I posted one of my previous short films here awhile ago, and thought I'd share another one.

A lot of people don't know I used to do a lot of work making my own short films and webseries stuff. I since stopped, mostly because of a lack of funds. I just don't have to money to pay people, and I'm not in college any more, so I'm definitely not gonna be that guy who has people work for him for "exposure".

I previously told the story of my short film "Witchbane: Hunters", which I still hope to make into a feature film one day, or at least a graphic novel. You can see that here: 

This time, I want to tell you about my medieval piece, "On the Sale of Swords".


The story is about an arrogant bard who gets arrested and is being taken as a prisoner to a noble he's insulted. He's being taken there by one of the noble's knights, a cruel man, and a hired sellsword, who only has gold on his mind.

We filmed in a paintball park in Flower Mound, TX, in a dried up creek bed. We used stunt swords and actual knight gear. The actors who played the Knight and the Sellsword were a teacher and student of an actual medieval sword fighting school for Fiori de Liberi, and actual medieval sword technique, and they used a lot of those moves in the choreography. They choreographed the fight really well, and I wish i was a better filmmaker to capture it properly.

So enjoy On the Sale of Swords.

Next time I'll show you guys a webseries that I never finished with a friend of mine, "From the Dust".