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  • PAX South

    5 days ago


    Every year I attend PAX East as an enforcer and every year, the only thing I've done as a guest is go to the RT panel and go to the booth for merch or autographs.

    My main selling point to go to PAX South for the first time as an enforcer was because it was in Texas, and it's the home base for Rooster Teeth. I figured I'd get some merch and be able to go to a panel or something.

    Not a single RT thing is here. No merch booth, not even a little panel or a simple meet and greet. Nothing. 

    I'm beyond annoyed. I know they are busier these days. But come on. A video game convention literally like an hour away from them? They could have spared some people for even a little panel.

    I realize they are all about money these days, and focus on RTX, but sadly some of us can't make those conventions or go to those let's play lives, and their usual consistent presence at a PAX is what we are able to get.

  • Still alive, need recommendations!

    1 week ago

    shersten 셰리

    Just wanted to post a little something to show i'm still alive. Since I'm a first member, I almost exclusively watch all my RT, AH, and Funhaus content on the site. It's so funny looking back at my old posts and seeing how much i've grown in 5 years since signing up for the site. I'm so blessed to have found an incredible community where I feel at home. Watching AH is like comfort food. It feels like family. 

    On another note, i've finished all the shows I've been watching on netflix/hulu and was wondering if anyone had recommendations on something to watch? I've seen Jessica Jones, Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Iron Fist, Legends of Tomorrow, and a few others in that genre. If you want to recommend something it doesnt have to be the superhero genre, i'm into anything, that stuff is just what i've seen recently. 


  • I got a story to tell

    3 weeks ago

    Danishpanda Danish and proud of it

    As i wrote about 7 months ago, life is getting better by the day. So good in fact that my attendance at work have been flawless at this point. Since the first of june i have been a part of the daily operations crew within the Royal Danish Academy of Art (RDAA) and i couldn't be happier. 

    To see that the team is working, considering that our operations manager had to resign back in april is amazing. And to be told that the new manager of the crew is picked from within the group is great. That way the chemistry that runs in the group is largely unchanged. 

    As for me, the new year will see some changes as well. The staff manager of the RDAA made it clear during my employment development meeting in november, that she would like for me to upgrade my skills. How i will do so, will be decided at a meeting in mid january. But it can mean that i have to hit the books again and complete my  Higher preparatory exams (i did three parts of this back in 2013-14. Socialstudies, english and history, so i guess i can skip those subjects).

    As far as RT goes, i will still support the company. For the simple reason that their content helped me through some less than great times recently. And that is something i am very grateful for. 

    2018 will also be the year that i can actually take a vacation without having to be concerned about what awaits when i get home. I'm signed up for my work for the long haul, and since i haven't taken any time off during 2017, i will have plenty of saved up time when the vacation period begins in may. 

    In regards to the community members of Rooster Teeth: while we may not speak much, i do respect all of you. For the simple fact that like me, you are people. I might not know your history, but that doesn't matter. 

    A huge thank you to the Funhaus team, once you left machinima, i followed. That way i discovered Rooster Teeth and of course Achievement Hunter. Both parties makes me come back time and again, to have a good laugh and ease the mind. It's relaxing in a mindfullness kind of way (well, except that im not closing my eyes, nor am i listening to peaceful music) 

    Happy holidays and have a good and safe new year. 

    From Denmark

  • Entry #1

    1 month ago


    So i joined rooster teeth first to catch up on twits and crits because i love funhaus and watch some more rwby. So far so good!!

  • More merch designs! (honestly, what else did you expect?)

    1 month ago

    Lixxieb Art person

    I'm hoping to post to the site at least once a week and this time thought it'd be good to show you all the merch designs I've done since I last posted designs here! The last time I did I had issues with people trolling the post and being just generally awful which meant I had to delete the post (the flag function just doesn't work at all for me!) 

    I'll try and post a round up of my RT art once a week from now on!


    So, which design is your favourite? Let me know and let the RT Store know! (don't actually message them but maybe retweet the art on twitter if you like it  wink)

  • Update on me (The fuck have i been??)

    2 months ago

    AgentTank I AM KROGAN

    Hey there everyone! Hows it going with you all? Just wanted to give you all an update on whats been going on in my life! 

    Lets start off with the sad news. my dog lola sadly, passed away almost 4 months ago. She was the cutest and sweetest dog that you could have. I had her since i was like 17 or 18. Its been kinda hard on us and a little harder on our other dog maddie. I meant to update here a while ago, but i couldnt because i was still dealing with her passing. Things are okay and are slowly getting better though. Click the link below to see her


    Now, on the brighter side, for halloween, my sister dressed up as ruby rose! Made her own costume and everything including the scythe! A friend of hers dressed up as Qrow! Made me feel real happy and proud that i got her into the show Rwby. 

    my sister and her friend as ruby and qrow

    Other than that, things are going good. Hope all is going good with you all! Hope to hear from you!

  • RT Box September 2017 Impressions

    2 months ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well, hi there! This one took awhile, but it did make it before the end of the month. I'm going to apologise in advance for all my photos being sideways but I can't seem to fix that issue. In addition to things I didn't do right, I totally forgot that last month marked a whole year of RT Boxes for me. Time flies!

    Let me start off by saying that I recently used my Burnie Burns packing cubes (from way back when) and my AHWU repair kit (from last box) on my latest trip. The packing cubes are very handy indeed, and the first aid kit was helpful to take care of my busted toe when I was short on supplies. Oh, and the AH Cocktail shaker is pretty fun to use now that Spring has sprung. A+ to the RT Boxes of the past.

    Moving on to the present, this month's RT Box is coming at you from the man, the legend, Joel Heyman! joel

    I think it's GOLD themed, which is ironic, but it definitely suits Joel's interests. He's giving us a quarterly portfolio report, and I think you might be interested in the gold-based assets I've just acquired.

    Complete with their worth, the gold I scored looks something like this:

    - one Heyman Holdings, Inc. (SHRT) ↑ 9.16% ......... shirt (black [and gold])

    - one RWBY Papercraft, LTD. (RWBY) ↑ 0.04% ....... Papercraft kit of RWBY (Yellow [Yang])

    - one Golden Gus Beverages (GUS) ↑ 3.14% ......... Golden Gus silipint (black [and gold])

    - one Monarch Laboratories (KING) ↑ 6.66% ........... Mad King Ryan pin (gold)

    - one Funhaus Group (FNHS) ↑ 0.69% .................... Funhaus license plate (white)

    - three The Ramsey Corportation (GRIF) ↑ 0.22% ... Geoff stickers (black [and gold])

    - #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring Let's Play

    Right off the bat, Joel's throwing down some intense shit. He hasn't slept in 79 hours and also blacked out the other day and established a financial consulting firm. Heyman and Co. recommend you buy gold. Also, nice toweryou got there. Shout out to the dude that cosplayed it at RTX London and got signed by Joel! This is a nice design, very eye catching. This one's a lightweight material, good for me.


    Time for another obscure RWBY item. I present to you, a square Yang I built all by myself. Yang is yellow, and so is gold.


    I unfortunately ripped off a tab on one of the arms but managed to fix it with a bit of tape. The construction of the body seems a bit odd in one place but the whole thing is pretty well made, with sturdy 'paper'. Insert joke here about how inaccurate this model of Yang is now.

    I've been blessed (or cursed, as my sister thought) with another cup. Remember the Golden Gus from On The Spot? Now he's on a cup. Silipints are much less expensive to ship than a gold pint glass, so this is what we got. Silipints are also pretty pricy (for a cup) so it's nice to see something other than the usual plastic.


    Getting sick of the sideways images? I AM!

    Or how about X-Ray & Vav? Remember that one? Mad King Ryan makes his RT Box debut in GOLD! It's a King pin! Get it? It's shiny like his golden crown.


    You probably haven't forgotten about ol' Funhaus over in the Golden state, California. This is a golden state plate. Fun. It's metal, maybe tin, I can't be sure. It's got nice embossed letters and the lettering is top notch.


    What's that, Joel? You had a dream about a puppy? And it told you that people like the Geoff Ramsey shirt designs? They do. And Joel likes stickers, and puppies. Pat the dream puppy. Pat these three Geoff stickers.


    Grif is also orange, I believe. Orange is kind of like gold.

    Last but not least, #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This month's card features Let's Play, with 20% of them being signed by members of the frankly, huge, Let's Play family. I managed to get none of them to sign mine. Take a look at this old school Bejewled design - none of that Candy Crush nonsense. Let's Play scores a nasty 0 on friendship; an abismal 1 on collaboration...and a whopping 80085 on NSFW. Somehow, I don't think that even covers it.


    With that, I bring you to the end of my portfolio report. Gold is abundant in this box and I'm all the richer for it! Except that I'm not, and I'm actually poorer.

    Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    Get some sleep, Joel. Pat the dream puppy.


  • RTX London

    3 months ago


    It was amazing being at RTX London this year, an experience I'll never forget. The main highlight was of course the Funhaus panel but loved Always Open, Off Topic and all the gameplays on stage. (Here's looking at you Gus and Geoff during the catwalk portion of 1-2 Switch...)

    Can't wait to do it again next year!

  • Career Opportunity

    3 months ago


    Sometimes people read these, sometimes they don't. I think it's nice that I can keep these every now and then when I feel like it either way.

    So I'm in the Army now. College wasn't working, running out of money, and not any closer to a degree with where I was going, so I made a decision. It was tough, it was hard, and I didn't have the luxury of weighing every last possibility with time issues. That said I'm happy with how this worked out. I'm patriotic, a sense of justice and duty and honor, it just seemed like a good choice to me. My family loves it for me and is wishing me the best, my girlfriend somewhat heartbroken will miss me but wants me to be happy with my choices and is staying by me, my friends happy for me as well, even former employers wishing me well in my new ventures.

    Now with some college I get to go in with a promotion which is pretty nice. Private First Class, I can expect to make it to Specialist in around two years. Whether I choose to stick it out as a full time career or not is still up in the air for me, but it will give me some skills, education, and other training that will help me with future ventures. Additionally I might add I'll be working as a 42A or a Human Resources Specialist. I'm grateful as I don't feel I'm much for a front line infantry position, so desk work suits me fine. Still I'm grateful for the chance to serve my country.

    All this to say that YouTube, Twitch, or otherwise any form of entertainment that I have been pursuing is still my dream. Voice acting, let's plays, becoming a personality in my own right or even working on my own skills to earn a place with Rooster Teeth or any of it's affiliates is the dream. I will continue to work on this hobby of mine with any free time I get [assuming I'm allowed to] I'm still having fun and truly love how influential video games have been to my life, in addition to the great impact Rooster Teeth and family has had on me.

    If you stuck with all my crazy rambling this much I appreciate it, and hope that you'll join me as I grow as a content creator. If you're an RT guy or gal, or a part of one of it's affiliates I want to thank you for what you do. Making laughs, being dorks, and over all just having fun with video games. This is PFC Lucas telling you... Good Luck Out There.

  • RT Box July 2017 Impressions

    3 months ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well well well, fancy seeing you here! I've since turned 22 between last month's RT Box and now...and I'm even lazier and tired. So forgive me for the slight delay if you saw I promised to post this afternoon, who would've thought I slept till 16:00. It's 22:30 now so take that as you will, and then forget about it because right below are some DG goods!

    This month's RT Box is school themed once again; particularly University, from our favourite cheese-master Gus Sorolagus He tells the riveting tale of how he had no clue what his future held for him as a boy. He went to college hoping to "make out with someone, and get really good grades". Alas, one year later, he gave up and departed. Ending up in Austin, he met Burnie and Geoff!  burniegeoff The rest is history.

    What's in the curriculum this month? Check it:

    - one Rooster Teeth Media Club shirt (white)

    - one Double Gold patch (gold stars for you!)

    - one RWBY Beacon Academy pin

    - one Achievement Hunter pennant (black and green of course)

    - one bottle opener, shaped like Michael Jones mid-rage-quit michael

    - one reusable 'solo cup' (red)

    - #6 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Funhaus (20% were signed by the residents of the haus of fun)

    Have at this shirt! This design reminds me of way back when I got my first DG shirt. The designs are similar to me. I'm talking about the black DG cinema shirt, if you're wondering.


    This one particularly is college-y to me. Clubs just scream "teenagers trying to make friends". FYI, I joined clubs at university in my first year. One was the Psychology society, and the other was the anime club. I paid 5 bucks for nothing to join that one, and I think I paid 50 for the psych one. Let's just say they and my degree were probably a waste of money :')

    ANYWAY, another white shirt, I don't own many white shirts because I always ruin them. I got hot chocolate on the Camp Camp one but luckily it came out, so I'll be more careful with this one. My favourite part of this is the rooster and the chattering teeth.

    The Double Gold patch is cute. One day I'll have to get something I can put patches on. Apparently you put patches on letterman jackets? Gus told me I'm peaking now I have it, but ya know, I have to be peaking in some way or form to be able to get it in the first place.

    The next two items invoke school spirit, according to the note.

    The RWBY pin (and June's stage 5 pin) are a bit bigger than the last few. This one is gold and displays the Beacon Academy logo in all its axe-glory.


    As a fan of the show, I think this one is really neat. I would advocate for each training academy to have a pin, or maybe the combined logos that were used for the Vytal festival would be awesome. I'd also totally like the emblems of characters as pins. As usual, the pin quality is great.

    There's a pennant flag that tells me to Achieve. I already did (I consider graduating my greatest achievement), but thanks, Rooster Teeth! Encouraging as always. Unfortunately the fabric slip that allows you to attach it to a stick or whatever is not sewn on properly on mine, and it took about 4 seconds for it to unravel. I stopped it going too far down and it's probably an easy fix, but still annoying (not that I will be using it like that). Otherwise, it's good quality. It looks like felt with a hard foam front that gives a great clarity of print. The design will endure decades of scrutiny. Good wall hanger.

    Here's the second weirdest item to have appeared in the boxes:


    This is much more useful than the sunglasses with some eyes on them, but still, kind of "WTF". I can see how it works, obviously, as Rage Quit Michael is something to be feared. Gus describes the bottle opener as Michael's "gaping maw" and that's about as accurate as it gets. Personally I'm not quite sure what the red and blue dots that are attached to his palms are, but whatever. It's a novelty item for sure. To be honest with you, I much prefer responsible dad Michael that he's turned into (adorable).

    It's been a little while since we got a cup, but here we go again, it's a cup! This one is akin to the Theater mode travel mug (but that one was insulated). A red solo cup design with a nice little graphic on the front that is "so legit". I'll trust you on that one, Gus. I tested the lid on, and with the mouth/drinkhole covered, almost no water comes out. At angles the leak is more apparent. The lid just pops on and off, but it is well sealed around the edges. The leak stems from the open/close of the drinkhole design (you can take a look in the image album if you're curious).

    Then lastly, the Double Gold card. Funhaus trails as the fourth card behind AH, but retains its glory. I did not get a signature. The art is all of them fighting in a ring. Forgive my knowledge of who's who, but I can guess (kinda). There's James in his Angel costume punching out someone(?), Elyse is ready to kick some ass, looks like Bruce is behind her(?), Adam down on the right. Now I'm just wondering if it's Lawrence on the bottom left, since I don't recall or know who the other one is. Feel free to correct me on any of that. I'm assuming these are their costumes they made on the WWE game? Their ratings on the back are, Strength: 9; Facial hair: 8; Peakes: 1. If there's one Peake then one of the people on the card is him?


    Well, we've come to the end of the road and are graduating on to something else. That being me saying toodleoo for now. Here's the class photo:


    As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. 


  • RT Box June 2017 Impressions

    3 months ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    After a long delay, the June RT Box finally arrived yesterday.

    We were informed that it would be late, so let's move on to what was, and wasn't inside!

    Coming at ya is a vacation-themed box full of fun from mister Burnie Burns burnieHe loves traveling. If you didn't know that already. He signed off of the greeting card with, "off to the airport", which is incredibly plausible.

    So what's Burnie organised for us? Let's see...

    - one Funhaus souvenir-style shirt (gray)

    - one large packing cube and one smaller packing cube of the mock 'Burns Airlines' airline (blue)

    - one People Like Grapes shirt air freshener (purple, grape scented [DUH])

    - one Immersion protective phone pouch (clear)

    - a pack of Rooster Teeth postcards (red)

    - #5 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Camp Camp (about 20% were signed by the hard working campers, uh, I mean employees, that make that show)

    - one Steam code for Party Hard from tinyBuild Games

    As you may know, the Funhaus headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, while Rooster Teeth is situated in Austin, TX. Burnie recommends Funhaus, California, as a great destination. He lost his platinum-plated headphones there and eventually got them back after faxing a form to the lost and found (faxing still is a thing?). But he says LA, not so much. Suck it, LA. This shirt has a nice design, it reminds me a bit of Grand Theft Auto for some reason. Maybe because Los Santos, but it's the font, too. I'd say this shirt material is a bit thicker than the previous shirts; it is a different brand than before. Nicely printed too. This brings us up two two Funhaus shirts thus far in the DG experience.

    These packing cubes are one of Burnie's favourite packing tools. You put your crap in them to keep your suitcase organised and are great for efficiency, apparently. I barely travel with significant baggage but I'm sure these'll help next time I do. There's a large one with the decal on it, and inside was a smaller one, which doesn't have a decal. They don't seem to be expensive quality, but hey, they're just organisers.

    Now a very cute and nice smelling idea is an air freshener. And by that I mean, this grape air freshener is a great gag. Just like the real shirt, this thing matches it, but it's cardboard and smells way better. It's your classic grape scent. I don't know how to describe it other than it's basically grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum. If you ever got a whiff of that stuff. I went to put it in my car, as I was going to go to the supermarket, but my car battery was d e a d. So much for that!

    Now, I've held out on pictures on this post because I want to use them to explain the next item. This is a plastic pouch for keeping your phone dry in the water.


    Look at that cute lil' Burnie! It has his emoji face burnieYes, it's intended for you to take it in water. Now, since that concept means no water gets in, you can take it in chlorinated pools; waterproof/resistant phones do not recommend chlorinated water immersion as it deteriorates the waterproof seals. If you want to have your phone with you, that is. Now, since Burnie, in classic Immersion style said it "protects your phone upon Immersion in water... or does it?", I had to test it. I'm sure that they wouldn't have included it if it didn't work, but I TESTED IT ANYWAY! That's what I'm here for.

    Here's how it works. The pouch has three, yes, three zip locks at the opening, which then fold over each other, then get Velcro'd. That adds another layer of protection. It also has a cord to keep it attached to yourself.


    I tested it with my waterproof phone, because ya never know...

    As you can see, it's in my sink. The water level is visible on my thumb so you know it's immersed. The material its made of pressed a bunch of things on my screen, so that's...that. It's not made to be used in the pouch. It tried to apply a theme to my phone. P.S. sorry for the drop in quality of the photos; my phone is my camera. I used my tablet for this process, and boy that's a hard thing to hold with one hand.


    When I removed it, I dried it off on the outside to check for any water that might have got in.


    TA DA! No water got in. If it looks like it, trust me, that water is on the outside. My phone was just as dry as when it went in. My phone is one of those that can't be guaranteed to stay waterproof if it's taken in chlorinated water, since it has a rubber seal on the SIM port. So this would help if the situation ever arose. I guess if you went to a public pool and had nowhere to put your phone without it getting stolen? There's a couple more photos of this process in my pictures album if you're interested. They're labeled with numbers so you know the order they were took in.

    Next, some postcards. Look, this is a cute idea. You don't have to buy one if you're traveling. I've never done it, but I've never gone anywhere of interest for any amount of time, so I've never used one. If I ever go somewhere, I guarantee these are comin' with me. Gotta use them somehow, right?

    And, as usual, one Rooster Teeth Gold Card. Camp Camp gets its own this month. I love the art on this one. Mine is signed! It looks like Jordan's signature to me, but feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. The card gives a shoutout to the little asshole camper that is a mock of Hitler. Man, that show and its edgy shit, I love it. Ratings are, Activities: 10; Leadership: 2; Platypus: 1.


    Lastly, the award winning game Party Hard is included. I've never played this game, but I've watched a few Let's Plays of it. It never garnered my attention like some games do, and I still haven't gotten around to playing most of the games I get from these boxes. Sigh. This reminded me that way back in May, after I'd gotten my RT Box, I got an email with a Steam code for Mr. Shifty, also from tinyBuild Games. Guess I better go add that to the May post.

    Now, for what wasn't inside. The pin.

    We were also prewarned that the pin may not have been ready for shipment with the June box. Turns out that was true, and it's not here. Rest assured, the Greetings From Stage 5 pin will be sent to us separately, or be in July's box. It has a little picture of what it's meant to look like. Basically the stage 5 sign on the outside of the hanger, just like the real thing.

    EDIT 19th August 2017: 

    The pin came in July's RT Box, all shiny and new. This one is a bit larger and heavier than the previous ones.2028650-1503145736394-DSC_1008.JPG

    That about wraps it up. Tune in next time to see that stage 5 pin in action. And of course the July RT Box contents.


    As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. Everything's there (except the pin, but there's the 'here's what it's meant to look like card').

    By the time the July box arrives, I'll be 22 years old. What is my life?

    Until we meet again...

  • I'm now a first member!

    3 months ago


    So i've been a fan of Funhaus for a long time now, since the old IG days. They always deliver quality content and never fail to make me laugh, they've even picked some of my questions for Openhaus in the past. I want to support the channel any way I can, and they say this is the best way to do it, so here I am, and I get to watch Haus of Pain too :D I was unlucky and couldnt get tickets to RTX London this year, fingers crossed I can make it next time :D   adam bruce lawrence james elyse


    3 months ago


    After all these years (about 10 to be exact) of supporting RT I realised I've never become a first member, I mean. I buy the merch, the DVD's, share their videos but am I really a supporter unless I have that little star by my name? Well I guess I am now ;)

  • Coincidental Extra Fun Weekend!

    4 months ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    It was an actual coincidence that I happened to be at the bar that Funhaus chose to have their meet-up at here in Melbourne.

    My friend had organised her birthday drinks there very late in the week, and I was keen not only to catch-up with her but check out this bar. Called 'GGEZ', they stream non-stop Esports on all screens, and had only opened recently in a very central location of Melbourne's CBD.

    So along my fiance and I went. It is actually quite a good venue. Plenty of screens so you don't feel you need to crane your neck to see anything; decent price and variety on the food and drink menu; also a variety of Esports being screened (Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, World of Warcraft, League of Legends etc etc).

    The place was busy already with a Twitch meet-up, which in my head I linked with the fact that VidCon was on this weekend. My head had not however made the connection that I also knew Funhaus were in town for that specific con. It did eventually make the connection when my fiance spotted them walk in. As we are unable to get to RTX this year, I knew this was going to be my one chance this year to say hello to some of the web creators that I admire so much, and I managed to get a few words in with Elyse! She was super nice in answering my questions about 11 Little Roosters, and posed for a quick selfie. Absolutely made my night!

    My fiance and I spent the following day sitting on all sorts of sofas for our new place (a fun experience, I highly recommend it) and explaining who Funhaus are to the people who asked about our social media posts that night. 

    PSA: now I see that Photobucket have changed their distribution mechanisms... hmm, gonna have to go and update all the photos I uploaded into journals through them. Here's hoping this one works through Facebook....




    PSA #2: Nope. Well then, just click this link to see the awesome Twitter post instead!

  • Hey everyone!

    4 months ago

    AgentTank I AM KROGAN

    Hey there guys! How's it going? Been a while since I posted anything or updated you all. Hope everyone is doing good. Been replaying mass effect andromeda as the female Ryder. Now currently on the prototype games. I forgot how awesome they were. Still hoping for a third one. So what's been going on? Have I missed anything major?

    Oh and if anyone wants to follow me on instagram, look up c_davis_superdude

  • Twits and Crits Intro Re-Do

    4 months ago


    My computer suffered for this, +1cool for a cooler CPU.

  • 008 FUNboxing- July 2017's RT Box

    5 months ago

    AgentWashingtub008 Crackpot of Coffee

    {21:51 PST 8/16/2017}

    The word of the week is “thin.”  As in stretched thin. I took most of today to relax because of that, but I owe you guys some posts and I may as well go for it before things pick up again. 


    So, let’s grab a knife and a Pepsi Fire because the heatwave meant it was too hot for coffee.  It’s time for a 008 FUNboxing!





    This time we’re taking a look at the belated July #RTBOX that I received last Friday, I just haven’t had the time to write it up.




    This month’s very tied together theme is College, and I know from experience that planning (especially for the first year) does start late July / early August, so having it be the July box is a smart choice.  The first item I pulled is the Achieve Pennant.  Good size, very standard quality.  Not sure where it’s going yet.




    The letter is from Gus this month.  It was a very well written account of the items and his experiences with school.





    The shirt is the Rooster Teeth Media Club members shirt.  A pretty cool “image cloud” design.  It’ll make me seem much more technically savvy than I am.




    Nothing says college like a red solo cup, and nothing says an RTbox like some sturdy drinkware.  After the shirts, I think the most common item is some sort of cup in the eight or so I’ve received.  The Rooster Teeth University seal also cool.




    We got a Double Gold double star patch for a letterman’s jacket.  I guess I need to get my jacket now!  (Not mad, I just have to budget it earlier than I thought I would.)




    This month’s Gold Card is Funhaus.  I’ve said before that I don’t watch them as much anymore between work and the sheer amount of other RT content I watch.  However, I have been watching enough recently for this to be a relevant question, is Wrestling really that big a part of their material? 




    This super handy hand-held Michael is great for ripping into a new beer (or cider or coke) because it’s a little Rage Quit bottle opener. 


    Not only is it sturdy and rubberized, it’s also magnetic.




    Last but not least we got both this and last month’s pins in the box.  The Beacon Academy is a great addition for the theme and I already talked about how much I loved the knowledgeable reference of the Stage 5 pin that would have been June’s.




    Over all, a really solid box.  Everything was on-theme (or at least justifiable in the letter) and it’s all either useful or good looking and simple enough to go with anything. 



    I have to wonder though, if this month is what they’ll do for School, what’ll I be getting this month? 

    We’ll just have to find out when I FUNbox it.


















  • Art Dump 3: Look at me

    5 months ago


    Some twits and Crits lovin, a fan art intro I made.




    A revision, giving myself a break from it. The flickering problem is simulator based, and render costs are too much right now.

    and what I'm working on right now, Wing Zero from Gundam Wing



    Further updates on Zero will be at my patreon 

  • Is it possible to download Rooster Teeth/AH/FH/TKnow Videos?

    5 months ago


    I've Watched RT Content for a while now and i remember there being an option to download videos and mp3 versions of podcasts. I never really used this function because i could just stream them from the website. Now, however, I want to watch videos on the side while i play games (mostly podcasts) but i can't. Can someone explain to me why this is? And if possible, explain to me how to Download them.

  • FIRST Member

    5 months ago


    Just wanted to show my appreciation to Funhaus for being the best channel on Youtube and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of their videos. They are the reason I became a first member. Tug Nuggets and his nephew and the season 3 of Talking Stalkings starring the amazing Johnny Depp and other guest are my favorite episodes so far and are what pushed me over the edge to become a first member in order to give back. 

    Love you Funhaus and thanks!

  • Hello... maybe?

    6 months ago


    I've been a first member for a couple months now. I have always been drawn to the community aspect of Rooster Teeth, and wanted to be a part of it, but have only really commented on videos and thread here and there. I kept feeling like I never had anything to say - that I couldn't find my place within the community. So, I figured I might make a kind of "hey there world" post and see what happens. God speed.

    So first things first - Hi! My name is Taylor. I am 22, love the color purple, and have a cat named Puck. I just graduated from school, and am trying to pursue a career in Stage Management. I am currently working at Williamstown Theatre Festival up in the Berkshires (Massachusetts) and next year, I will be working for a small regional theatre in Pennsylvania as an Assistant Stage Manager. I often get asked by friends no in the theatre world what it is exactly that I do, so if you are curious just ask!

    I have been watching Rooster Teeth content for the last two years (I'm fairly new, I know). I have one of my best friends and my older brother to thank. She showed me the wonders of Funhaus, and he introduced me AH. So many things that I have come to love over the years (RT being one of them) have come from my brother's suggestion, so I have learned to listen when he has new interests. For the longest time, I remember him referencing Off Topic and other videos here and there and always finding what he said hysterical. But the first time I really sat down to watch a AH video was during a visit where he practically made me watch the Let's Play Live RT Docs. I was blown away. Coming from a theatrical background, I had a crazy amount of respect for what these guys were trying to pull off, and I was in awe of the entire process. From then, I was hooked. I devoured their content, and eventually had to come to terms with the fact that no, I could not catch up on 14 years of content in 2 weeks. But definitely didn't keep me from trying.

    I'm not really sure what else to say, but there it is! Nice to meet you all!

  • Finished My First RTX

    6 months ago


    And I don't have a single regret coming out of it. Those three days flew by so fast and I got to see some amazing things along the way.
    I attended the Funhaus and Cowchop panels on day one with some new-found friends then I hit the expo floor 

    Then I went to the Lets Play Bumper Creative Workshop with Justin Young and Brian Behm where we got to mess around with different materials and work together in groups to come up with and film some potential Let's Play video bumpers. Afterwards I got to listen to Glitch Please talk about PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds for 60 minutes and watch Ryan try to make a paper airplane.Then i caught up with Funhaus again at their Dude Soup panel, centered around kindness and the many ways Adam Kovic can kill a baby.

    And on the last day I decided to finally bring my camera with me and snap a few photos of the con and of cosplayers. Went to the expo floor again and got some good shots, went back to the Let's Play workshop and watched Justin edit what our group shot yesterday. Tried to make the RWBY panel but decided it wasn't worth the seating I was left with and bailed to wait in line for the Fake AH Crew Escape Room. I waited in line for 5 hours only to find out that I was going to be grouped up with Funhaus and Aaron Marquis. It was such a great way to end my first RTX.

    To all the Guardians and Rooster Teeth staff that put on an amazing RTX this 2017, thank you so freaking much for one of the best experiences of my life <3

  • RT and Me Through the Years

    6 months ago


    I can't quite remember what initially pulled me into the RT site and community. Years before I ever knew what Rooster Teeth was my uncle and cousin showed me a weirdly funny show called Red vs. Blue because it was free and we liked to play games in our spare time. I remember when I first laughed at Rage Quit and watched as many as possible. I remember watching On the Spot for the first time close to when it first started and watching the RT Podcast every week while I did my physical therapy. And when I gave the Funhaus guys (and gal now!!) a chance and fell in love with their mocking inappropriate humor. And recently when I watched Cow Chop on On the Spot I thought they were weird and reckless, only to watch them in Class of 198X, and CCTV, and Amazon Prime Time, and the hole only gets deeper. Now they are adding Suptic and the Sugar Pine 7 boys to the RT umbrella and I honestly can't wait. 

    I've been through my most recent back surgeries with these people. I've had to spend countless hours in bed unable to do the things that I love, and somehow a few groups of charming weirdos kept me entertained all of this time. 

    I've gotten into editing and more into gaming because of RT. I've found people who like the things I do and I'm more driven than ever to succeed. Don't underestimate the power content can have.