I have a ton of good news for this week's Fan Service!

First, I'm happy to announce that Fan Service will be part of "First Week". That means for the first time EVER, Fan Service will be able to be viewed by non-first members. So if you've ever wanted to check it out, now is the perfect time. If not still watch anyways cause I love you.

We are having a special guest joining us this week, Jessica Nigri. So send in your questions for Community Service.

Since we have such an amazing guest lined up we will be delaying the tournament arc finale for one more week for a very special "Filler Episode".bowtie The trigger word will be "Kawaii". Finally we will know... What is Kawaii?

For Fan Service Anime Club we will be covering episodes 08-10 of Saga of Tanya the Evil and Episode 10 of Miss Kobayashi. We also have a little surprise around this segment so don't miss out.

So tune in Saturday morning at 9:00 am CST to see all this goodness and MORE!!!