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    • Terrorist Hunt on Realistic

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Finally unlocked this achievement with the help of @Riles @TonyPaoli @DBenitez87 and Dack (sorry, I don't have you here on the site.)


    • Pretty proud of this one...

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      I'm actually really proud of how this AH Community video came out.

    • Since it's a thing, my Top 10 Games of 2015

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      10. Tales From the Borderlands - I debated including this higher, but the ending of that just left a horrible taste in my mouth. Like, really? A megazord fight? Anyways...

      9. Zelda Majora's Mask 3D - Like the Ocarina of Time remake for the 3ds before it, this is everything I've wanted in a remake of this n64 game.
      8. Destiny The Taken King - I hate this game, but can't stop playing it, even though it milked too much money out of me. The gameplay is what keeps me coming back. To me, Bungie knows how to make an fps feel natural.

      7. Telltale's Game of Thrones - GoT was the most consistent in quality of all the Telltale games, even if it did have it's own issues.

      6. Batman: Arkham Knight - I'm debating if should even be this high, but I did 100% it, so I did like it.

      5. Just Cause 3 - Just the freedom of movement I have in this game is enough for me. If all theis game was was me flying around in a wingsuit, I'd be happy.

      4. Fallout 4 - I love Fallout, but there's some glaring issues I have with some of the quests (Another settlement needs your help). Plus, all the factions are horrible, I don't want to choose a side, there's no plus sides to them. It's not the first time Bethesda has done this. In Skyrim both the factions were horrible too. C'mon, there needs to be both positive and negatives to each faction not just negatives.

      3. Tales of Zestiria - I've waited a long time to play another Tales game, mostly cause I don't have a playstation so i haven't been able to play any of the series since Tales of Vesperia, so I'm really happy they'll be coming out on PC from now on. Fun battle system, even if the camera doesn't know what the fuck it's doing half the time.

      2. Layers of Fear - Sure, it's early access, but there's a lot of genuine scares in this game. It's also the first horror game I've done on my channel, so it's got a soft spot from me.

      1. Witcher 3 - This game hits all of the right buttons for me. Everything just worked on every level, I never felt like I was trudging along or grinding, and most importantly, every quest felt like it mattered.

    • Highest highs, lowest lows. Sorry for the rambling, and thanks for all the fish...

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So when 2015 started, I had just been laid off of a job and I decided to go full freelance, but was constantly struggling with money. I got some gigs, some big, some small, but enough to get by, barely. It was a struggle and I was constantly fighting with depression because of it.

      By early summer, I was in a better place financially, thought of moving to Austin, and then I got the best news I've ever gotten. I got the opportunity to intern at RoosterTeeth, a company I've looked up to and followed since I was early high school, when they first started. What followed was the best summer I've ever had with a job that fulfilled me creatively. I was finally helping to make things that would be seen by a lot of people (well, at least be more involved in the projects than I would be with Ninja Warrior, Amazing Race, or the-other-show-I-PA'd-on-that-I-can't-talk-about-yet). RTX was an eye opening event for me, it showed me what I wanted to do.

      At the end of the summer, the internship ended. Almost abruptly, as I had mixed up when my last day would be so I went into my last day not knowing it would be. It hit me harder than I ever expected it to. I don't know if I showed it, but that day was pretty hard for me, even if I knew it was coming. I'm not a hugger, I'm a big lumbering, awkward guy who doesn't show emotion a lot, but someone gave me a hug when I left that really helped me out.

      But living in Austin took it's toll financially. I pretty much used up all of my savings to be there. It was worth every penny, but it meant I had to come back to Dallas. I was back to square one in terms of gigs. I came back to my regular contacts having already hired others and gotten other regulars, and was back to submitting resumes on crew listing sites. The summer was the highest highs, but the fall was the lowest lows.

      I got a couple well paying gigs, but it's been a struggle. At the end of the year, I feel almost exactly as I felt at the beginning of the year. Even having accomplished so much, being this low has really gotten to me.

      The plus side is that almost immediately after leaving Austin, i decided to start my own youtube channel. I barely get any views, but for several months there I was able to have a consistent schedule of one video per day. I've recently changed that to three a week, but still, the fact that I know I can do that is heartening. I was even able to sign with a youtube partner with Fullscreen. On top of that, the past few weeks I've been helping out with the awesome fans on the AH Community channel and making content there.

      I'm hoping 2016 will be more consistently good than this year has been. I've been dry on gigs for several weeks here so I'm thinking of staying in Austin for a few months with my current savings and seeing if I can get any work there by being more local, as I've had a few positions turn me down for not living there (even though it's extremely easy for me to drive there).

      So yeah, I wish I could tell 2015 to suck it, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

    • First week doing community hunter videos

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So in the first week of doing community hunter videos, I've edited 5 and co commentated in 2 more, making 7 videos. I probably can't keep up that pace, but it's good to finally be making content that's getting seen rather than posting on my channel where no one sees it.

      Anyways, here's more, both with @DBenitez87

    • What a bundle!

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Hey look, more community hunter videos.

      This is one I made with @IAmVeryMoist

      And here's one I co commentated with SoulMystique

    • Much Community... So Hunter.

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      And even more Community Hunter content. This time with @IAmVeryMoist.

    • 2nd Community Hunter video - Rubber Ducky Easter Egg in Just Cause 3

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Here's my second Community Hunter video with @RJ. Rubber Ducky Easter Egg -Just Cause 3.

    • 1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin
    • My first Community Hunter video

      1 year ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So my first Community Hunter video went up today. Pretty fun. I'm used to posting Let's Plays daily on my own channel, so this kind of format is still new to me.

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