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    • Friday Update and the state of the Let's Play Community

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So last week I bought parts to upgrade my computer, got everything home, then accidentally bent the cpu pins on the motherboard while installing. So, I've just had my laptop this week until that's repaired by Asus. As such, sorry, no videos this week on my channel, and also no community videos either.

      On that note, I'd like to talk about the Let's Play Community. I love the channel, and I love the friends I've made through it even more. I think because of that love, I have to step away for a bit. Maybe not permanently, and maybe I'll show up in co commentaries, but as far as making content for it, I'm taking an extended break. I have my reasons, but that's not for today. 

      I make content all over the place, so these updates will definitely continue, so thanks for reading  and watching these, whoever you guys are. :)

    • Friday Update! Gmod at Rooster teeth, FNAF, and Halloween Overwatch

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      This week has been gold for me with videos. Probably some of my favorite videos.

      This may be my new favorite video I'e done, and it's with my friends at The Lone Few ( @aclarkislost, @KyleDoesGTA, @FromShanePR as we all try to murder each other running around Rooster Teeth's Stage 5.

      Next, it's the second part of Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location with @Ijuycra.

      Then it's some Overwatch horde mode playing the Halloween Junkenstein's Revenge mode with @RJ and Anigami.

      No community video this week.

      Also, check out my previous post to see the videos I've been editing for Zach Anner, he's funnier than I could ever be. :)

    • Zach Anner's a cool dude

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      I haven't told many people this, but I've been doing some editing for Zach Anner the past several weeks. I'm not his sole editor by any means, but been picking up some freelance stuff from him. Here's three videos I've edited for him (the airport video I only did a final pass edit on), the newest Workout Wednesday one just going up today. Expect to see more coming down the line, and whenever those are posted, I'll have them in my usual Friday Update posts, as well.

      I also did the thumbnails. :)

    • Friday Update! Outlast 2, FNAF Sister Location, etc!

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Been a slow week, kinda. I've been trying to stream more, and I have a couple archives, but most importantly, it's October, which means scary games are coming. 

      First up is the demo for Outlast 2:

      Then the newly released Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location:

      Also been streaming more and I will be uploading the archives on my channel in addition to regular uploads. Check out the playlist here:

      Now on to the Let's Play Community channel. once again, nothing much, the channel's been a bit dead on original gaming content recently. Not because we're not making the content, just that it's taking about 2 months for videos to get posted. Hopefully that will change soon. Hopefully. Anyways, One video I did a co commentary on went up with my new friend, SomeoneNamedGem (Not sure your name on the site here).

    • Friday Update! Totally Accurate Battle Sim and Minecraft Finale

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Friday update time. lots of stuff made this week. First up we have 2 parts of me and @Ijuycra playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It's totally accurate and hilarious.

      Then we have the finale of Minecraft Story mode. 8 episodes and 32 videos later, our journey finally comes to an end.

      Now on to the Let's Play Community. My videos still haven't been posted yet, but here's one I did co commentary for a few months ago with @Left2Cry and @Brady.

    • My old RT profile... so edgy...

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I've said before, I had a profile on here from a long time ago that I had forgotten the password of. There's not a lot there, but it is proof enough that I've been around at least since 2005, though it had taken me awhile to make a profile. 

      It has a bunch of stupid middle school/high school bullshit on it, but if you're curious to see Baby Phoenix, check out

    • Friday Update! Minecraft Story Mode

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I've been slacking on my channel, but that's mostly because I've been so bus this week. I've had a couple big editing projects going for work, and then Destiny Rise of Iron came out, so.. yeah.

      But anyways, on my channel I have the first 2 parts of Episode 8 of Minecraft Story Mode up.

      Over on the Let's play Community channel, i did a co commentary with a new community member named Rudy. Sorry if my commentary is a little dry. :(

    • Friday... well... Saturday Update!

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I've been super busy this week, so I missed my Friday upload, but don't worry, I'll have an extra video next week to make up for it. Also no Community videos this week, because I have no idea, I have 4 videos in the queue that just haven't posted yet.

      So the only two videos are both featuring @RJ of GeekLee. Purely out of coincidence, haha. 

    • RWBimbie asked PhoenixFilms a question

      Are you going to get mad? I added you as a friend a while ago ( RVBTX BartPark BBQ) but never got any notifications of your posts. I just now decided to look you up again ... and here you are.

      Answered: Sep 12, 2016

      Thanks for looking me up! Yeah, for some reason when you friend someone it doesn't also follow them, so you don't get notifications. Weird.

    • Weekly: Enderal and Inside. Plus more Community vids

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Another week, another weekly update. First thing's first though, holy shit, I've been Luke McKay'd! Check out my new profile picture drawn by the creator of RT Comics.


      First, the three vids on my channel. Two new Enderal videos with @RJ of GeekLee went up. We wander around, get into trouble and finally make it to the world famous Riverville and find people with some really weird names.

      Then we have another episode on Inside with @Ijuycra. Danzer is deathly afraid of water, so it's very fitting that there's a lot of water these past few episodes.

      Now onto the Let's play Community.

      Not much this week, but I was in a co commentary with @SDreadnoug who made a really cool mod showing what might have happened to the Achievement Hunters in a nuclear Fallout. He's gonna be posting updates to the mod, so be sure to follow him here on the site.

      See you guys next week for more!

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