I feel like writing a journal today, but I don't have anything specific to write about. So here are a bunch of non-specific things.

"Can you do it/better/more/etc?" is the stupidest debate argument ever conceived. I don't need to be able to draw like Picasso to know that a single black line on a white canvas should not be called art, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. The whole point of art is that it's impressive because other people couldn't do it. I could train a monkey to draw a line on a canvas.

Orphan Black is a pretty good show. It's about a girl who watches someone who looks exactly like her kill herself, and then she assumes this girl's identity. Then she learns that she is one of many clones, and that someone is killing them off. I'm two episodes in, and I'm hooked.

I've been playing chess on my phone using the Play Magnus app, where you can challenge the current world champion of chess, Magnus Carlsen, at various years old. As of right now, I can reliably win against him at 8, but he crushes me at 9. I have only obtained a single draw.

Can we all just take a moment to agree that the Barenaked Ladies album Gordon is perfect?

After spending a lot of time working with two monitors, switching to one is very inefficient.

Cars are money pits. There I said it.

In 2 weeks, on Friday March 31, the show Grimm will air its series finale. I anticipate greatness, followed by sadness. And then in a few months possibly followed by looking for a box set.

If you haven't seen Logan, you should see it. It's great. Alex Jones has accused it of being anti-Trump propaganda. He's an idiot. 

I have not seen Rogue One. I should see it. I hear it's great. Apparently Alex Jones liked it. That doesn't change anything: he's still an idiot.

Breakfast today was toast with cheese on it, and cereal. Lunch today is going to be grilled cheese sandwiches, and cereal. I'm a renaissance man.

That's what I've got today. What have you got?