure happiness. Sure I've smiled, but it's a smile like when you hear a funny joke or you're doing something fun. I haven't smiled simply because I'm happy. I'm just sitting on the couch, watching tv and Annie is curled up on the couch with me. Just happy.......


    • Need to work out more. Thanks Geoff

      3 weeks ago


      I had a great time at RTX though the first day was a little bit more than I "detected". I managed to get into the RT store on Sunday, which wasn't the best time if you want something specific as it was pretty bare by that point. I managed to pick up this Funhaus shirt which I wanted:


      It's a good fit and it's a comfortable shirt.

      I also picked up this Geoff designed shirt:


      which is small on me. Very small and tight. Same size, both medium but this one is tiny. 

      Now I originally thought "great, I need to workout more and lose more weight you fat arse" but then I suspect I picked up a womens shirt. I thought that section was all male sizes as there was a womens section. I could have just picked up one womens sized shirt that was swapped out on the table. Either way though, I have a shirt that I shouldn't wear but might wear it to bed and a desire to continue to lose more weight and get fitter. 

      Maybe next year, I'll be able to fit in the womens sizes also.   smirk

    • 90's OCC intro video

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      If you'll indulge me, I've created this thread for a project I want to create. If the OCC are willing, I want to make a video where the members of the OCC introduced in the style of a 90's sitcom, like this for example (Thank you @Priest).

      If willing, I just want a short clip of you in the style of the video aforementioned. As in a "Oh hey, I was in the middle of this but now I'll acknowledge you" type of old sitcom intro. Once done, I'll get everyone to either email me a link to where I can download their clip or advise me how I can get the clip. Then I'll edit it all together and make a fun intro video for the OCC group. 

      Use this thread to co-ordinate situations if you like or discuss ideas. 

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    • Do what you enjoy and do it early

      1 month ago


      I was talking to someone at work today and they asked me what education path I took to get where I am today. I thought about it and the real reason I am in IT support now is because I was doing an IT degree at University and manager at my part time job asked me if I wanted to help the IT Administrator out. That opportunity is the main reason I have been able to get other support roles. That entry in my resume more than the Bachelor of IT I got from University. 3 years of study and thousands of dollars of debt have amounted to a career doing something I taught myself while at home playing around with my computer and learnt on that first job. 

      Now I'm not saying higher education is pointless, it's clearly not as it's the reason we have the lives we live today, with all the things that surround us and keep us alive, entertained and productive. The main issue I've found is getting a job once I had graduated. I left it late and didn't start uni until I was 31. I completed a Bachelor of IT at Griffith University on the Gold Coast where I did a double major in software development and system services, which is just fundamentals of networking and security, and got a gpa of 6.25 out of 7, which is an 89% average. My goal was to be above 6 so I achieved that which I was proud of. One thing about me is I don't celebrate things unless they are achievements gained through hard work and effort. I don't care that you're still alive after a year but I'll congratulate the shit out of you for graduating or winning in sport etc. I did alright at university and my grades are above the credit average (5/7) that employers advertise on their graduate roles. I've also had experience working for the last 15 odd years, so I know what it's like to work with people and how businesses function. That has not amounted to a job in software engineering or development though. Why? Well there are a few factors.

      There are hundreds of graduates each year across the country and they're all applying for jobs. There aren't a huge number of software companies in Australia so they can pick the cream of the crop, the best of the best. They have free reign to peruse the candidates and be as picky as they like when looking for that one in 500. There's also changes in the company that can mean that a company can no longer hire a graduate. I had that happen at a couple of jobs. I had an interview lined up and they cancelled because they cancelled the graduate program and weren't taking anyone that year. There's also my age, which is what I think is a significant part of why I haven't been successful in some instances. That's why I'm writing this piece. 

      Many companies hire graduates so they can groom them. They want to take a bright mind that's fresh and open that they can mould to their needs. In the case of software, they want someone that they can teach them how to work the way they work and create software the same way that everyone else in the company creates it so everyone can seamless work together to maximise efficiency and make debugging and coding easier. It's basically take a piece of metal and mould it into a cog so that it can replace another cog that's getting worked to fit in another spot. This is purely an assumption but I don't think companies, here at least, want an older person to take up that role. I think they want someone young so they can get as much of a career out of that person as possible. They want someone early 20's so they can get 40 odd years out of them rather than someone older that has baggage of "how we did it at this place" with them. And that's fine, I get it. They have the opportunity to pick from hundreds of candidates at each job. Why wouldn't you find the best you can. 

      So what am I saying? What's the point to this? I guess it's just to think about what you want to do early on and don't leave it until later. Sure there are plenty of people that have been able to get jobs after graduating that are my age or older. This is just a bit of advice from me. I can't change it now, but there's plenty of young people who are not really thinking about it. My advice is think about it as soon as you can. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? The sooner you work it out, the sooner you can start working towards that goal and increase your chances of achieving it. The world is full of opportunities right now. It's prime for people to be who they want to be with so many jobs around, it's easier to go to other countries so you can now look globally. There's start up companies and kickstarter programs for people to get the money to start up their own company. Social media and the internet in general is making it easier and faster to meet people and network. Now is the time to discover what you want to do with your life. And if I can make a suggestion, make it something beneficial to humanity. Do something for the greater good of this planet and all that inhabit it. The world is open for you but it's not yours, it's for everyone. Just think about where you want to end up and work towards it now. I promise good times will still be had during that time also. 

    • Hi to sex in 60 seconds and the crazies

      1 month ago


      So this is a story about an incredibly awkward night out that I had in Melbourne. This was before I moved down here and was living in QLD in a share house. One of my roommates was Canadian who was studying at the same university as me. He wanted to see Sydney and Melbourne before he left the country so we went during the semester break. His Swedish classmate met us in Melbourne and this one Wednesday night we went out. We found a small venue that had live musicians playing and started having a few drinks. The foreigners were talking to the girls around them (that accent confidence) and they soon found these two girls who came and joined our table. The girls were friends and the guys were really getting along with them and they invited us to go back to their place. I was going to just go home and let them go as I didn't want to be a lone guy while the other two couples did their thing, but they wanted me to come along. I should have just gone to our apartment as this is where the night started to get weird and awkward.

      So the two couples jump in a taxi out the front of the bar, so it's full because it's a five seater. They tell me to jump in the one behind them because the girls have a friend of theirs who's following them in that taxi, so I get in this taxi with this girl I've never seen before let alone met. So I get in and the taxi driver asks where we're going. I don't know, as I'm just following my friends in the other taxi and the girl doesn't know the address either so I just say "Just follow that taxi where ever it's going". Not the best start really. So we're driving and this girl and I start talking. She says she's friends with the girls in front, I say I'm friends with the guys. Normal so far. Then it escalates, and quickly. Really quickly

      She asks me if she can hold my hand and just grabs my hand. She then starts telling me about her boyfriend and something about their sex life. I wasn't listening too intently because she's holding my hand and I'm not comfortable with most people touching me. That's what I'm focusing on, "you're touching me. why are you touching me. Can I have my hand back". Until I hear the words "Do you want a blowjob?" and my minds brought to the conversation. "I'm sorry what?" I said. I was taken aback, I wasn't sure she actually said it but I also noticed the taxi driver was looking at us in the rear view mirror with this what the hell look on his face. She said, "Yeah we can just go back to my place and I'll give you a blowjob and you can f*#k me if you want. It's ok, my boyfriends not home." and I'm just astonished. We've been driving for only a few minutes and I've only known this girl for that amount of time. I don't even know her name yet and I'm already getting propositioned. Now the awkwardness is settling in. All I know about this girl so far is that she has two friends, has a boyfriend, is clasping my hand with both her hands and has offered sex to a complete stranger within minutes of talking to them. I'm not interested in her. I could be nice and say she's not my type, but the truth is, I'm just not attracted to her. And after talking to her for a couple of minutes, I'm still not attracted to her. My reaction to her proposal was to say to the taxi driver "don't lose that taxi as I don't know where to go if they get away from us". She then says "It's ok, if we lose them, we can just go back to my place". The taxi driver looks at me in the rear view mirror and I shake my head at him as if to say "No, you stay with that taxi. Don't disappoint me". She then starts grabbing my arm with one hand while still holding my hand with the other and moving right up against me and I just "I just want to make sure my friends are right so we'll just go with them" and try to move away a bit. 

      It then gets worse. She then tells me that she was taken advantage of by a guy while out with her friends and her boyfriend being really angry that some guy did that to her and her friends are really protective because of it. Of course they are right, because they let you ride in a taxi alone with a stranger. This just makes me even more cautious so now not only am I not interested, I also don't want anyone to think I've taken advantage of her. So I'm really watching this taxi driver and making sure I can see exactly where the other taxi is going so there's no chance of losing them. Anyway, we finally stop and they get out so we get out also. I go straight up to my Canadian friend and tell him I'm not sure we should be there. He wants to get somewhere with his girl so he goes up to the apartment so I follow them to watch out for them. 

      So you'd think the awkwardness would be over? Wrong! We get up to the girls apartment and she has a couple of roommates. The girls all know each other and start talking and there's another guy there who's just kind of sitting by himself so I start talking to him. Turns out, one of the girl roommates picked him up that night also and he knows nobody. They make some drinks and hand them out to everyone. So I'm sitting there talking to this guy for maybe 5 minutes or about two sips of the drink the girls gave us and one girl comes over and tells us we should leave now. The girl we followed then comes over and says it's ok, we can stay. The girl that was with me in the taxi is talking to the canadian so I'm happy to have that room away from her but he soon ditches her to go chat up the girl he met at the bar more. So she comes over to me and starts telling me that she wants to sleep with the canadian but that she'd rather me or both of us if we want to. I just sort of laugh and the other guy is just looking at me with this shocked face. I just divert and get her talking to the random guy and I go talk to the canadian and his girl. The two girl roommates come up now and tell me and the canadian that we need to go. I'm fine with leaving and I tell him we should go but he wants to stay and try to get somewhere with this girl. The two girl roommates then go to the kitchen and have an argument with the girl from my taxi while the police are talking to the other roommate at the door because someone made a noise complaint so I just leave. I just said "Sorry guy, I'm out. You should leave also" to the canadian and I squeeze past the police officer and the girl talking at the door. He comes after me and I thought he was going to try and convince me to go back but the said that the girls came up and said he should leave again so he did but the Swedish guy stayed because the girl he was with wanted him to stay. We found out the next day the Swedish guy left soon after because they were being weird again. So that's the weirdest night out I've had and quickest proposition I've ever had after meeting someone.

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      3 months ago

      Hey, not sure if you're a member of the group or not, but Aus has a community group on Facebook where we organise gatherings and what not.

      If you're interested, you should deffinately check it out.

      • Treanomaly Actively inactive

        3 months ago


        Thanks for that. I don't have a Facebook account but I'll keep an eye out somehow.

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