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  • At the Screwvies: Episode 128

    7 hours ago



    MADHERO: Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Valentine's Day and that you got to watch a movie with your significant other. I sure didn't do any of that none of that mess, cause there's way more important things to do, like watching for and complaining about movie news. You can't beat that experience even with love. No sirree

    STICKMAN: I spent Valentines Day alone  as I have done every one in my entire life. So...yeah. HEY EVERYONE.

    LARRY: I spent Valentine’s Day watching The Office and working on my poetry. So basically what I would do with a significant other, but I got all the chocolate for me :smiley:

    MADHERO: God, what a bunch of sad fucking nerds we are. But hey, more chocolate. Lets go spend some quality time with some movie news

    STICKMAN: Sure I got nothing better to do....WITH ANYONE SIGNIFICANT, Y'KNOW.

    LARRY: Hey, I’m no sad boi



    Seemingly out of nowhere, Disney decided to drop a bomb on us, aka our first like at Frozen II, the hotly-awaited sequel to the highest grossing animated film of all-time. After four years of development, it looks like we'll finally be revisiting Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf on a journey that looks...I dunno, surprisingly more grounded and action-oriented, huh? Yeah, after Disney dropped the ball mad hard on Frozen's first teaser ever (remember that?), it looks like they learned their lesson and gave us a badass, compelling teaser that gives us a variety of action beats and introduces us to a new autumn theme for the sequel that looks to have our main foursome exploring a new land.

    Add that to the epic music and lack of any comedy, and you have many fans speculating a more grounded, darker sequel, though the original did have its fair share of grounded moments. Nevertheless, as someone who really doesn't get all the hype around Frozen, I am very impressed with this teaser and I can't wait to see more of Kingdom Hearts Fo––I mean, Frozen II. Right.

    MADHERO: Well, this came certainly out of nowhere, but I guess that was needed after the whole Genie thing. More on that later

    LARRY: Oof, that’s true, I never thought of it that way.

    STICKMAN: Are you saying Frozen 2 was one big cover-up to mask the pain of CGenie?

    LARRY: I am not saying it wasn’t.

    MADHERO: Obviously we're not necessarily the main demographic for Frozen 2, but I do actually quite like this teaser. It makes you ask plenty of questions and certainly captures a different mood, which is also shown with the more autumn esque landscape this time around.

    LARRY: The opening with the waves was really awesome, way more grounded than I expected.

    STICKMAN: I thought the teaser promised something more ambitious than the straight forward no-thrills original movie.

    MADHERO: That water looks so real now. Disney Animation is getting really strong with its detail, which they weren't any slouches at before. Its easy to be reminded of an Japanese adventure game trailer, which is kinda funny after being out so soon after Kingdom Hearts 3.

    LARRY: Yeah something about the animation feels more dramatic and detailed. I was just happy that they gave us a lot to think about and speculate on without dumping exposition on us. The new autumn theme is very intriguing to me.

    STICKMAN: Elsa getting the Keyblade and fighting Pete sure was a highlight of this teaser.

    MADHERO: That wouldn't surprise me at this point. We already know this is going to make a kajillion dollars, and I think they've done a good job selling it so far. Will be curious if the other teasers keep this tone up

    STICKMAN: So many reindeer.



    You may have noticed it in some form, but it turns out that Aquaman somehow turned into a 

    massive hit. Considering this was the film that came after Justice League and featured a character that was introduced in that film to mixed reception, it was still wait and see if the movie could temper the disaster, and it did that and them some, grossing 1.1 billion worldwide to not just beat BvS as the biggest DCEU Movie, its beaten Dark Knight Rises to become DC's biggest release ever. Yes, Aquaman has made more than any of the Batman films, which is an extremely weird thing to say.

    Needless to say, a sequel is immediately being developed, with one of the co-writers, David Leslie Johnson McCormick currently working on it, with no word yet on original director James Wan returning, but to say he had an impact is made clear by the developing of a horror tinged spin-off called The Trench, which will focus on the chompy bois that attack Aquaman and Mera near the end of the second act. That type of thing, along with this year's Joker, continues to show DC is willing to play rather loose with its DC property now that the expanded universe blew in their face. Its weird, but definitely curious and something that could be potentially fun

    STICKMAN: Oy with this.

    MADHERO: Aquaman making over a billion dollars and beating every Batman and Spider-Man movie proves that Entourage was just being prophetic all this time

    STICKMAN: Sure is depressing.

    LARRY: After seeing the film, I can see why it’s having such a wide appeal, especially internationally. China loves explosive and wild action scenes, and big reptile monsters.

    STICKMAN: It was ...fine? It wasn't great, it was super messy and generic in a lot of parts. Its success is perplexing from a quality perspective.

    LARRY: Oh, absolutely. But plenty of successful films succeed above quality. Dark Knight Rises for example. Teehee.

    MADHERO: China tends to love the ocean a lot, so maybe don't bet against Avatar that's gonna heavily feature an underwater world. I liked Aquaman well enough and thought it was fun. Ok films making a billion is nothing new.

    LARRY: Yeah I liked it too, just cuz seeing him in the suit made me nerdgasm more than any DCEU previously.

    STICKMAN: I feel nothing for his glittery suit, I wanted to see his ABS. The spookyboi spin-off is bizarre, but if it means a high concept underwater horror movie I'm kinda down.

    MADHERO: If it and Shazam are signs of the new DCEU, I'm all for it. But how about some chompers? That's not something I saw coming when that got announced. Its weird, but I could see it work. Underwater feels unexplored as a horror mechanic if only cause its expensive to actually film in it.

    STICKMAN: I don't feel the CGI in Aquaman worked for the underwater stuff, so I dunno if it'll work in a cheaper horror spin-off.

    LARRY: I’m pretty surprised that The Trench, which maybe had like 15 minutes in the actual movie, is gonna get a whole friggin spinoff. Kinda odd, the creatures don’t event have characters lol they don’t talk they just scream.

    STICKMAN: That one shot in the trailer with them gave people a boner and WB can't stop making spin-offs.

    MADHERO: There's potential in the idea and I think they'd be used as the main monsters than anything respembling a main character. It definitely shows DC's intentions to be more loose, which I'm more than ok with

    STICKMAN: Let's hope they can be good, too.



    The Oscars may be just around the corner, whether the Academy likes to admit it or not, but it's called Awards SEASON for a REASON (Hey, that rhymes), and one of the biggest in this final stretch is the BAFTAs, which, are basically the British Oscars, except they had a host...and there wasn't any constant cyclone of discourse and drama for this one...which in some ways, made it a little boring. The big winners of the night were The Favourite and Roma, the former taking home the most awards, whilst the latter took the big one, Best Film. Roma also got Best Director, Cinematography and Foreign Language, whilst The Favourite scooped up both Actress awards, Best British Film, Original Screenplay and a slew of additional production awards.

    Other winners included Mahershala Ali in Green Book for Best Supporting Actor, Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Actor and BlacKKKlansman for Best Adapted Screenplay. Into the Spider-Verse took Best Animated Feature, setting it comfortably on course for a Disney upset at the Oscars this year (Hopefully), whilst some of the other Oscar favourites (Vice, A Star is Born, Black Panther) had to settle for one award apiece,  with mostly undeserving wins (Whoever thought Vice deserved Best Editing and Black Panther deserved Best VFX needs to be shot). With Roma winning Best Film, you may think that this puts it on course for Best Picture at the Oscars, but these two awards shows have differed in there top pick every time since 2014, so if anything Roma's chances have now diminished...still...WHO THE HELL ACTUALLY KNOWS AMIRITE.

    MADHERO: I did not see this but I'm all for Roma and Cuaron winning more important awards

    STICKMAN: Alfonso is a good chap.

    LARRY: Not surprising The Favourite is.......a favorite. Ahem.

    MADHERO: I’m happy with The Favourite getting some love. Despite its many Oscar noms, I do think its probably gonna lose a bunch at the Oscars, so its nice to see Colman and Weisz receive something for their amazing work

    LARRY: Oh yeah, it’s not a frontrunner sadly. But Roma sure is. Ro-ma! Ro-ma! Ro-ma!

    STICKMAN: I think The Favourite is very much a BAFTA winner and not an Oscar winner.

    MADHERO: We'll talk more about that when the Oscar Predictions blog pops up, but yeah. I'm glad that Spiderverse gets the love it deserves. With that and the twitter thread happening with the Pixar's For Your Consideration tweet, there's a good chance it might cause the upset

    STICKMAN: I wasn't super enamored with Roma as a film, a technical achievement for sure, but not as a whole product...personally. If Spider-Verse loses out on the Oscar at this point there's gonna be riots. Isle of Dogs has won more awards this season than Incredibles 2.

    LARRY: Oh hell yeah, it’s literally been sweeping. No SHOT they fuck up this hard.

    MADHERO: Well, we'll talk about Oscar fuckuppery soon.

    LARRY: Ooooooh boi, Academy fuckery? My favorite.



    Sigh. Alright, so clearly the Oscars' planning committee have really been fucking up quite a bit as of late, what with the hosting fiasco sans Kevin Hart, the poorly pitched "Popular Film" category, only performing the two most popular Best Original Song nominees and not letting the previous acting winners present at the Oscars. All of these choices have been backpedaled on one way or another, and it's tiiiiiiiiime for Round 5! FIGHT.

    As was noted in their initial press release, we knew that the Academy had planned on cutting some of the awards presentations from the main broadcast in an attempt to keep the entire show within three hours. Concerns were immediately seen from film buffs all across the interwebs, but that didn't stop them from eventually announcing the decision to present Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Makeup/Hairstyling, and Best Live-Action Short during the commercials. Naturally, this was met with criticism from the entire film community, from people like Russell Crowe to Guillermo Del Toro, noting that cinematography and editing in particular were intrinsic to the art of film and to not include them would be a disgrace to the industry and its cinematographers and editors. Which is all true. A few days later, the Academy announced a retcon, saying that all the awards will be shown live, but what's stopping them from trying to implement this next year? It's clear the Academy's priorities are not in the right place, sacrificing the celebration and achievement in lieu of shorter runtimes and more mainstream appeal. Shame, Academy. Shame...

    STICKMAN: Oh boy oh boy

    MADHERO: This show is literally supposed to happen next week, but at this stage they might even go back on that

    LARRY: That’s their secret sixth backpedal.

    STICKMAN: The real show has been the build-up. Can you even backpedal if you were never peddling forwards  to begin with.

    LARRY: Well the world pedals forward, thus they were without even trying

    MADHERO: Its been a while when the prepping of something felt like such a complete disaster. Everyone understands that the format needs changing and definitely be shorter, but they've tackled everything in the worst way possible and everyone involved in the making of this should honestly be let go.

    STICKMAN: I feel like the actual show is just going to be the Academy standing on stage screaming for 3 hours, and then Vice will win Best Picture.

    LARRY: And Best Editing. Don't know how THAT fucking happened.

    MADHERO: That would ensure that literally no one will walk away from the show happy, except of course the producers of Vice. It'll be very interesting if all this actually results in a decent show, but as its stands its gonna be extremely cobbled together

    STICKMAN: I can't wait for this nightmare. It's all been an intentional series of fuck-ups to boost the ratings, people wanna see this train crash.

    MADHERO: Just fuck me up, fam.

    LARRY: Their ratings are gonna go up cuz of the trashfire hype. Can we serve alcohol just this once?

    STICKMAN: I always drink vodka whilst watching the Oscars. ALWAYS.

    MADHERO: You're gonna need the strong stuff for this one.



    If we were to already start an Most Anticipated list of 2020, I think Dune is probably something that would rank really high on all our lists. Not just cause of its source material of Frank Herbert's novels, which I personally never read, but mainly cause its being directed by none other than Denis Villeneuve, who has been doing pretty well in the sci fi genre with the double whammy of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. The fact he gets to even do something like this after 2049 disappointed at the box office is pretty astonishing, but is alright in my book.

    Adding to the excitement is the absolutely insane cast that's been gotten thus far. We know that Timothee Chalamet is playing the lead, but he's now been joined by, and this is gonna take a while, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skargard, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Rampling, Javier Bardem, Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin. This absolute unit of a cast has also been given a release date of November 20th, 2020, taking the spot initially reserved for Fantastic Beasts 3, which hopefully means WB is keeping that in the pipeline to improve and shows confidence in this project. I'm pretty goshdarn stoked. Let that spice flow

    LARRY: Not since Smash have we seen a cast this dense with star power. "Everyone is here!" indeed

    STICKMAN: I feel like this has Blade Runner 2049 written all over it. Long in the works follow-up to a divisive and not super successful cult science fiction movie, lot of money and talent behind it. It's gonna disappoint at the box office. CONFIRMED.

    LARRY: Oh, most definitely. Unless they can find some way to give it mass appeal. Not sure how, but i dunno.

    STICKMAN: Make the worms sexy.

    MADHERO: I feel like that's probably a given although Dune does have a fanbase and the sheer scope should maybe interest more people. But hey, I just want some great sci fi and with Villeneuve we'll probably get that

    STICKMAN: I'm always here for Villenvnvunvenue. He has continued to amaze me.

    LARRY: Oh, Villy-boy is def gonna deliver. It's a matter of how many more of these can he make without the box office muns to produce them.

    MADHERO: This is supposed to be a two parter so its gonna be double the financial disapointment, but also double the great sci fi goodness.

    STICKMAN: Double the sand bois. None of the Sting.

    MADHERO: Now if only we can get Alejandro Joderowsky in some way involved. The Russian Doll nod could maybe help. Then it would be some nerd eclipse

    LARRY: Wow this is just some kind of weird arthouse sci-fi circlejerk now lol


    ALRIGHT, it's been a hot minute since we did one of these but it's time for a TRAILER LIGHTNING ROUND DUN DUNDUNDUNDUNUNNN.

    We got a few recent trailers to run through, we'll kick things off with the new TV spot for Disney's pointless remake of Aladdin that aired during the Grammy's. It didn't really offer much new beyond the initial teaser trailer, beyond our first look at the Genie... and oh boy...what a disaster that's been

    MADHERO: Hoooo boy, that Genie. I know that they try to move away from the Williams version and not just imitate it, but hoo boy.

    STICKMAN: He's a big blue mistake if ever I saw one. The rest of the film doesn't look so hot either, but Genie's the awful blue icing on the crappy cake.

    LARRY: It looks like the first round of a render that nobody decided to workshop at all. The face is just so....woof.

    MADHERO: Its mostly the face that looks wrong, like Smith's face is just plastered over it. I know these remakes have been a license to print money, but I'm very much having my doubts here. Woof. What else is there?

    LARRY: The Cave of Wonders also looks too small too man. Nobody is talkin about that but it's a PROBLEM.

    STICKMAN: That Genie face is a physical manifestation of all my hatred for live action Disney remakes. ANYWAY...moving on, we have the first teaser for Tolkien, a somewhat embellished looking biopic about the creator of Lord of the Rings, his inspiration for the stories and his love life. It looks...visually interesting? Not sure what to think about a glossy Fox Searchlight biopic releasing in the middle of the year.

    MADHERO: I didn't know this existed until 5 minutes after we started doing this. Whoopsy. Anyway you'd think they'd have tackled this much earlier with how popular the LOTR films are.

    STICKMAN: And you'd think Warner Bros would be doing it too.

    LARRY: Cuz this is what we needed........a Tolkein who FUCKS.

    STICKMAN: It's about time. Boy's gonna smoke so much weed.

    MADHERO: It looks interesting, if a tad bland when compared to similar stuff like Finding Neverland, but we'll see.

    LARRY: Yeah it looks a little bleh and overtly indulgent in its moodiness, but I'm here to see if Hoult can pull off the role.

    STICKMAN: We SHALL SEE, next up we have the first teaser trailer for Child's Play, the remake...of a series that's still actively running outside of this remake, which is being made without the consent of the original creator or anyone involved with the original production! How charming. Still, this teaser is a lot of fun, it got me interested in something I hated by default, so that's pretty impressive.

    LARRY: Yeah surprisingly better than I expected.

    MADHERO: I dunno how to feel about Aubrey Plaza being old enough to play a mom now. And well as the whole situation regarding this movie and the other Chucky on TV, which is a right proper mess

    LARRY: She's definitely old enough to play a younger Mom.

    STICKMAN: It's a huge mess, but if it means we get a more straightforward mainstream horror release in addition to the more cult orientated TV sequel? That'd be nice.

    MADHERO: I think Im gonna stick with the original, but it at least looks better than expected. Thank u next.

    LARRY: Yeah I won't see it, but okay.

    STICKMAN: The original Child's Play is well good. And I'd much rather support the original creators, provided what they're doing is still solid. ANYWAY, last trailer  and it's for Yesterday, the new Danny Boyle movie, made in collaboration with Notting Hill DUDE Richard Curtis. What if you woke up and you were the only one who'd heard of The Beatles? Why, you'd have a cheesy but heartwarming romantic comedy romp, that's what. I'm not feeling this one myself, but I'd like to be won over in the coming months before release, everyone else is into it, it seems.

    MADHERO: Boyle gave up Bond 25 for this and hey it looks cute.

    STICKMAN: You can never tie Boyle down.

    LARRY: Yeah I think the romcom route is really what this premise calls for, and hey, if it means sorta re-examining Beatles songs in a modern setting, I'm down.

    STICKMAN: I get the feeling this isn't going to be for me, Boyle loves jumping around between genres, and a quirky romcom about The Beatles seems a weird  turn for anyone else but him.

    MADHERO: I'm not the biggest Beatlemaniac around though I did go to their dedicated museum in Liverpool and think their songs are pretty neat. Curtis can play with these supernatural themes as seen in About Time and the like. I think its nice to see Boyle do something different. Now make one with everyone forgetting Queen or something

    STICKMAN: I stood outside that museum, does that count as going to it. Also I wish everyone could forget Bohemian Rhapsody..the movie that is.

    LARRY: I do love The Beatles as much as anyone else would, so I'm down to see a fun jukebox romcom. Also this concept but Queen would make an INCREDIBLE movie.


    MADHERO: Not really, but its something. Maybe don't go and stand outside the theater so that we can discuss all the movie that came out this week and next.

    LARRY: Imagine someone in the club scene starts writing Mercury's music and shit? Reclaim the music for a new age, I can see it.



    MADHERO: Can you? Well we're about to find out



    DIRECTOR: Dean DeBlois (How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2)

    STARRING: Jay Buruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham, Jonah Hill, Kit Harrington

    SYNOPSIS: When Hiccup (Buruchel) discovers Toothless isn't the only Night Fury, he must seek "The Hidden World", a secret Dragon Utopia before a hired tyrant named Grimmel (Abraham) finds it first.

    MADHERO: I have the feeling I'm gonna feel very alone in the fact that I'm somewhat excited for this movie and feel its the right time to cap everything off cause I'm stuck with the two people in the world who don't like this series.

    LARRY: Whyyyyyyyy did they make morrrrrrrre.

    STICKMAN: I couldn't give a toss, but hey, good for those who care and want to see how this story ends.

    MADHERO: You can enjoy the Toothless gifs from afar

    LARRY: I love the first. I'll rewatch the first any day of the week, it's excellent. But they didn't need to make a sequel and a trequel feels even more tired, they're slowly undoing all of the mystery of the world and it's just so blatantly cash-grabby.

    MADHERO: I still can't understand this take for the life of me even though we've even over it plenty of times. Everything I've heard does make it sound like it caps the trilogy off on a highlight.

    LARRY: Literally the whole APPEAL of Toothless was that he was ONE of his kind. No more, now he's got a fuck buddy.

    MADHERO: I The main appeal of Toothless is that he's fucking cute

    STICKMAN: Yeah. I thought it was because he was cute.

    LARRY: No, that's the fucking GIF appeal lol The STORY appeal is that him and Hiccup are both sorta singularities, that's why their partnership works well in the first.

    STICKMAN: The only thing I liked about HTTYD was that Toothless was cute.

    MADHERO: No one's gonna buy the plushie of Toothless because he's the only Night Fury around. They're not gonna make one plushie and cause some battle royale to happen. ANYWAY, WE'LL BE DONE WITH THIS ARGUMENT SOON


    STICKMAN: They gon fuck. I seen the POP Vinyls.

    MADHERO: Bad Dragon is gonna see a new marketing oppurtunity

    STICKMAN: Hell yeah. More dildos for me.

    LARRY: Just watch this movie be good and I'm gonna have to eat my god damn words.

    STICKMAN: It is good, but people said that about 1 and 2, and look where that got me.


    DIRECTOR: Robert Rodriguez (Machete, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)

    STARRING: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson

    SYNOPSIS: Alita (Salazar) awakens with no memory in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a technological fall. Dr. Ido (Waltz) finds her and gives her a new body. They later discover that Alita is more than what she seems and has an extraordinary past.

    STICKMAN: Big eyes big swords no problem.

    MADHERO: To think this movie is finally out. I heard about this happening before even Avatar came out. That's how long James Cameron had been working on it.

    STICKMAN: James Cameron needs to dial it down a notch.

    LARRY: Aaaaaaaaaand sounds visually great but otherwise mediocre.

    MADHERO: I feel like the eyes have been changed cause it certainly doesn't feel as jarring as they did in the first teaser. Anyway, fans of the manga and OVA are actually embracing this movie, and that's a miracle

    STICKMAN: They didn't change, James Cameron just altered the fabric of reality with all his money to make us all change.

    MADHERO: While the critical response have been more mixed, audiences and fans seems to be a lot more positive. I've been very curious about this film and would've seen it hadn''t I done that whole mini vacation thing

    LARRY: I'm just here for Mahershala's Matrix cosplay.

    STICKMAN: Mahershala looks fly as fuck. Honestly if anime fans like it that means I probably won't. No offense, you damn weebs.

    MADHERO: Watch him be in it for like 10 minutes or so. As a casual anime fan, I look forward to my bug eyed robo spectacle

    LARRY: Yeah the action looks awesome. Just...everything surrounding it is meh

    STICKMAN: I can see it for free so I might do, but that didn't help Aquaman from being thoroughly mediocre but watchable, and I doubt it'll help this either.


    DIRECTOR: Christopher Landon (Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Happy Death Day)

    STARRING: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Suraj Sharma

    SYNOPSIS: Two years after the events of the first film, Tree Gelbman (Rothe) unexpectedly re-enters the time loop and becomes determined to escape it after finding out her friends are now involved.

    STICKMAN: I feel like we talked about this film before. AHO. AHUH. HUhhh..nn.

    LARRY: Oh get outta heeeeeeere.

    MADHERO: Guys..... Groundhog Day. That's it. That's the line

    STICKMAN: I saw the first was fine. This one sounds fine too.

    MADHERO: I do like how this film seems to have drop what little pretense it had of being a horror film and is going for the comedy angle

    LARRY: Yeah looks to be embracing it.

    STICKMAN: I mean, the first was that too. Did you guys see the first film.

    LARRY: Does it look like I'd have seen it lol

    MADHERO: I liked the comedy of Happy Death Day a lot, so its nice to see them work from that. I think still had its horror/slasher moments, even if it was never all that scary

    STICKMAN: It was a better comedy than it was a horror, but it was all elevated by the great lead performance. This film seems to focus on the side characters a lot which...hrmm.

    MADHERO: Yeah, Jessica Rothe was great. She still looks like a lot of fun here. The side characters were fairly stereotypical, but can be built upon.

    STICKMAN: Depends on if they do or not. This is something I can wait to see, and looking at the box office takings? Seems like most people agree with that. Still, Blumhouse make films for 5p so it'd be hard for a film of theirs to fail financially.

    MADHERO: Its probably worth at least a rental


    DIRECTOR: Todd Strauss-Schulson (A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, The Final Girl)

    STARRING: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, Betty Gilpin

    SYNOPSIS: A young woman (Wilson) disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.


    STICKMAN: Oh boy more of this. Really stoked for more Rebel Wilson uncomedy.

    MADHERO: This movie is releasing on Netflix like 2 weeks after it released in theaters in the US so it gobbling up all the romcoms continue.

    LARRY: Yikes, just goes to show what faith they have in a theatrical run.

    MADHERO: I think it might be its metaness? Plus Netflix has been a haven for the genre since they do very well there. Putting personal opinions on Rebel Wilson aside, whom I'm mixed on, I do think she's perfect for this very meta type of film.

    STICKMAN: Unlike me, as a viewer.

    LARRY: Well, yeah, but it should be a GOOD film too. Metaness does not = good.

    STICKMAN: Is this a review of Deadpool 2.

    MADHERO: The reviews have suggested that its alright, which does make it perfect for something to watch on Netflix and then go... ehh, I'll watch something else. It came, it made its Valentine's Day money, and now it goes

    LARRY: Netflix and turn off the TV.

    STICKMAN: I wish I was a valentines.

    MADHERO: Next time, Ralph Wiggum. Someone will choo choo choose you someday.


    DIRECTOR: Stephen Merchant (Cemetry Junction)

    STARRING: Florence Pugh, Jack Lowden, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson

    SYNOPSIS: The journey of professional wrestler Saraya "Paige" Bevis (Pugh), from growing up in a household of professional wrestlers (Frost, Headey) to winning the WWE Divas Championship in 2014

    LARRY: Stephen Merchant writing/directing a RAW movie? Weird.

    MADHERO: Its definitely weird to have Stephen Merchant of all people direct this, as well as having Nick Frost as a former wrestler with a mohawk. Nice to see Florence Pugh in more stuff though. She's been really good on stuff like Lady Macbeth and Little Drummer Girl

    STICKMAN: This is a very British film that also happens to have The ROCK in it. It's odd, and I guess a marketing ploy for US audiences.

    LARRY: Yeah's so odd this is a thing that exists. It feels like the kind of film that'd release on DVD.

    MADHERO: Can't get more British than Norwich. Also I feel its mostly about Paige's story than the Rock and they just used all his scenes for the trailer

    STICKMAN: Norwich, the home of Alan Partridge and...turkeys.

    LARRY: Oh, definitely. They're juicing every cameo he makes.

    STICKMAN: Just like he juices every day.

    MADHERO: His production company is making it and he's part of the wrasslin so it makes sense. I know plenty of people who might be interested in this, and the movie is supposedly pretty good, but its probably in the "not for me" file.

    STICKMAN: I'm not a wrastling boy.

    LARRY: Oh my roommate is super into RAW and WWE and he is all over this movie. But I am not thus I am not all over it.


    MADHERO: With that done, lets Summerslam our way to Movie of the Week! That's a nice reference right there and that's where it ends for me. Its all downhill from this, people

    STICKMAN: Time for the real fictional spectator fight, us arguing about movies.

    LARRY: Now THAT is a Summer Slam.

    STICKMAN: I'll slam you any day, babe.

    MADHERO: Its gonna be quite the ladder match for the ultimate Movie of the Week. But with that challenge, Sticky, what's your Movie of the Week?


    MADHERO: Oooooh. Smacktalk. Classic wrestling maneuver.


    STICKMAN: Noooow, myyyyy movie of the week is one that's relevant for the upcoming Oscars, since it's nominated for S O M E   A W A R D S . Can You Ever Forgive Me, a true story drama starring Melissa McCarthy as a down on her luck author who turns to letter forgery in order to pay the bills, and look after her cat, who is of course, the most important person in her life. That and Richard E Grant, who chews the scenery something spectacular here.

    McCarthy herself changes up her usual routine of falling over with metaphorically falling over...into a dive of depression, resentment and regret...y'know, that funny stuff. It's been billed as a dramedy, but I'd say it was more of a drama with some comedic moments, when this film wants to hit hard, it goes right for it. It's a well told and well performed story that, whilst a little on the long side, certainly does a good job of exploring the main 'character's' motivations. It's also gay as fuck, which is surprising, given the marketing didn't seem to mention that at yeah, was a good film, not the best I've seen, but in terms of Academy Award attention it's a damn side better than some of the Best Picture nominations....VICE, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.

    MADHERO: Is Richard E. Grant as delightful in this as he was when he heard the news he got his Oscar nomination?

    STICKMAN: His character is kinda a mess, so no.

    LARRY: Wait, gay as fuck? Please elaborate.

    MADHERO: Dang. Well at least the movie is good. Its nice to see McCarthy show her more dramatic side.

    STICKMAN: Both the main characters are gay and their relationships are a focus of the story.

    LARRY: That's...really great wait how did they not market that. The fuck. People woulda ate that shit UP.

    MADHERO: Probably cause its not the crux of the story? I assume the main hook is the fraud she pulls off. Selling that relationship might be a bit more difficult

    LARRY: I guess but you coulda put in some clips or something. Now I'm more interesting in seeing the film because of its representation. Also Grant does look funny.

    STICKMAN: It is kinda one of the main crux's of the story though. Its part of both characters' arcs. Grant plays that to extreme scenery chewing delight, whilst McCarthy is surprisingly understated and brilliantly so.

    MADHERO: Do you think both actors deserve their noms and should this film have gotten more or do you feel its alright where it sits?

    STICKMAN: I feel given what has garnered the lions share of nominees, it deserved to do better than others. It's not a perfect film, like I said it's pretty sluggish, but it's also pretty engaging. One part got me having the feels but that's a selective thing I'd imagine.

    LARRY: Especially compared to fucking Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice. I'm sure it's better.

    MADHERO: What about you, Larry? Does your movie deserve it over BoRhap and Vice?

    STICKMAN: Yes, I can already tell you yes.

    LARRY: My MOTW is “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” the hotly awaited yet financially not-doing-so-hot sequel to the animated modern classic that kickstarted a whole cinematic universe. Lots of people are saying it’s a fun time at the theater but just not as inspired as the first go-around, and as for me, yeah I guess that sums it up, though I still definitely enjoyed myself.

    With Lord and Miller having story and screenplay credits, the film still has a lot of spirit and takes our characters on a fun, new journey that continues it’s allegorical nature surrounding adolescence, maturity, and family. I also found myself laughing quite a bit throughout the film, even if not every joke lands. And...yeah, the animation is stellar and a lot cleaner, which may impress some fans and annoy others. Ultimately, what holds the film back is riding the coattails of the original a tad too tightly, whether it’s the abundance of live action sequences, or the humor targeted toward pop culture and what not. That doesn’t make it bad, but obviously it was inevitable that this direct sequel would feature diminishing returns. Nevertheless, it’s a fun time at the theater with a strong moral lesson that makes it perfectly solid children’s fare.

    STICKMAN: I also saw this and have mixed feelings.

    MADHERO: I..... haven't seen this yet, and surprisingly I seem to be in the majority on that front with it surprisingly not doing so hot

    LARRY: Yeah wtf. It's not a bad movie, geez.

    STICKMAN: I have mixed feelings on this film honestly. On the one hand, it looks really nice, it's frequently funny and has lots of heart to spare...but it's really a huge retread of the first and overdoes it in a lot of departments.

    LARRY: Yeah not everything hits. No spoilers, but there's a few musical numbers and it gets a bit grating.

    STICKMAN: I will say, one thing I didn't like about this film was the way it uses the real world/LEGO world connection this time. It really doesn't know what it wants to be in that regard, and there's some notable plot holes as a result. Would've been better off without it in some ways.

    LARRY: I'm not gonna go that far, I think it works toward some good themes, it's just used way too much.

    MADHERO: I'm still definitely going to see it at some point, but I've not had that feverish hype I had for the original, which to be fair was 5 years ago.

    STICKMAN: It's got issues, but it's still a fun film to watch, and there's some entertaining cameos.

    LARRY: Yeah it's a bunch of fun. One cameo in particular was very funny and I almost didn't believe it was real.

    STICKMAN: Speaking of interesting...wait...I haven't got anything, better just say your MOTW, Mad.

    MADHERO: I may have ocassionally revealed on this show that I'm a sports fan, particularly of the European football variety. Compared to that, I check very little on the American sports side, though my favorite of which is probably basketball thanks to its fast pace. Anywaaaaay, we're of course familiar with sports movies and even the sports management films with movies  like Jerry Maguire and Moneyball. Getting drafted into that category is Steven Soderburgh's High Flying Bird, which you can watch now on Netflix.

    While I'll admit to know very little about the politics between the NBA, its franchises and owners and of course the players, but the film does take on a bit of a crash course and make you feel like you're given a peek. Shot entirely on iPhones, it follows Andre Holland's agent character, as he seeks to help a young up-and-comer get back in the game whilst the NBA has on a six month lock-out due to a disagreement between players and owners. While the cast featuring Holland and Zazie Deetz are great, the real stars are Soderbergh's direction and Terrell Alvin McCraney (who previously wrote Moonlight)'s script, who keep things very fast paced yet easy to follow. As someone not as invested in this realm of sports, I still thought it was interesting and worth a look.

    STICKMAN: Sports, huh. Why you gotta do this to me.

    MADHERO: Hey look man I didn't have a lot of time and decided to see something on Netflix

    LARRY: So interesting that Soderbergh is on an iPhone kick.

    STICKMAN: I watched Steven Soda Burgers previous iPhone movie, Unsane this weekend and I was not a fan of basically any part of that movie. It looked hella cheap.

    MADHERO: I can't speak for Unsane and how that used it. There's definitely moments where you notice it, but it also really pops and can feel intimate. Its definitely impressive considering how some films look with the best cameras in the world compared to this

    STICKMAN: Does anyone throw the iPhone into a basketball hoop. If I was making a basketball movie on an iPhone I'd throw it in a hoop.

    LARRY: Wow what a trick shot.

    MADHERO: Sadly no. Shit's expensive. Gotta use a GoPro for that


    STICKMAN: But hey, it's a Netflix film that isn't terrible, how often do they come around.

    LARRY: ....I mean


    MADHERO: One is nominated for a Oscar so maybe they're doing alright. SPEAKING OF WHICH, We'll be doing our predictions for the show as soon as next week, so that'll be fun. Provided they don't backtrack their release date


    LARRY: Spoiler, ALL the nominations aren't actually real. It's all an illusion, Oscars cancelled.

    STICKMAN: I can't waaaait to spend 3 hours adding all the nominees to a banner and then nobody looking at it.

    MADHERO: Maybe the real Oscars are the friends we made along the way, but to find out if thats the case we'll be there.... next time. buhbye

    STICKMAN: I wish I had friends...and an Oscar...GOODBYE.

    LARRY: Adios, friendos.

  • At the Screwvies: Episode 127

    2 weeks ago



    MADHERO: Hello everyone. Hope y'all are ready for some good ol fashioned FOOTBALL TALK! THAT'S RIGHT, ITS TIME FOR THE SUPER BOWL! So who cares about movies and such. If we talk about them, we'll talk about those 30 second trailers that play in between the match, because that's how we roll, baby. So guys, are you going to be rooting for the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots?

    STICKMAN: I wish someone would ram my patriot. By which I mean hellllooo.

    LARRY: I'm going for the Los England Patrams.

    MADHERO: What a bunch of cowards. All you had to say was "fuck Tom Brady" and there'd be cheers everywhere. Aw well.

    STICKMAN: Who's Tom Brady. Is he of The Brady Bunch?

    MADHERO: This is what we're dealing with, people. Lets just move on to news.




    Its that time of the year again: the time where we all bitch about the 91st Academy Awards' nominees. They may be hostless, they may not sing all the songs (or at least now they do) but they're still filled with spicy takes. While most people were expecting films like A Star is Born or The Favourite, the Best Picture nominees surprised with Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice, two not particularly well reviewed films that still managed their way to the main prize, along with the first ever superhero film ever nominated with Black Panther, the first Netflix film with Roma, along with Blackkklansman and Green Book.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing this year is there isn't much in the way of a front runner. Green Book has picked up important awards, but failed to get a Best Director nod and both the director and writer are mired in controversy and would feel like a bland pick when compared to previous winners Moonlight and Shape of Water. A Star is Born has felt like it lost momentum and Roma might have the Netflix and foreign language bias . All the categories besides Best Actress (Glenn Close seems to have it in the bag) are still up for grabs, which does make things more fun for the Prediction blog. And hey, Spider-Verse scored a well deserved Best Animated Feature, so the snubbing of Lord and Miller content has at least ended. In any case, I'll await your take on how BP is just your average MCU film that doesn't deserve this honor for whatever reason.


    MADHERO: Blame Annapurna putting all its eggs into Vice's basket, and that seems to have worked out

    LARRY: Blegh. That movie is such PANTS.

    STICKMAN: Vice was poopy. If Beale Street Could RELEASE IN THE UK I'd go watch it.

    MADHERO: I haven't seen it so I can't provide a scalding hot take. Bohemian Rhapsody though..... the fucking hell, guys? I know it did insanely well but so did Mission Impossible Fallout and that has 0 nominations

    STICKMAN: This year's Best Picture nominations are especially poor I must say. Some great films in there but also a lot of shit. Last few years it's been hard to deny the quality of the nominations even if you liked others more, but this year it's like...the fuuuuck?

    LARRY: Yeah it's a weak year. And almost all of them have people spewing hot takes everywhere. Or controversy or like. Something bad. See if we had BEALE STREET THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY PROBLEMS.

    MADHERO: The amount of divisiveness seems to make it hard to pick an outright villain this year. Most have pointed to Green Book since that has the best chance of winning out the bunch. I gotta say, out of all these, I'd personally go with The Favourite or Blackkklansman. That or Roma, which does need to overcome a lot of barriers

    STICKMAN: I feel like I don't know the frontrunner any more, either. Star is Born seems to have lost its momentum and Green Book has proved controversial and that usually spells doom.

    LARRY: I have a feeling it's gonna be Rooooomaaaaaaa pls let it be Roma, fuck all the Netflix haters.

    STICKMAN: I want Black Panther to win, not because I think it's the best film of the year, but because of the simultaneous celebrations and also fanboy rage it would cause. The internet would break.

    LARRY: White boys would be so pissy. It'd be a sight.

    MADHERO: Oh the amount of white boy rage it would create would power the earth for years. And yeah I wouldn't mind it. It ain't gonna, but that's part of the fun.

    LARRY: You can we talk about Cold War coming in with a director AND cinematography nod? Impressive stuff.

    MADHERO: Not bad. The Foreign Language category is really strong this year

    STICKMAN: What about Weekends for Best Animated Shorts, guys. LET'S DO IT. LET'S MAKE THE MAGIC.

    MADHERO: I've only seen the dumpling one cause I'm super casual. But yeah, we'll be sure to provide predictions closer to the show. But I'll at least be willing to predict the show being a shitshow from what has been revealed

    LARRY: How's that host search coming along?

    STICKMAN: I'm hosting the Oscars. That's why I know Weekends is going to winnnn. HUHUHAUHAUAUUAHHHH



    DC has given us several updates this past week regarding many different projects currently being developed at the DCEU: we got our first look at the characters in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, the announcement of a Super Pets film (which is surely going to sell like hot cakes), and, most importantly, a word on the upcoming solo venture for Batfleck...or so we thought.

    After speculation and rumors abound, Deadline has reported that Ben Affleck plans on ditching the ol' cape and cowl, though not necessarily because he's being replaced. Instead, Matt Reeves, who is still signed on as writer and director, will be focusing on a young Bruce Wayne, with his film now slated for a June 2021 release date. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the director talked about exploring the more detective part of Batman, as well as featuring a rogues gallery rather than just one villain. This...could be good? I'm interested in exploring the life of a young Bruce Wayne, and with the right actor in the part, it could be an interesting way to continue ol' Batty's story without conflicting with the canon. Why fret, Flashpoint will solve all of our problems, surely. hehe

    MADHERO: RIP Batfleck. May darkness welcome you once again

    STICKMAN: The sound of silence has consumed him forever.

    LARRY: Ain't much of a loss tbh

    MADHERO: I think the overall consensus of his time is good Batman in not particuarly good films. That's certainly where I stand. He did the best with what he had to work with

    STICKMAN: I thought he was great in BvS but the film was bad, and he had nothing to do in Justice League at all. He was completely wasted , and a Matt Reeves Batman trilogy would've been a real redemption for his tenure. Oh well.

    LARRY: Eh, he was good but nothing compared to other great Batmen. We still got Reeves tho, and that man knows how to make a god damn MOVIE.

    MADHERO: The search is now on for a new Batman, and it seems to be moving at least now that it has a solid release date. I like Reeves doing this as well as the promise of diving more into Batty's detective skills and a rogues gallery. So, any cast suggestions?

    LARRY: Well it's gotta be someone a bit younger. I guess an obvious choice is someone like Armie Hammer.

    MADHERO: Honestly yeah Armie Hammer seems like a good pick, and he was gonna be Batman in George Miller's Justice League, so it'd be a nice twist of fate, but I guess we'll see.

    STICKMAN: I think we should just have LEGO Batman in the role.

    LARRY: Will Arnett isn't an awful choice...

    MADHERO: That's the  only truly right choice, which is why they wont do it

    STICKMAN: Dye Dan Stevens hair black and there we go. I'd watch that.



    Remember The Mummy? No, not that one...OR that one...the Tom Cruise one? No? Well, it was meant to launch the DARK UNIVERSE, a shared universe of action adventure movies based around the iconic Universal Horror staple of films. It was so in motion we got an official logo and twitter account (Now gone) which previewed the upcoming roster of actors/actresses of them was Johnny Depp, who was to be, as many wish he would be these days, THE INVISIBLE MAN. Well, The Mummy tanked, the Dark Universe is dead, but you can't kill the Universal Monsters themselves for very long. 

    Blumhouse, a long time partner with Universal Studios, have been entrusted with bringing the Invisible Man reboot to the big screen again, sans Johnny Depp and now with 'Upgrade' director and SAW co-creator Leigh Whannell attached to bring it to life. The focus is now on smaller, horror-based projects with a roster of directors bringing their unique touch to individual characters/monsters, rather than joining them together in a big mushy action sludge-pile. Needless to say, this is the best case scenario turnaround for the Universal Monsters, and I'm very excited to see how this turns out. Fuck Johnny Depp!

    MADHERO: Maybe Johnny Depp is still in it and he'll just be invisible

    STICKMAN: I hope Johnny Depp's role in the film is like his role in Orient Express, where he's dead.

    LARRY: That would be ideal.

    MADHERO: Honestly they should've gone to Blumhouse from the very beginning. That made more sense than spending all this money of a non-existent universe that even had its own logo.

    STICKMAN: Blumhouse is Universal's horror money machine.

    LARRY: Maybe they'll give one to Peele.

    STICKMAN: Jordan Peele's Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    MADHERO: I think Peele is gonna be busy with his own original work plus Twilight Zone, but hey who knows. Leigh Whannell is gonna be a busy boy with this and him now writing the Escape from New York remake

    STICKMAN: We'll never get Upgrade 2: Upgrade Harder now.

    MADHERO: Does make you wonder what they're going to do with the other Universal movie monsters, but lets see them do this first before going DARK UNIVERSE 2 BABY!


    LARRY: Let's just release one and then see if the franchise tank can hold any more.


    Who's ready to follow some beefy men fight cybernetic Idris Elba with cars and elevators!?! Well, you're in luck sirs and madams!! The debut trailer for the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, fully titled "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw" (christ), has Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs and Jason Staaafammm's Deckard Shaw, a hero and villain of the films, teaming up to defeat Idris Elba's Brixton, a supervillain that has been cyber-genetically's basically superpowers, which I guess are a thing now in this universe.

    The trailer is pretty bad in how its edited, or shall I say COBBLED, together, but some of the action looks like classic F&F dumb fun. Cars flying around, some stupid comedy, maybe a contrived moral about friendship and not judging books by their cover. Sure. But will it be the same without Vin Diesel and familyyyyyyy?? Nope. But we'll take what we can get.

    MADHERO: How is this both a pretty bad trailer and also a trailer that makes me want to buy 10 


    STICKMAN: I would watch this garbage. Dwayne the John Rockson and Jason Statham are the double act we never knew we needed.

    LARRY: It's essentially two trailers in one. There's the funny "Why Can't We Be Friends?" parody song version, and then the action-packed version. They conveniently smushed them together.

    MADHERO: I like how they continue to ignore the fact Jason Statham's character literally killed one of the main gang but its all good now.

    STICKMAN: He scored high with test audiences so now he's ONE OF THE GANG. Vin Diesel is actually in every scene in the movie but he refused to be on screen with Dwayne so he's out of frame in each one.

    MADHERO: The existence of this film must piss Vin so much since he and the Rock can't stand each other. Its kinda funnnnnny. Also, I guess superpowers are a thing now in the F&F verse

    STICKMAN: Sure why not. Makes going into space seem more plausible if anything.

    MADHERO: We had zombie cars in Fate of the Furious and now superpowers here. WE'RE THIS CLOSE TO SPACE! I CAN TASTE THE OZONE

    STICKMAN: In Space nobody can hear you say FeamiAEIAily.

    LARRY: Watch Idris get brought back after HE'S an audience favorite. Cuz ya know he will be

    MADHERO: Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw Presents: Hobbs and Shaw and Brixton

    STICKMAN: I've had a brain hemorrhage from reading that.



    We've talked about DC a bunch, so maybe let's talk about the guy who originally got the universe started. Needless to say, Zack Snyder has had it rough, both in the production of massive movies that were either reviewed mixed or outright panned, to eventually letting go of Justice League (and some would suggest fired) and dealing with personal tragedy. Even with all that, he's still a capable director with a clear sense of style, so it was always interesting to see what he does next. For a long time that looked to be a adaptation of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead (oh no) but that seems to have been scrapped (phew) for a return to his roots.

    Before 300 and Watchmen, Snyder first broke through from his commercial gigs after directing 2004's Dawn of the Dead, a remake that's better than it has any right to be. He's now, in partnership with Netflix, going to make Army of the Dead, a 90 million action heist thriller about a group of mercenaries doing some heisting in Las Vegas....which just happens to be quarentined due to a zombie outbreak. It'll be nice to see Snyder work outside the realm of comics, and the promise of a "fully loose" Snyder should be at least interesting (especially if you count Sucker Punch as still being restrained).

    STICKMAN: I can't believe the director of the Owls of Ga'Hoole is BACK.

    MADHERO: I keep forgetting that movie exists and that he directed it. I'm just really glad Fountainhead isn't happening. That would've set the internet on fire.

    LARRY: Maybe not the best time to make a post-apocalyptic movie about Las Vegas given the mass shooting that happened there in 2017. Not exactly sure I’m looking for that kinda content. Especially not from Zack Snyder.

    MADHERO: I can sorta see where you're coming from, Larry, but the sad part is people move on from that really quickly. Plus its more escapist in the sense that its about a zombie apocalypse

    STICKMAN: I'm not seeing the connection between zombie apocalypse and a mass shooting.

    LARRY: Yeah, but violence isn’t exactly escapism when that’s exactly what happened. I’m just not interested in seeing corpses lie the ground of Las Vegas.

    STICKMAN: If you couldn't set a film in a part of America that had seen gun violence in the past year, you wouldn't have any movies set in in America.

    MADHERO: But we're talking about an extremely unrealistic scenario here. I dunno, I think this could be fun but I'm worried that Snyder going hogwild is like all those Shaggy memes talking about how he's only so much % of his power. Like, we're getting Ultra Instinct Snyder soon

    STICKMAN: Snyder unleashed with all his Owl ga'hooling chaos.

    MADHERO: Sucker Punch was only 1% of his true power. Be afraid.

    LARRY: Look, I’m just saying the timing isn’t the best. But also, Snyder doesn’t make movies I’m interested in seeing, so why should I be even remotely excited for this?

    STICKMAN: I feel like that's more your issue here.

    LARRY: Yeah, it’s a me thing. But I also find Snyder to be a mediocre filmmaker at best who’s films revel in this sort of machismo that I’m not interested in. So, I dunno, just doesn’t seem like him going back to his “roots” really warrants all this hype.

    MADHERO: Netflix is making a little bit of everything, and even though Snyder's work hasn't been.... great over the years, I'm still interested with what he does next. Except the Fountainhead. Please don't do that



    Two of nerdoms most popular British directors, Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright, have been a little radio silent since their respective, tremendous 2017 films (Dunkirk and Baby Driver), with the question on everyone's lips having been WHAT'S NEXT, GUYS!? we know....soooorta? First, Warner Bros have given Nolan's next movie a release slot of July 17th 2020...that's slap-bang in SUMMER MOVIES SEASON, and it's billed as an 'Event Movie' releasing in IMAX and that's...well that's literally all we know. Not a name, not a premise, not nothing. Cool. 

    Over at the Wright camp, we have a bit more information, even if it is a little vague...but oh so enticing. After dipping his toes in comedy-drama with Baby Driver, Wright is seemingly stepping into full serious territory...with a Soho (London) set psychological horror, filming this summer and with Anya Taylor Joy set to star, presumably for a 2020 release date as well. FUCK. YES. He also confirmed Baby Driver 2's script was more or less finished, with that likely coming after his horror project. So yeah, lots to look forward to, and in Nolan's case, many reasons for IMDB staff to be panicking already.

    MADHERO: I can't believe the 2020 Nolan movie is already the top rated film on IMDB

    LARRY: Damn, Nolan AND Wright in 2020? We are truly blessed.

    MADHERO: You just know it will at some point because it happens to all his movies. TDKR has no business in the IMDB Top 250. Anywaaaaaay

    STICKMAN: With Nolan, Wright and Villenienienvue all having films out in 2020, it's gonna be a real modern master  directors paradise.

    MADHERO: God, Dune is gonna be awesome, but we're not talking Villeneuve. I'm definitely interested in Wright doing something a bit more horror themed. Baby Driver was already a pretty big departure for him and I'd like to see develop as a filmmaker

    STICKMAN: I'm fucking ready for a Edgar Wright horror movie. I hope they call it DON'T and it's a feature length version of his fake trailer.

    LARRY: I don’t know what else to say other than these all sound amazing.


    MADHERO: Indeed. But hey, why talk about movies that are actually out right now. Now it being the Super Bowl weekend, its kinda quieter than normal, but there's still plenty of room for something.... awesome.

    STICKMAN: Is it Batman.

    MADHERO: I mean, Batman's in it.

    LARRY: ooh la laaaaaaa

    MADHERO: How much Batman? Well I dunno really, but he's there. He's in....



    DIRECTOR: Mike Mitchell (The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water, Trolls)

    STARRING: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Tiffany Haddish, Will Arnett, Stephanie Beatriz, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Nick Offerman

    SYNOPSIS: Five years since everything was awesome, the Duplo invaders have turned Bricksburg into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When an intergalactic invader (Beatriz) from the Systar System kidnaps Emmet’s friends (Banks, Arnett etc.) under the orders of shape-shifter Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi (Haddish), Emmet's (Pratt) Master Builder skills are put to the ultimate test.


    LARRY: I hear there's yet ANOTHER earworm song in this, And it's gonna get me cuz I'm a sucker for it.

    MADHERO: I can't believe its been 5 years since the original Lego Movie what the fuck even is time.

    STICKMAN: I'm ready for it. LEGO Movie was great, so was LEGO Batman Movie to be honest. LEGO Ninjago movie even was fun. Ready for moooore.

    MADHERO: And as is Lego movie tradition, the song will be the only thing getting nominated for awards

    STICKMAN: Dang yo. That's cold.

    LARRY: Yeah I'm a fan of all the LEGO movies thus far, even if they've slightly declined with each installment. I've heard this is a worthy follow-up, so bring it on!!

    MADHERO: The whole DCEU is there having a party except Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill because.... well you know

    LARRY: But we do have Sillyman!! I mean, Superman. It's definitely Superman.

    MADHERO: So yeah, should be a fun time. Good to see Friends and Duplo represented. Just one more step till FUCKING BIONICLE



    DIRECTOR: Adam Shankman (Bedtime Stories, Rock of Ages)

    STARRING: Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Tracy Morgan, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Richard Roundtree, Pete Davidson

    SYNOPSIS: A woman (Henson) is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear their thoughts.

    MADHERO: Well this just took a slight turn.

    STICKMAN: A turn right off the cliff.

    LARRY: This is apparently a genuine remake of the Mel Gibson movie and I can't help but laugh. Nobody fucking wanted this lol

    MADHERO: Well now it has a lady reading the minds of men, and obviously its all about how they want to bang Taraji P. Henson, which y'know fair enough.

    LARRY: I mean...hey, that's not too far off.

    STICKMAN: Men, huh? Hooo. Bastards.

    LARRY: Ugh, disgusting men.

    MADHERO: Fuck em. And fuck this movie while we're at it. Or not, maybe its ok. I dunno, I dont really care honestly

    LARRY: It...probably won't be.

    STICKMAN: It looks pretty bad. What's that toast joke about, is this The Simpsons.

    MADHERO: It does, but hey so was the original so they got that going for it.


    DIRECTOR: Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact, At the Devil’s Door)

    STARRING: Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Colm Feore, Brittany Allen

    SYNOPSIS: A mother (Schilling) concerned about her young son's (Scott) disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him.

    MADHERO: Creepy Kid Horror movie #1 of 2019, followed up soonish by Brightburn.

    STICKMAN: I'd like this to be a good one,'s an early 2019 horror movie and despite early buzz seems to be lacking any buzz a week before release soooo...doooooomed?

    LARRY: Eh, I don't think it looks to be subverting any expectations i.e. doooooomed

    MADHERO: There's stories in the press of this movie that is was actually edited in certain parts because it was too scary.

    LARRY: lol. So it's a lose/lose.

    STICKMAN: Oh god, seriously. If that's real, that's bullshit, if it's some stupid PR stunt then that's stupid as fuck.

    MADHERO: Its probably just dumb PR. I've heard some good stories at festivals but its hard to say. At least nice to see Taylor Schilling in something other than Orange is the new Black

    STICKMAN: As is stands, the review embargo is up like two days before release...which means it's probably not awful, but not that great either. But HEY...if you go see it, you'll get to see the trailer for the Child's Play remake...they did...without the creators screw over his ongoing Chucky film series they don't have the rights to...oh.

    LARRY: I (don't) love horror.


    DIRECTOR: Hans Petter Moland (A Somewhat Gentle Man, In Order of Disappearance)

    STARRING: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum, Tom Bateman, William Forsythe

    SYNOPSIS: Snowplower Nelson Coxman (Neeson) seeks revenge against a drug cartel in his Rocky Mountains hometown after his son is murdered by the gang.

    STICKMAN: Mr Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr Plow. I will find you, and I will plow you.

    MADHERO: Finally, the gritty Mr. Plow movie we've all been waiting for

    LARRY: Mr. Plow and The Snowman should team up. Would cause quite a stir.

    STICKMAN: God yes. Please.

    MADHERO: Apparently this movie is actually a really fun dark comedy that almost works as a parody of the Neeson action movie and that kinda makes me really interested.

    STICKMAN: Why have they marketed it as some generic bullshit then.

    MADHERO: The trailer I saw had at least some comedic moments, but probably because the action bits sell better

    STICKMAN: Maybe this really is a Mr Plow movie.

    LARRY: I feel like Liam Neeson has a lot to prove if he's gonna make fun of his own persona he has so ruthlessly ingrained into film.

    STICKMAN: He does that in the LEGO Movie though...and LEGO Movie 2...I guess? Out now.

    MADHERO: I mean, he can do comedy. That's been established for a while now. Its just fun to see him do it in a film like this, which is apparently a remake of a Norwegian film, and the same director is making it

    STICKMAN: What a ride. What a SNOW PLOW RIDE.

    LARRY: Eh, I can't say I consider Liam Neeson a comedic talent. And if so, just barely.

    MADHERO: I can't wait for the Mr. Sparkle movie after this.


    DIRECTOR: Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Miss You Already)

    STARRING: Gina Rodriguez, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Anthony Mackie, Aislinn Derbez,

    SYNOPSIS: Gloria (Rodriguez) finds a power she never knew she had when she is drawn into a dangerous world of cross-border crime.

    LARRY: So apparently this isn't very good.

    MADHERO: O hey, another remake of an foreign language film that I didn't know existed

    STICKMAN: I didn't even know this film existed, let alone the original.

    MADHERO: Same, honestly. Probably a reason why they're dumping this in the Super Bowl weekend.

    STICKMAN: Hide it behind the leather eggs.

    LARRY: I'd just rather watch Gina Rodriguez as Carmen Sandiego tbh.

    MADHERO: Well you can at least hear her do that in the animated series and the live action film will happen soon-ish. So yeah, that's probably gonna be a better attempt than this

    STICKMAN: Dang.


    MADHERO: Alright, instead of something overly generic, let's go talk about films we liked on MOVIE OF THE WEEK!


    MADHERO: Very new and exciting, yes. I think we've all got something a little bit different, so that'll be fun

    STICKMAN: We're all doing Venom.

    LARRY: Ummmm. No?

    STICKMAN: Wait...I'm not doing it either.

    MADHERO: Well, I'll guess I'll start with mine then.


    So as per tradition, I went to the IFFR for the third time this year, or the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Now for the longest time, it seemed like I wasn't able to go on account on some major IRL stuff going down, but eventually I did, though I was only really able to see 2 films. One of which was High Life, which didn't really click for me honestly but that's more on me than the film probably. What did click with me a lot more is Zhang Yimou's Shadow, which is a hell of a lot better than The Great Wall was, so you could say that its a return to form.

    The film mainly follows a commander named  Jing, who's actually the "shadow" of the real commander who's been ravaged by a wound that seems to age and weaken him. He must train to defeat a different commander from a warring city so that an invasion can take place, but is everything as it seems? What mostly stands out is how the movie uses the color grey. This is an extremely grey movie but I've never seen it used so beautifully. While the film starts slow, it really gets going once its gets to the action and the color red is introduced, and hoo boy there's lots of it. There's some really great action there and I'll never look at an umbrella the same way. I don't know how you might be able to watch this, but do so if you can

    STICKMAN: Is there any edgy hedgehogs in this.

    MADHERO: God I wish, but no sadly

    STICKMAN: Fuck. You go to this fancy pants film festival but you don't find any hedgehogs. What was the point.

    LARRY: Psh, not High Life? Unsubscribed.

    MADHERO: High Life just didn't do it for me eventually. Sorry. This however was really cool, and I can't undersell just how gorgeous it is

    STICKMAN: I do like me some stylishly muted colour pallets. This sounds like my kinda jam, shame I'll never ever get to see it ever.

    MADHERO: Grey has never been more stylish. And boy does it get bloody in the 2nd half.

    LARRY: ...wait so is the blood gray too? Nothing gets me hornier than well color-corrected violence.

    MADHERO: No, the film is in color. It just uses a lot of grey, black and white.

    STICKMAN: That's hot dude.

    MADHERO: What about your film, Sticky? Is that one hot?

    STICKMAN: No, unless you're into dirty fingers and eating all your meals straight out of the pan with a spatula.

    LARRY: ...who says I'm not? Don't kink shame me.

    Mad may be being a hipster with his international film festival BULLSHIT, but I can't let him steal my bitch, I'm gonna do a documentary. Okay, okay, it's an Oscar nominated documentary...and okay, I saw it in IMAX...but...documentaries are hipster...right? RIGHT!? Anyway it's Free Solo, a film I hadn't really heard of prior to the nominations being announced for the BAFTAs and Oscars, where it got a nom in both awards' Best Documentary Feature category, but suddenly found out was playing at my local IMAX so...of I went.

    And what can I say, it was really fascinating, jaw-dropping, a little depressing, and a big heap helping of terrifying It's about a guy who climbs up the sides of mountains without any gear or any rope to stop him from plummeting to his death...and it showed in IMAX so...yeah. Butt clench city. Beyond the jaw dropping feats displayed, it's also a melancholic look at the kind of mindset it takes to do these kinda things, and how that 'it's okay if I die tomorrow' mentality plays with his friends and loved ones. A bittersweet but all the same awe-inspiring real life story. Real good stuff.

    LARRY: Sticky, it's not just some mountain. It's EL CAPITAN. THE TALLEST MOUNTAIN IN AMERICA.

    MADHERO: I've heard some really good things about this, including that yes, it is quite the butt clencher

    STICKMAN: I've never heard so many PPHHHHSSSS in an audience before.

    MADHERO: I almost want a bts of the making of this film, because man, that could not have been easy. Distract him and boom, he ded.

    LARRY: Oh, yeah, I saw this too, btw!! And I loved it, made my Top 10 of the year. There are plenty of videos. As a filmmaker, I was more nervous for the cameras. Those things are worth ass-loads of money in insurance.

    MADHERO: Im pretty sure human life is worth a bit more than some expensive cameras

    STICKMAN: It's pretty BTS in the film honestly. Part of the story is the filming, it's pretty unique and interesting.

    LARRY: Yeah I loved how they sorta spotlighted the relationship between Alex, the climber, and the filmmakers. Fascinating stuff.

    MADHERO: Its definitely one I still wanna see in a movie theater. That seems like the best experience.

    STICKMAN: Hell yeah. Nat Geo in IMAX, son.

    LARRY: Ugh, YES. Seeing it in IMAX was such an incredible experience. You see every damn grain on those rock formations.

    MADHERO: What about you, Larry. What's your Movie of the Week? Does it involve climbing dangerous mountains as well?

    I'm gonna keep this short and sweet since I not only reviewed this movie not-too-many episodes ago but also named it #5 on my Top 5 films of 2018, which it remains to this day. "Widows," Steve McQueen's latest masterwork, was completely shunned from the golden naked men ceremony this year, which is a real shame because the level of filmmaking here is just exquisite.

    From the countless long shots to the compelling character framing to the intense final act, McQueen truly is a versatile filmmaker and he's made something truly wonderful. If you slept on "Widows" last year, please do yourself a favor and get on this.

    MADHERO: I still haven't seen this sadly so you can blame me for its snubbing


    STICKMAN: I had mixed feelings on this as we've previously established, but the performances especially feel like a big oversight on the Academy's behalf, given worse films are up for Best Picture.

    MADHERO: I'm sorry that I didn't have a lot of time in the period that it came out, ok. I'll try and catch it now that its easily avaliable

    LARRY: Well DO IT.

    STICKMAN: It's got a dog in it, A DOG.

    MADHERO: The dog from Game Night in fact. And ok, Shia. I'll try now that I have more time on my hands. Its a shame the Academy didn't care for it as much. Better luck next time, McQueen

    LARRY: Wait, really? It's the same dog? He must have a damn good agent.

    STICKMAN: Yeah boi. It does feel weird to follow up winning Best Picture with something that didn't  get a single Oscar nomination. But there you go.


    MADHERO: I think that about wraps everything up. Hope you're all able to recover from that Rams/Pats loss and all those boneless chicken wings or whatever, because next episode we once again dive headfirst into the world of anime adaptations, and boy that's always a treat. Also dragons.

    STICKMAN: I want chicken wings. And HTTYD 3 came out like two days ago here so that's weird. Oh well.

    LARRY: Moral of this episode? Go watch Widows and 12 Years a Slave. That's all I got out of it anyway.

    MADHERO: That and chicken wings are good. We just established this. On that moral lesson, we bid you adieu

    STICKMAN: I wonder what dragon wings taste like. Okay bye.

    LARRY: Adios muchachos.

  • The kid who would be king

    3 weeks ago


    Went and saw that one this evening; thought it was a nifty kids' movie despite the various hogwash plot points earlier in the film. My favorite part was probably Merlin's introduction.

    Stonehenge flashes, a gentle upbeat tune starts up, and there's a guy walking butt naked through an open field, ladida

  • At the Screwvies: Episode 126

    4 weeks ago



    MADHERO: FUCK YOU ITS JANUARY! And boy do we feel it, with only 4 films to talk about today, though all of them may have some interesting talking points. But hey, there is news. Holy shit is there a lot of news. Last episode there was barely any, and now we're bursting at the seems with it. Shows how January can fuck you up in different ways.

    LARRY: 2019 already off to a zany start... It's so friggen cold.

    STICKMAN: January is the month of suuuper important births so I mean. It's got that going for it. Also it's cold.

    MADHERO: Boy howdy is it chilly. Good time to stay on your cozy couch with a cup of tea reading the important entertainment news. That or watch something Netflix, which is more likely but anywaaaaay.



    2018 was a pretty damn great year for all the Spiderboys and girls out there. He had a big role in Infinity War, crumbling into dust begging to not go, which in most cases would be pretty good, but we also got Spider-Verse, the amazing PS4 game and I guess you can count Venom, which was a good time for Sony shareholders. Now, the ride continues with the debut trailer for Homecoming sequel Far From Home, to which many go..... wait what how? Why isn't he dust? Is this before Infinity War? Nothing related to Infinity War or Endgame is mentioned,  but Kevin Feige has stated the film starts literally minutes after Endgame.

    Needless to say, after that whole being dead thing, Peter decides to go on vacation to Europe with his school, meaning we're getting a Spidey movie not set in New York. Homecoming played with this with the DC scene, but its nice to see the wallcrawler in the likes of Venice and London, with references to Prague and the Swiss Alps on the first poster. But besides Spidey, the internet has got decidedly thirsty for Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio, who appears with fishbowl helmet and everything, fighting off what seem to be Hydro Man and Sandman, with Mysterio apparently being recruited by Nick Fury, who's also very much alive. All in all, a fun trailer that's making me excited for more of the Spiderd Man. Now let him come to Amsterdam, please. That'd be fun

    STICKMAN: My Spidey boy coming to Londunshire.



    LARRY: And it looks ravishing.

    STICKMAN: Being a Spider-Fan in 2017-2019 sure is a lot better than being one in 2012-2014.

    MADHERO: Its probably not gonna be there much considering they pay to have Gyllenhaal's face but hey, its acknowledged, and Mysterio's suit in general looks pretty damn good I'll say. Not the easiest thing to adapt

    LARRY: And Mysterio looks awesome, giving off some good ol' Syndrome vibes, tryna be the hero with his elementals. And apparently the MJ/Peter relationship is gonna be developed more, which could be good. Could be bad. We'll see.

    MADHERO: I wasn't expecting much in the way of Avengers references, but its funny how it seems to completely ignore it entirely. I'd imagine this movie wouldn't be coming out so close to Avengers if Sony wasn't technically making this

    STICKMAN: I can imagine Sony were more keen to crank the sequel out ASAP than Marvel were. Still...will be a nice, fun follow-up to the no doubt soul destroying END GAME.

    LARRY: I think, by the time this film comes out, we're gonna wanna move on from Endgame and sorta wipe the slate clean for new adventures, so I'm not surprised this doesn't address much.

    MADHERO: I do really like Spidey's big Eurotrip as a concept. Now if only he'll come to Amsterdam, damn it. Or Rotterdam, that at least has skyscrapers to swing off of.

    LARRY: That's the plot of the third movie.


    Before 2014, if you'd told me people were going to be excited for the third and final installment of a Keanu Reeves action franchise, I'd of told you to shut the fuck up. That was before John Wick made his way onto the scene, dead dog in tow, and pencil'd the fuck out of a buncha dudes. The sequel was basically better in every conceivable way and left things on a very tantalising cliffhanger, which is being resolved this year in JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3: PArapll..aprprebllum? Never mind, it's just John Wick Chapter 3 guys, let's ignore that last bit. 

    We've known about this for a while, mind...but this week we finally got our first look at the film, and Wick in action...and hot damn if it doesn't look awesome. Continuing the neon drenched, gun-fu escapades of the previous two movies, but now with additional horse chases and motorbike sword fights....all set to a somewhat epic soundtrack, teasing the return of Morpheus as...whoever he is in the John Wick films, and also the debut of Halle Berry as GIRL WITH ATTACK DOGS. HELLLL YEAH. I'm very excited to see John Wick murder some people with a buncha things.

    STICKMAN: Hell yeah.....Give this to me now. I want to see John Wick shoot people on a horse ASAP.

    LARRY: Man I gotta watch these movies...


    LARRY: Nope. And now I have an excuse to do so. I did see one scene from one of them involving a woman shooting a man in the head through a pillow and the feathers all flew out. That was amazing.

    STICKMAN: The first John Wick was pretty good, but the sequel really cranked everything up to 11. I'm very excited to seeeeee what this one's like.

    MADHERO: Now he seems ready for some book on guy action. And Halle Berry gets to join the fun

    STICKMAN: Halle Berry and her ATTACK DOG SQUAD. There's a lot of great executions in John Wick, and they film them so you can actually tell what's happening too. It was the antidote to Taken 3 we were all waiting for.

    MADHERO: Also, the posters for this film have been pretty spectacular as well. Its really great to see how far this series has come after the first was mostly a festival hit

    LARRY: Yeah I've heard nothing but good things, so I'll definitely marathon through them.

    STICKMAN: I'm already waiting outside the cinema to watch John Wick pencil some more people in.

    MADHERO: Keep your pet near you, Larry. You'll need him/her

    STICKMAN: Oh god. OH GOD.

    LARRY: Not a pets person myself.

    STICKMAN: Well you'll be fine then.



    Aw geez. What the fuck, 2019? Ugh, alright, so we all remember when John Lasseter, one of Pixar Animation's golden boys, was accused of sexual harassment during his tenure at the studio. As such, he took a leave of absence to atone, and eventually it was announced he would leave the company come 2019. And he did! But, the world is unfair, so his rightful unemployment didn't last particularly long. Earlier this month, Lasseter was announced to be the new head of Skydance Animation, and you can imagine how bloody well that went over, both in-house and online.

    At a company town hall, Skydance CEO David Ellison assured everyone that they did an extensive background check on Lasseter AND that many female members of their senior leadership were on board. Lasseter himself received criticism at a second town hall with him in attendance, insisting that he has learned from his mistakes, though, according to sources, he was still generally vague. Paramount Animation, with whom Skydance has a close relationship, has already stated that they won’t work together as long as Lasseter, so that’s how well that all went.

    MADHERO: What else can I say but YIKES

    LARRY: Eugh. David Ellison, we're voting you off the island.

    STICKMAN: Read the room, Skydannnace. Fuckin' hell.

    MADHERO: From a business perspective, yeah I totally get hiring the guy who directed Toy Story and made Pixar what it is today, as well as the guy who revived Disney Animation to the powerhouse they are, but there's an important human element here

    STICKMAN: Nobody is denying John Lasseter has made a huge impact on animation, and made some great films himself...but it's just...stupid.

    LARRY: Reputation-wise, you're fucked. The entire company now lacks trust in its CEO and every fucking woman who works there is gonna be uncomfortable.

    STICKMAN: He may not have been as bad as Kevin Spacey, but he was still a prolific and consistent harasser of women to the point where such behaviour became epidemic in Pixar itself. A slap on the wrist from Disney, still being credited (And presumably paid) for work on this year's Disney releases....and THEN he gets a cushy new job with Skydance? Fuck. Where's the punishment. Where's the progress.

    MADHERO: I do think there's progress in the sense that there has been such a stink. Paramount Animation doesn't want to work with them, and they have a first look deal with Skydance. That at least shows this isn't going to be taken lightly

    STICKMAN: I don't even feel like Lasseter atoned for his misdeeds either, he just faded from public life for a year whilst his Disney paychecks kept rolling in, and then  he coasted into another leadership role. Sort your shit out, Hollywood, it ain't right.

    LARRY: Less than a year after leaving. It's disgusting...

    MADHERO: We can do a lot better than this, and we'll see what Skydance does in the process, but this is a pretty major misstep in my mind. 


    Well this came outta nowhere. For those that have forgotten THE DISCOURSE regarding Ghostbusters.... boy do I envy you. The way the Paul Feig reboot was talked about and the sheer ferocity of the dislike for that film's very existence, mostly related to its all-women cast and its status as a clean slate, was pretty goddamn tiring. It made it a real shame that the film wasn't all that good and didn't manage to break even. Its hard to say whether that was cause of the discourse, but I guess we don't really need to worry about that now, cause Sony's going back to the drawing board, and its bringing someone familiar.

    Seemingly out of nowhere, its been revealed that Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman (he also cameo'd in Ghostbusters 2), will be directing a new film in the series that will take place in the original timeline, albeit 30-35 years later.  This was then shortly tied with a teaser trailer, which shows the Ecto-1 and a Summer 2020 release date. It makes sense honestly, Sony has seen success with legacy sequels with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and has done the same with Men in Black: International, and Reitman has proven himself a very capable director over the years. The details remain sparse, with it reportedly centering around 4 teens (2 boys and 2 girls) in a small town rather than New York. As someone non-nostalgic for Ghostbusters, I just hope THE DISCOURSE pipes down. I can't take much more.

    STICKMAN: Yipppeeee? Ghostbusters is weird, the first film is a classic but nothing else since has worth its salt.

    MADHERO: I ain't afraid of no ghost, except the one that'll return if its anything like the 2016 one

    LARRY: I mean, I'm down for an actual, in-canon sequel to Ghostbusters...but Reitman has only ever tackled grounded indie comedies. I feel like this is coming from him by default

    STICKMAN: It makes a good selling point for the film. The whole generational handing off thing.

    MADHERO: I don't feel that's entirely fair and I say that whos been down on Jason Reitman in recent years. The Russo's had only done a Owen Wilson comedy and Community episode before tackling Winter Soldier. So y'know, he could do it.

    LARRY: That's fair. I dunno, I'm just holding my breath, is all. Reitman has only made one solid film in the last like...ten years, so. I dunno, it's a hard sell.

    MADHERO: Plus its a good story of him taking over the mantle from his dad. I believe he'd had always been reluctant to do that

    STICKMAN: It's another Sony franchise launching attempt as well. The house of bad ideas.

    LARRY: It feels like Reitman is only doing this because it's in his blood and he's the only guy who can write and basically have permission to do it lol

    MADHERO: I can't say I need another Ghostbusters in my life, but then it was never something I was nostalgic about.

    LARRY: Yeah, anything that wipes 2016 off the board is fine in my book.

    STICKMAN: The original ain't even aged well, Bill Murray creeping on Sigourney Weaver ain't a good look in 2019. Less of that in the new one, lads.

    MADHERO: Lets exorcise this and move on


    Although it may have lacked the explosive cultural talking points of 2018's biggest releases (Both of which by Marvel), it's fair to say that Mission Impossible Fallout was still a fucking smash hit, the sixth installment in the MI franchise that, against all known science continues to go from strength to strength, was a huge critical and commercial success, and even had the honour of featuring in our Screwvies Awards last episode so...uh...YEH, it's pretty good guys. With all this success, and it being a franchise, comes along the obvious question of "When's the next one out, then?" and this week we got the answer to that question...and then some.

    Christopher McQuarrie, director of both the fifth and sixth installments of the franchise, will be returning to direct not one, but two sequels, filming back to back for release in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Presumably these two films will directly connect to each other, but I'd imagine they'll avoid the Part 1/Part 2 naming conventions, ala Avengers. Given Mission Impossible as a franchise had five different directors for five consecutive films across a period of 19 years at one stage, it's remarkable to think that Mission Impossible 7 and 8 will be McQuarries third and fourth installment at the helm, but he and Tom Cruise work really well together. You certainly can't argue with what he's done with the series, mind...and I for one am very excited to see if they can actually equal, or even top Fallout.

    MADHERO: I'm conflicted cause MI letting different type of directors add their spin was always fun and now that's gone but also YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    LARRY: Yeah I'm on that boat too.

    STICKMAN: I'm fine with this dude doing more if he keeps up the quality of the last two.

    MADHERO: Pretty much. Rogue Nation and Fallout were so fucking good that I'm ready for a double dose of that

    LARRY: I think McQuarrie is good but I'm also in the minority that I felt the story of Fallout wasn't as good as either Ghost Protocol or Rogue Nation.

    STICKMAN: You are in the minority yes. Him and Cruise seem to gel together very well and they need all this time for his space-training for when they launch him into the fucking sun in IMAX 3D.

    MADHERO: They have to launch him into space now. That's about the only thing they can do to up the ante.

    LARRY: It was cool how MI had different directors all the time, it added to the different styles at play. I just hope McQuarrie just keeps shaking things up.

    STICKMAN: Doing two back to back concerns me slightly, the semi-infrequent but reliably solid nature of Mission Impossible has always been a plus point. Fallout felt like the culmination of stuff that started in MI3 so I don't really know what they've got planned for two simultaneous sequels except money.

    MADHERO: I do feel like that's probably gonna be the end-point, if only cause Tom Cruise will be 60 by the time 8 comes out in 2022. At some point he can no longer outrun everyone

    LARRY: Yeah it sorta felt like two trilogies happened. So now it'll kinda just be two more movies. I wouldn't be opposed to a Part I/Part II-esque structure so long as it flows well.

    STICKMAN: The final Mission Impossible film will just be Tom Cruise nursing his chronic arthritis and then getting into a car chase  with Prince Phillip.

    LARRY: Fine by me. That's certainly a shake-up.

    MADHERO: Ah, so that's what he was doing with that Land Rover. I'd still watch it cause McQuarrie has a way to make things compelling. Fallout was one of my favorite films of the year, so I'll gladly take more



    So, while we all like to make fun of Just Dance and it's pleb-ness, sometimes we forget just how many plebs still play the ol' vidja garmes. The series is incredibly popular on all three major consoles and is still producing games for its 120 million players worldwide, and now, ScreenGems is going to take that success and slap it onto the silver screen. Yes, Just Dance is going to be a movie, with Ubisoft and Olive Branch Entertainment developing the project alongside producers Jodi Hildebrand and Will Gluck (known currently for....Peter Rabbit, alright). Though Gluck has directed before, according to Deadline, he will not be directing this, so the search is on. 

    Apparently this is a big deal for Sony, who have many of their most beloved artists featured in the Just Dance games already, so it works out. Expect a video game tie-in to the movie as well, I suppose. I dunno, as stupid as this sounds on paper, it's probably going to make serious bank seeing as it'll likely be Step Up but with better music, more celebrities, and a ton of beautiful, hot people. Perhaps Just Dance will be the film to break the video game curse....eugh....

    STICKMAN: Here it is. The biggest movie of all time.

    MADHERO: Hell yeaaaaaaaah. Finally the panda man will make his cinematic debut. That or whatever other wacky thing they show at E3


    LARRY: Honestly, what with Tetris and Monopoly getting movies, we shoulda seen this coming.

    MADHERO: Add in Goose the Cat and we're set. I guess I can see why they're doing it. A good dance movie can rake in some dough and Just Dance is Ubisoft's 2nd best selling franchise behind Assassin's Creed.

    LARRY: And we all know that ain't goin anywhere cinematically so.

    STICKMAN: I hope it ties into Assassin's Creed and it's Michael Fassbender giving up a life of murder in favour of dancing. He IS the Panda Man.

    MADHERO: The Ubisoft Cinematic Universe is upon us soon. The UCU

    LARRY: Can't wait for the dance-along-in-theaters version.


    MADHERO: Alright. We'd normally move on to the movies now, but SURPRISE BITCH, THERE'S TOO MUCH NEWS! Even if we ended on quite the high note, we couldnt just ignore everything so we'll do a quick lightning round.


    LARRY: Heeeeeere weeeeee gooooOOoOOoOOOoOoo




    Well this came outta nowhere. Acclaimed director Lee Unkrich, best known for his directing work on Toy Story 3 and Coco, has decided to leave Pixar after spending nearly 25 years there. Starting out as an editor of Toy Story, he worked his way up to be a co-director for Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo, as well as become one of the main members of the Pixar braintrust. He's not leaving to go work on another company, but rather to spend more time with his family, which is fair enough. We wish him nothing but the best.

    STICKMAN: This is a bummmerrrr, but whatever does him best. He's been around since almost the start, and he's been a very underrated big part of Pixar's yeah, wish he'd done a little more, but hey ho. Looking forward to that The Shining remake or something.

    MADHERO: Real bummer that he's going, but he's doing it for family and I can respect that. Thanks for Toy Story 3 especially.

    LARRY: A true Pixar visionary. I think he's earned some time off haha.



    Add this to the pile. Disney continues to go and remake their entire animated line-up, this time in the form of 1996's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, this won't just take from the animated movie, but also more from Victor Hugo's original novel. Alan Menken and Steven Schwartz will be writing new music, and Josh Gad is attached to only produce so far, but we all kinda know where this is going to lead, and there are worse casting choices out there I guess. Details are still rather scarce, so we have no idea when it'll come out, but it could be awhile with all those remakes.

    STICKMAN: AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH. I just need to diIIiiEEE.

    MADHERO: I just want to see the gargoyles in live action even though everyone hates them. I need to see uncomfortably detailed George Constanza gargoyle lose to a bird in a game of cards.

    LARRY: If they take inspiration from the immaculate stage version of the source material, I have zero complaints. Menken and Schwartz already somehow made the already great film even greater on stage, so god I hope they can do it again, but on film.



    Legacy sequels are in right now, and 80s nostalgia will never be allowed to die. We already talked Ghostbusters but earlier in the week this trend took a weirder form in the announcement of a sequel to Eddie Murphy's 1988 classic Coming to America . That film had him play an African prince, well, coming to America  and falls in love with a girl there. A sequel had been in the pipeline for a while now, but is now officially happening with director Craig Brewster, who worked with Eddie Murphy on the upcoming Netflix movie Dolemite is My Name. Besides Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones and Shari Headly are returning to their roles. So yeah, that's happening

    STICKMAN: I have no strong feelings about this one way or the other.

    LARRY: I'm for it, Coming to America is a great movie and to see so many of the original cast members hop on board has me hopeful.

    MADHERO: As long as Samuel L. Jackson returns as the criminal who robs the not-McDonalds, I'm cool with this. Expecting lots of Black Panther jokes



    Boy this Uncharted movie has been in development for a while now, hasn't it? I still remember when David O. Russell was attached and we'd have Mark Wahlberg play Nathan Drake and Robert de Niro as Sully back in high school, but that was all dropped and since then directors have come and gone, with Shawn Levy leaving and now being replaced by Dan Trachtenberg. Now this is a pretty exciting pick with Trachtenberg getting his start with a Portal fan film, and having since done Black Mirror's Playtest and the excellent 10 Cloverfield Lane. Tom Holland is still attached to play a young version of the character.

    STICKMAN: Ooohh...okaaaayy. Started from the Portal fan film now we here.

    MADHERO: There was an video of him in 2007 talking about the first Uncharted and how he'd like to direct the film version and now here we are. Spooky. Tom Holland's casting is still weird though

    LARRY: Not sure about Holland, but hey, I'm glad to see this film still exists.

    STICKMAN: I want to see the Subway advert brought to live action reality.



    If things stop making money but the brand is still very valuable, you have to keep trying. The last two TMNT movies are known to be quite divisive among fans. The first one was a complete mess edited at the last minute and tried really really hard to be like the Bayformers. The second movie took a lot more inspiration from the 80s series, even adding the likes of Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady and a more appropriate Shredder. However, better reviews did not lead to better box office, and the film was a commercial disappointment. Now though, Platinum Dunes is gonna try again. Andrew Dodge (Bad Words) is writing the script, and production is hoping to start at the end of the year. Hopefully it'll learn some of the lessons learned from Bumblebee

    STICKMAN: Bebop and Rocksteady are one reboot away from ending up in a weird fetish compendium along with Venom, Thanos and the robot from Lost in Space.

    MADHERO: As long as they aren't an over-designed mess, this can only get better I feel. Again, look at Bumblebee and keep it simple and hopefully then we can get a decent TMNT movie.  I wouldnt say no to that

    LARRY: It looked like Out of the Shadows was kinda Bumblebee-esque in its incorporation of classic characters, so hopefully they follow suit. Just make the turtles less butt-ugly, Jesus.


    MADHERO: Alright, I think that about does it. Now as mentioned, we've only got about 4 movies to cover, and one of those is M. Night Shyamalan's Glass, the long awaited follow up to both Unbreakable, which some consider one of his best films and Split, which some consider his comeback after about a decade a trash. The reviews have been.... divisive to say the least, but audiences seem to dig it somewhat more. But hey, why not just ask Larry, since he's seen it.

    LARRY: Oh hey, that's me.

    STICKMAN: Is it the sequel to The Happening we've all been waiting for.

    MADHERO: A lot's riding on this Larry. Many people put this as their most anticipated film and some were left quite disappointed. So Larry, where do you stand on Glass?



    DIRECTOR: M. Night Shyamalan (Unbreakable, Split)

    STARRING: Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson, Anya Taylor Joy

    SYNOPSIS: David Dunn (Willis) pursues Kevin Wendell Crumb's (McAvoy) superhuman persona of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters while the shadowy presence of Elijah Price (Jackson), going by 'Mr. Glass', emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.

    LARRY: Well, I'm certainly not deep in the naysaying as some other critics are. Overall, I found "Glass" very entertaining and I liked it...for the most part. I think the performances are really solid, I think the way in which all the characters intertwine is relatively smooth, and the low-budget, more methodical filmmaking on display (long takes, letting dialogue breathe, no spectacle-driven action) was really fascinating to watch, especially as a fan of both "Unbreakable" and "Split."


    I think, ultimately, where it stumbles is sorta the slowness of the second act and the classic Shyamalanian twists that parade through the ending with the grace of a bulldozer. Yeah, if you're not a fan of the "WHAT A TWIST"-ness of M. Night's work, the last twenty minutes or so of this film is gonna piss you off tremendously. There is more than one "twist" (I use that because one of them isn't really a twist at all, though the film acts like it is), and they all sorta stack on top of one another and kinda undermine each other in the process. Still, it's a well-crafted film technically and visually, but I would definitely call this the weakest of the trilogy.

    STICKMAN: Does Bruce Willis do anything, like...I've heard nothing about him. I feel like he maybe dies really early on or something.

    LARRY: He's certainly there, and his performance is really solid. But...yeah, out of the three, he arguably plays the smallest role in the story.

    STICKMAN: Which is odd since he's the'd think.

    LARRY: Well, the lines aren't drawn so clearly. The entire trilogy has really muddied up what a "hero" is.

    MADHERO: Well it makes sense since its the less showy role. Despite ranking it the lowest in the trilogy, do you think it does some things better than the other films?


    LARRY: I mean...I dunno, I wouldn't say anything here is particularly stronger than either of the first two. I guess seeing the chemistry between McAvoy and Jackson is a real treat, if that counts. Cuz...yeah, McAvoy is still really, really fucking good. And again, all the characters sorta come together here, and it's fascinating to see how M. Night has connected the dots.

    STICKMAN: I found him annoying in Split, has he toned down or toned up, and I don't mean those abs.

    LARRY: My go-to answer, Sticky, is toned up cuz we see a LOT more Beast in this film, he's basically a central player.

    MADHERO: He does get to show off a whole lot with all those different personalities. Do we get to see any new ones?

    STICKMAN: Is one of his personas Charles Xavier and this is secretly  an X-Men film?

    LARRY: Hmm...I dunno, Mad. I honestly don't remember if we see any here that we didn't in Split. I would assume no since he retains the same number of personalities scientifically.

    MADHERO: What about its title character? Does he get to do anything fun?


    LARRY: Well, as reviews have pointed out, Glass is largely absent/sedated for a large portion of this film. It isn't much later on in the film that he starts really taking action, and....yeah, I mean it's Samuel L. muthafuckin' Jackson, he's excellent and has a lot of fun with the character. Once his plan starts getting in motion, it's engaging for sure.

    STICKMAN: Does he fall down any stairs

    LARRY: LOL, nope, but he still takes quite a beating.

    MADHERO: I guess we can't really talk about the story or any of the TWEESTS that may occur, so is there anything you want to get out there or should we wrap up?


    LARRY: I guess I would say that you shouldn't let the naysayers dictate this film as some striking disappointment in M. Night's career or something. I think he's a talented filmmaker, his storytelling is just a tad bloated at times. I think this is a really solid movie, just the weakest of the three. But I think people going in, not having knowledge of the other movies, will like it.

    STICKMAN: The naysayers. What is this, a review of Gotti?

    MADHERO: We've suffered through The Last Airbender and The Happening. We can take it. But anyway, I think we'll take a look at what other treats January is providing this week and next

    LARRY: Oh yeah, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as those. My god.

    STICKMAN: Whaaat?! NoOoOo! Noooo mAaAAa'am.


    MADHERO: What is it, Sticky? Are you scared to talk about.....anime?





    DIRECTOR: Tatsuya Nagamine (Dragon Ball Super)

    STARRING: Sean Schemmel, Chris Sabat, Vic Mignogna, Chris Ayers, Sonny Strait

    SYNOPSIS: Goku and Vegeta (Schemmel, Sabat) encounter Broly (Mignogna), a Saiyan warrior unlike any fighter they've faced before.

    STICKMAN: Brolly is slang for Umbrella. You can stand under my umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh? Eh? Eh?

    MADHERO: Well good thing, cause Broly has about as much personality as one. Or rather I guess the original non-canon version now. I've heard this one gets quite more development

    LARRY: This is a surprisingly popular release here in the states. Like...a LOT of people are seeing it, even non-Dragon Ball fans.

    STICKMAN: 90s nostalgia, Larry. It knows no bounds.

    LARRY: Okay but when you've never watched a single episode of Dragon Ball and you go into Broly?? Weird.

    MADHERO: Why is it surprising? Dragon Ball is still big and one of the biggest animes around, even to this day with Super. Plus you can go in for the awesome anime battles. Dragon Ball ain't exactly complicated

    STICKMAN: Dragon Ball is something I'll never understand, like wrestling and Republicans.

    LARRY: I dunno, I just didn't expect it to do well against the other blockbusters. It felt like a niche release. I guess I underestimated Dragon Ball's fanbase.

    MADHERO: A whole stadium in Mexico cheered during the final episode of Super like it was a football match. Dragon Ball is as massive as Broly's muscles when he goes Legendary Super Saiyan, which is very big.

    STICKMAN: Legendary Super Duper Extra Pooper Saiyan Extreme.

    MADHERO: Now that'd I'd watch in the theater. But alas.


    DIRECTOR: Joe Cornish (Attack the Block)

    STARRING: Louis Serkis, Tom Taylor, Rebecca Ferguson, Angus Imrie, Patrick Stewart

    SYNOPSIS: A band of kids (Serkis, Taylor) embark on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace (Ferguson).

    STICKMAN: I feel like I should be more excited for this than I am, which is a sign maybe it's not gonna be so hot.

    MADHERO: My guess this is more in the January slot because Fox is pretty certain it'll flop, and yeah it probably will, which is a bummer cause its great to see Joe Cornish finally direct something again

    STICKMAN: Yeah, Attack the Block is a real gem.

    LARRY: Yeah, it's been getting solid reviews, but there's been marketing for it. All I've seen are online ads.

    STICKMAN: I didn't know it was out. I saw one trailer on Youtube and that's it.

    MADHERO: Plus its supposed to be pretty good, which is nice. I feel like it was made and then they were like "fuck, we've got no stars and its too British so I guess we're boned"

    STICKMAN: Maybe it'll do better when it releases here.

    MADHERO: I've got the feeling this has cult classic all over it.

    STICKMAN: I'd watch it...if I knew when it was out. They sent it out to die to the point where even those few who would see it can't. GOOD STUFF.

    LARRY: My friend wants to go see it at some point, so perhaps I may, but with school starting up again....oy, it'll be difficult.

    MADHERO: Sorry, Joe. Hopefully your next film won't take 6 years to be made.


    DIRECTOR: Steven Knight (Hummingbird, Locke)

    STARRING: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hatheway, Diane Lane, Jason Clarke, Djimon Honsou

    SYNOPSIS: The mysterious past of a fishing boat captain (McConaughey) comes back to haunt him, when his ex-wife (Hatheway) tracks him down with a desperate plea for help

    STICKMAN: Hey this already came out back in 2005.

    MADHERO: I know. Pretty weird to rerelease it and add Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hatheway and remove all the space stuff, but hey, first new Firefly stuff in well over a decade.

    LARRY: This is a strange one, ain't it.

    STICKMAN: Matthew Mcohonohey hey heeeyyy seems to be the king of dramas that crash and burn immediately at the moment.

    MADHERO: Yeah, this film was delayed a whole bunch of times and hasn't had any reviews yet so my guess is this has January release alllll over it. Which is a shame cause its got a bit of a Hitchcockian vibe in the trailer and the cast is great

    LARRY: Yeah I'm sensing it like...seemed like a great film when it got cast and then something happened in the editing room and it's shit now.

    MADHERO: Yeah. I feel this probably had Oscar hopes or at least the hopes to be the next Gone Girl or something, but it seems to be for naught.

    LARRY: The cast is awesome. Shame to see McConaughey has sorta lost momentum as a "srs actr"

    STICKMAN: Ah man, Gone Girl , can we watch that instead.


    MADHERO: Fraid not, because its not part of MOVIE OF THE WEEEEEEEEEK



    MADHERO: Yep, its that time again. If none of these movies suit you, you can just go on VOD or buy a DVD to watch whatever is out now. And hey, unlike the rest of Fuck You Its January, you're almost guarenteed some good stuff here.

    LARRY: Yeet.

    MADHERO: For saying that you need to start first

    STICKMAN: A fitting punishment.


    So, my MOTW is one that I had been meaning to see for weeks now, and that is "Bumblebee," the first of six Transformers films thus far to ditch Michael Bay, add in a little Travis Knight, and get the series back in touch with its 80’s roots. Does it succeed? Well, in some ways, yes! Hell, the first fifteen minutes alone come closer to capturing the spirit of Transformers than Michael Bay ever did in his five stinkin' tries. The robot designs are awesome, the humor is kinda cheesy but very charming, and the action scenes are less spectacle-driven and more focused on the god damn Transformers combat.

    Plus, you got lots of fun 80's music and 80's production design, which I'm a sucker for. The film is also just...I dunno, less gross and dumb; a lot of Bay's signature bullshit is gone, and wouldn't ya know it, once all that shit is wiped away, you can actually see the appeal of this franchise...weird. Now, obviously it's no masterpiece, but it was a fun time at the theater, and showcases the potential of quality, wholesome material from this franchise once you drop all the dead weight

    MADHERO: I saw this too and y'all gotta support the Bee. Its's pyjamas

    STICKMAN: The Bees pyjeemees.

    LARRY: Those first fifteen minutes? *chef’s kiss*

    STICKMAN: I didn't know what was going on but it looked nice.

    MADHERO: Cybertron movie wheeeeeen. But I also really liked the relationship Bumblebee and Charlie, even if it was just Iron Giant in a 80s setting.

    STICKMAN: It is just The Iron Giant but with less of the weird boy.

    LARRY: Yeah I guess I'm just not over the moon about it cuz it felt reminiscent of most girl/pet relationships. Except it's a robot. HE'S TREATED LIKE A DOG IN THIS FILM. LIKE. HE'S A PET.


    MADHERO: Bumblebee can get it. As mentioned in the TMNT story, I really hope other filmmakers look at this and see what can be done. Just.... ignore the lesser box office for a bit. Pretty please.

    STICKMAN: He can get whatever he wants. Travis Knight come back to LAIKA now.

    LARRY: Yeah, guys, Travis Knight fucking gets it, guys.

    MADHERO: Alright. Sticky what's your MOTW?

    STICKMAN: WELLLL, my MOTW comes with a journey, my friends. Upgrade, a somewhat under the radar, destined to be cult sci-fi/action/body horror flick from the folks at Blumhouse, came out in the US early in Summer did okay at the box office, and the reviews were pretty glowing. 4-5 months later and it finally released in the UK...but in like, two cinemas. Another 4-5 months later and it finally released on DVD...I've finally seen it....and yeah, I liked it quite a bit.

    A slick and cool sci-fi thriller with a fun premise, moments of entertainingly brutal hyperviolence, and a fun mix of comedy moments and dark themes, Upgrade , without spoiling the specifics of the plot, is everything you want from a semi-low budget original genre movie, really. It looks great too, and has one hell of a killer ending. If you're not into body horror, this is probably not for you, but if you want to see THE GUY FROM PROMETHEUS WHO GETS THE WORM IN HIS EYE fight robot hybrid people with his super duper body control chip? Here's the film.

    MADHERO: Pffft. Upgrade? Who needs that when you have Venom, which is definitely the same thing

    STICKMAN: It's Venom but less gay.

    LARRY: Yeah, I really enjoyed this film. Was a thoroughly original experience in the cinema for me.

    MADHERO: Its probably less goopy too. I've been meaning to check it out for a while but I don't think it ever streamed here

    STICKMAN: If you replace goop with lots of gore, then it's not so different in that department.

    MADHERO: O neat. Hard trade off but I can deal.

    STICKMAN: Yeah. It also features the coolest entrance to an underground house in any movie ever.

    LARRY: Yeah the action scenes in this film are just phenomenal. The way the camera robotically follows him? UGH, it's incredible.

    STICKMAN: Apparently they used facial tracking software to stablise the moving camera to make that effect, or SOME KINDA WITCHCRAFT.

    MADHERO: I'll see it whenever I get the chance. But I did see something else I guess


    LARRY: what a TWIST

    So this week, we've seen social media's conciousness all come together and remember the Fyre Festival disaster. If you weren't there back in 2017, boy do I feel bad, cause it was a pretty great antidote for all the horrors that 2016 brought. A music festival that promised to be the next Coachella in the Bahama's, with rich influencers all paying to go, only for it to turn into a Lord of the Flies style disaster featuring leaky tents and low rent sandwiches. It was a pretty good time if you weren't there, and now you have not one but TWO documentaries talking about this mess, one on Hulu and the other on Netflix. Since Hulu is not a thing here, I'll just talk about the latter.

    Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened gives a great look at what would become a slow motion trainwreck, and while its easy to go in with the intention of schadenfreude, the doc also excels at talking with the people all roped into the scam, as well as the people who weren't overly entitled influencers: just kids who wanted to have a good time in the Bahamas. I'm so fucking glad Billy McFarland is going to jail now for operating this life-ruining mess. So yeah, its a great sneak peek at a slow motion train crash

    STICKMAN: Oh heeyy, I meant to watch this but I started The Punisher instead.

    LARRY: I wanna watch it so baddddddd. This, not really Punisher.

    MADHERO: This is a fascinating look at the slowmotion train crash. Can't speak for the Hulu one though that did score a interview with McFarland right before he went to prison

    STICKMAN: Is it as wild a ride as it should be?

    LARRY: Apparently the Hulu one is better, so they say.

    STICKMAN: So Hulu says. More like WHOlu? We...we don't get that streaming service over here.

    MADHERO: It goes wiiiiiiiiild in the 2nd half but also in a way that makes you really mad at how these people were exploited. There's currently a GoFundMe going on for the main caterer, who wasn't paid for the large amount of work she had to do.

    STICKMAN: Feed her up some money.

    LARRY: Go support people in deserve of support ya supporters.

    STICKMAN: So, when's the Dashcon documentary. Ballpit of Despair: The Dashcon Story.

    MADHERO: I need to know the ballpit's story.

    STICKMAN: Coming soon to Netflix, or Hulu, or both.


    MADHERO: Alright, I think that about does for this week. I guess we can go rebuild the wreckage now, maybe with some LEGO blocks or something

    STICKMAN: Oh boy oh boy. The Bionicle Movie.


    MADHERO: You joke but I truly want their return. It'd make me the happiest boy on earth. But this movie should suffice. Well, byebye

    STICKMAN: If Bionicle turned up properly in the new movie I'd scream. Anyway. I'll do that next week. For now....GOODBYYYYYEEE.