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    • 2 years ago

    • You will never be forgotten. 2/2/2015

      4 years ago


      Monty Oum has passed away on February 1, 2015 to a severe allergic reaction while hospitalized.. It is a great pain for Rooster Teeth Productions and Rooster Teeth fans around the world. Monty Oum forever changed the course of animation throughout his works in Rooster Teeth. He changed and will continue to change the lives of millions of people around the world with his work. His work will forever be noticed and will never be forgotten. He did more than just animation. He brought people together to share common interests with his loving stories and memorable actions.

      Monty, it is hard to say goodbye to you. You opened my eyes to the world of anime with your amazing work. You changed my life more than you can ever think of. Your legacy will forever be remembered throughout the course of time with the loving support of your family, friends, and fans of Rooster Teeth Productions.

      Thank you Monty for all that you have given us. Love you man.

      To Monty,

    • Forgive and Forget

      4 years ago


      Forgive and Forget...

      Is it that easy? Most relationships don't last. Let's be completely honest with me and you. Relationships are tests. Tests to see if the one you are currently with is compatible with you and if he/she is going to be the one walking down the aisle or the one waiting at the altar for you.

      Very seldom of relationships marry their first love. Most marriages that are with first loves are the ones that have been together since before high school. They pretty much knew each other since they were in diapers.

      Most relationships have their ups and their downs. But why when the relationship goes south and one of the significant others becomes unfaithful, they don't look at the goods in the relationship? Only the bads. The moment the relationship goes south, the hardships throughout the relationship unfold and reveal themselves. Why can't we as human beings forget the hardships and leave them alone? Why do we all have to bring up the past and ruin the relationship more than fixing it and moving on with our lives?

      My relationship isn't the best relationship. The things that happened in my relationship, it could make an Oscar winning box office hitter! We have our ups and downs. We had our times of unfaithfulness. But we keep it going because deep down we love each other and can't live without one another. But why is it so hard for me to forgive and forget the transgressions she has put on me and my relationship? Why am I stuck in the past? Why can't I just move on in the relationship and move on with my life and with the one I love?

      Most relationships don't last... But if that's the case... Why do some try to keep it up from falling apart?

    • 4 years ago


      First Look Into SarivanGameplay

      Hello RoosterTeeth members! My name is Jake Santiago better known as Sarivangameplay or just simply... Sarivan.

      Been playing games of all genres and on all consoles since before I hit grade school. The one game that got me hooked into gaming was the computer game World of Warcraft from the developer Blizzard. I came home from school one day and saw my brother playing World of Warcraft with one of his friend(Currently my best friend) Tommy. He showed me how to play and i haven't stopped ever since. It went from playing World of Warcraft to playing pretty much all the other games Blizzard has published.

      Recently I have been cutting back on gaming and focusing on life and goals. But I have recently picked it back up and trying to make something of my self out of the one thing i couldn't live without for a very long time.

      So if you are interested in talking to me about my gaming experiences. Hit me up with a message here on the RoosterTeeth website... or on my Facebook and Twitter

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