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  • A lot of videos are now back online!

    8 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Dave just finished publishing over 3,000 videos that have been offline for maintenance for a bit! More to come, too. 

    Thanks Dave!!!!

  • Michael Bay Directing Robopocalypse?

    8 months ago



    Looks like Michael Bay might be taking over Robopocalypse directing duties from Steven Spielberg. For a long, long time Spielberg was trying to adapt Daniel H. Wilson's quite good book with a goofy-ass title and he got close. I remember reading an interview with Spielberg during that process and he was genuinely excited about the adaptation process, just said the script wasn't quite there yet and someone else was coming in to do another pass.

    Then it just seemed to fade into the background as Spielberg focused on his more drama-centric stuff like Bridge of Spies, War Horse and most recently The Post. 

    The book reads like World War Z, but instead of a zombie apocalypse it's a... well, you know what the title is. But it's told in that oral tradition style that World War Z did so well. 

    Michael Bay is a bit... heavy-handed... to do this, but we do know he loves robots at war. The problem is the reason you'd make this particular story isn't the backdrop, but the character work in the human story. Can Bay be trusted with that? I'm not so sure. 

    Variety reports that Bay would make Robopocalypse after a mysterious action film called 6 Underground, written by Deadpool's Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, so it's at the very least a couple years away still if it happens at all. But it is interesting. What do you guys think of this development?

  • I'm Not a Punk - Photo Inspiration for ACHIEVE

    8 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    Enjoy another behind the scenes look at the creative process of the recent ACHIEVE Collection photoshoot. The biggest success here by far was getting the AH boys out of their old jeans and cargo shorts. What is punk anyway?


    Go watch SLACKER. 


    The Descendents - Milo Goes to College is a true masterpiece. 



  • Celebrate International Women's Day with Us!

    8 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    International Women's Day is coming up this Thursday, March 8! And that's a great excuse for the ladies of Rooster Teeth to get together, share some beverages and celebrate some mammaries.. err, memories. And we want you to join us!

    We're throwing a livestream party to highlight a bunch of the awesome women in the company and hear how everyone got started (in case you're looking for a little inspiration of your own), and answering your burning questions. Plus, we'll show off video games featuring leading ladies because they deserve love too.

    We're also partnering with YouTube to support a good cause while we celebrate! We're using YouTube's SuperChat for Good feature to raise donations for Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, educate, and equip young women to enter the tech industry. 

    100% of SuperChat revenue will go directly to the foundation for the entire stream, and I really hope everyone submits $80.08 because... boob. WHAT IF WE RAISE $80,081.35? That would be amazing. Very specific and unlikely, but it would be a beautiful thing.

    Here are the stream details!

    When: Thursday, March 8 4PM - 7PM CST/10PM - 1AM GMT
    Where: YouTube and


    And here's more information about Girls Who Code!

    Girls Who Code was founded five years ago with the belief that computing skills are a critical path to security and prosperity in today’s job market. From Clubs in rural Oklahoma, to homeless shelters in Massachusetts, to the country’s most prestigious private schools—girls everywhere are united by their passion to use technology to solve problems in their day-to-day lives and make a positive impact on the world.

  • Everybody could use a little more Pooh in their lives...

    8 months ago


    Okay so Disney isn't content with just giving us Star Wars and Marvel movies, they've also been going through their back catalogue for a while now and making hugely successful live action versions of their films. Alice in Wonderland (love it or hate it, it made a ridiculous amount of money), Jungle Book, Cinderella, Malificent, Pete's Dragon and they have Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Lion King, Mary Poppins Returns and Aladdin in the works as we speak. 

    Christopher Robin kind of slipped under the radar a little bit, probably because we also recently got that Finding Neverland-ish Good-bye Christopher Robin and this one was able to stay hidden in that one's shadow until this very second. 

    But now there's a trailer and Ewan McGregor is playing a growed up Christopher Robin having trouble finding the proper work/life balance... until some piece of Pooh comes back into his life. 

    It's actually a pretty good trailer and pulled at some nostalgic heartstrings I didn't even realize were there. Looks like they threw Paddington in a blender with the original Mary Poppins. I can dig that... 

  • What you watching?

    8 months ago


    I need a new show to watch. Any suggestions? What’s everyone watching?

  • Frances McDormand = Total Boss

    8 months ago

    BoringGeoff Stuff and/or Things!

    I still can't get over Frances McDormand's incredible acceptance speech from last night's Oscars. ICYMI and are looking for a refreshing hot take on how to move the ball forward, click below and get schooled:

    Just wow. We all rise together, folks.

    What about y'all? Did anything from the Oscars blow you away?

  • Ghost Hunting

    8 months ago

    Daniel Writer/Director

    Hello all!

    I'm sure the AH Crew have already spoiled some stuff, or maybe they haven't! But I get the sense people are excited to discover if Geoff and the gang found any ghosts on our recent adventure. I can't say anything for sure, but I did snap two photos I'll share: one of a spooky tree that looked nice all lit up, and another of the crew sitting around the campfire telling stories. This element--of story--is just one aspect that will set Achievement Hunters apart from other paranormal reality shows.



    We still have more to shoot, but hope everyone is excited!

  • Altered Carbon

    8 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    The only down side so far is too often this image comes to mind when say the lead characters name...which is all the time.


  • Problem solved

    8 months ago


    Fixed my Shadow of War load time. I figured out that a small usb hub was slowing down the data transfer rate of my external HD. Fixed that and then stabbed a bunch of orcs in the face. 

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Girl's Night Out

    8 months ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    Hey there everybody!  For volume 3 of RWBY Chibi I had the opportunity to step into the dual role of Lighting AND Compositing, which in past volumes have generally been separated between our two Animation Post teams. Thankfully I've had the talents of Eric Tello and Alan Matthewman to work along with in our streamlined Chibi Post team, letting the three of us help make the show look better than ever along with the rest of the Chibi crew!

    With a fuller hand in bringing shots to the finish line, I thought it might be fun to detail the Post process in some of my favorite shots!  They'll be auto-resized on this journal, but you should be able to expand the images with a right click, open image in new tab.

    For the punchline of Episode 5: Girl's Night Out our Chibi Director Paula Decanini asked (half jokingly, I think) if I could get the girl's fiery handiwork to be a little reminiscent of the opening moments from The Crow.  Obviously our color palette is more cartoonishly vibrant, but it did help me get a sense of where to start on the look and flame effects.

    To walk it back a bit, we start with our script, this one written by the fantastic Tom Alvarado describing the shot as:

    The girls stand outside a nightclub as the building BURNS.
    They look at the flames with accomplishment.

    Next the animator (in this case, Chibi Lead Animator Ian Kedward) works up a drawn animatic timed to the character dialogue for the entire sequence including our shot in question.



    After going over the rough details of timing, staging, and action with the director, Ian will block out the shot and then animate it in full. In this particular instance there isn't a great deal of character animation going on since the comedy beat focus is on the burning building itself.  As such Ian going to be more concerned about camera framing and character placement:

    With that approved the shots finally move on over to Post for Lighting and Rendering. In many of the outdoor environments we have already set up simple, reusable lights in advance to get a good quick starting point approximating the sun/moon and some ambient light from the atmosphere. Vale has some of that in place for night from previous episodes, but it needs customization and thoughtful use for our shot specifics.

    Keeping in mind this shot AND the following (one which is at a reverse angle) I position the moonlight on the girl's backs and give it a cold, cyan/blue tint. That way there will be some light shaping on all the buildings that will also provide a color fill for the fire lights to come. In addition the contrasting blue light on the girls here will help them stand out later and establishes a logical reason to add a nice sharp rim light in the next shot, which will help them against the background there too!

    I test all of this together during lighting setup, but now that we're ready to render we'll produce the environment separately from the characters. In many instances this saves render computation time, since the backdrop won't move but the characters will. Generally speaking characters will render much quicker than the larger, more complex background, so saving time here is always a good step!


    Next up I'll add a bit of red/orange fill to the soon to be crispy buildings and the far city backdrop. This helps to pop the intended center of focus from the rest of the frame. In this case I'm doing this in both Post phases since I can set up rough light direction in Lighting and better fine tune the colors in Compositing.  The two steps intertwine with one another, and it's not uncommon to need to go back to lighting to make some subtle, needed tweaks now and again.

    It's also high time to add the girls back in now that we're Comping! As you can see they're present, but not very prominent at all with just the moon on their backs. We're well past ready to start heating this town up!

    I have a series of lights at key areas I'd like to be prominently emanating fire, mostly the front of the building and around the top.  The lights all blend with one another but I've actually got them in three separate layers so that they can flicker interdependently to keep things looking random and chaotic. We're still just rendering single frames for these backdrop elements, but in Compositing I'll be able to make those single frames simulate full motion along with the fire effects.

    The girls also finally get their fire rim light which really helps them stand out much better without being TOO attention hogging from the building itself!  Now that the street is picking up an orange tinted light bounce, their moonlit backs are also contrasting nicely as planned.

    Fire time! I started with the rim of the building to get our shape and fire look established.  Originally I was just going to have it on the balcony and a bit on the roof but Paula wanted me to go BIG so things spread from there to get some real property damage going!  The fire itself is mostly a particle effect I've created within After Effects using a few different techniques to get a cartoon flame moving at an appropriate speed. I also have a few hints of actual flame footage mixed in both for comedic effect and to help sell the look a little further.


    Backdraft!  Here's the part I was really preparing for; getting the interior ablaze!  Using masks for the windows and balcony I work in similar effects to the exterior which will go hand-in-hand with my flickering lights to really get things in sync. Next I add some thick, black smoke behind the blaze, and a subtle smoggy haze on the streets in front of the main building. I also enhance the girl's shadow for a little more contrast and to have it flicker unevenly to simulate the larger fire light source.  Lastly we have some subtle cinders floating around the building that will be much more prominent in the shot to follow!

    I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the lighting and rendering process for Girl's Night Out!  I'll try to do a few more of these as time goes on, since Chibi provides lots of fun new lighting challenges from time to time.


    8 months ago


    RTX Austin 2018 is COMIN’ IN HOT! 

    Did you know that tickets are now available for everyone? That includes you, my friend!

    Our Double Gold & FIRST members claimed all the Platinum and Weekend Plus badges, but we still have Weekend and Day passes available at early bird prices (no code necessary to purchase anymore!) which will end March 8th at 11:59 PM CST (so hurry and get yours, before prices go up!)

    This is the 8th RTX in Austin and every year gets better and better. We can’t wait to see old friends from past RTXes, and meet a whole bunch of new ones this year!

    So get your tickets, and we’ll see you August 3-5 in sunny (and probably very hot) Austin, TX!


  • Shadow of waiting

    8 months ago


     I’ve been playing shadow of war while on the treadmill, and today I had to close it and reboot the Xbox, so I was loading it from the home screen. Because I was on the treadmill, I had a timer going right in front of me and I noticed that from the home screen to actually being able to play the game it took five full minutes of loading. That’s pretty nuts. Anyone else experienced this?

  • Red Sparrow Is A Super Solid Espionage Movie!

    8 months ago



    Red Sparrow is really solid. It's the kind of made-for-adults slow burn espionage film that thrived in the '70s here in the US and pops up occasionally overseas. Paul Verhoeven's Black Book is the last movie I can remember evoking the very unique tone.

    Gone are the YA sensibilities you might expect from a reteam of Hunger Games director and star Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence (no relation) and in its place is a Cold War powder keg that is punctuated with moments of extreme violence and sexuality.

    Basically you have Jennifer Lawrence playing Dominika, a Russian Prima Ballerina whose creepy uncle enlists into the state's seductress spy program after she breaks her leg and thus becomes... not as graceful? I don't know how ballet works, but her life is pretty much over. Her passion was dancing and she worked towards being the best since she was a small child and now that's gone.

    Also gone is the money, nursing care for her sick mom and the housing provided by the ballerina company. She's desperate and agrees to use her beauty and former fame to help entrap an enemy of the state. Of course that goes violent very quickly and she's forced to choose death for her and her mother or enlisting to become a Sparrow. 

    She chooses option B.

    What I really liked about this movie was how delicately and intricately the intrigue was laid out. Dominka is smart, but always in danger. How much leverage does the State have over her? How many chess moves ahead is she at any given time? Who is she playing?

    That mystery is what makes or breaks a good espionage thriller and I think Francis Lawrence nailed it here. 


    The plot is less focused on solving the core mystery of figuring out who is the mole within the Russian hierarchy that is being protected by the US and more about how the hell Dominika is going to survive. She's not Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. She can't fight her way out of any situation. But she's far from weak, but she's not Wonder Woman. Her superpower lies in smarts and manipulation.

    There are a couple of moments in the movie where she's in life or death situations and has to fight and when those happen the violence is brutal, realistic and dangerous. A knife is scarier than a gun here and I love it when a movie can feel dangerous for its lead. 

    Lawrence gives it her all here and crafts a character that is strong because of her weaknesses. She's on a pretty hot streak at the moment. Love or hate mother! you have to admit that she gives a tour de force performance in it, despite what the dipshits that run the Razzies think. 

    She's using her fame to help interesting projects that would not get off the ground without her A-list power and that's something she should be commended for. I'm sure she's offered every rom-com script in Hollywood, but she's choosing weird instead.

    Red Sparrow isn't a movie designed to wow you with giant set pieces. It's built to pull you into a world and make you care about the leads. You'll try to figure out who's playing who and at what point and if you're anything like me you'll be a couple steps ahead of the movie at some points and then realize you're way behind at other points. 

    I dig this one a lot.

  • We Need Your Rooster Teeth Cocktail Recipes!

    8 months ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    As the holy day of St. Patrick approaches, we need your help in creating a catalogue of Rooster Teeth-inspired drink recipes. Send in your original Rooster Teeth drink recipes and we will bring your creations to life, gently persuading our coworkers into drinking and rating them. You may even see the Achievement Hunter crew drink your very own concoction. On St. Patrick’s Day, we will list our favorites on the site so we can all celebrate together.

    Here are some examples we’ve already come up with to get your creative juices flowing:

    The Burning Burns
      - 1 1/2 oz tequila
      - 1/2 oz lime juice
      - 1/2 oz triple sec
      - 1/2 oz simple syrup
      - 1/2 jalapeño pepper, sliced
      - 1 wedge lime
      - Kosher salt for rim
    People Like Grapes
      - 1 750 ml bottle of red wine
      - 2 cups red grapes
      - 1 sliced orange
      - 3-4 tbsp sugar
      - 1 cup sparkling club soda
    Comment on this post to share your recipes and join in the fun. Make it sweet, make it sour, make it downright disgusting. It’s all up to you. Bottoms up!

  • A Wrinkle in Time

    8 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    I need to re-read this book before the movie comes out because the only bit I remember concretely is the creepy kids in the cul-de-sac. Who else wants to read along and we can do a little live chat or something talking about it after?

    EDIT: Just saw it's on Audible too! So if you'd rather audio book it you can use our code for a free trial (disclosure! they're a sponsor on Glitch Please this week which is what made me think to look for it). Code to get a free audio book is

  • HypeD

    8 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    This has been a week of meetings and email that have me pretty pretty pretty excited. This is going to be a huge year at Rooster Teeth!! 

    I am so hyped. More to share very soon. 

    My Dad is also coming to Austin for the first time since we moved. So that's cool. 

    What are you fired up about right now?

  • RTX Austin: Go Ahead, Ask Us Anything!

    8 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Hi All,

    We did it once, and it was so fun we want to do it again. We want to hear from YOU! Ask us anything. Have questions about RTX? Ask us! Questions about badges? Ask us! Questions about sex? Ask a friend. 

    If you have a question please comment below. If someone else already asked your question, but you really want to know give it an upvote. Like the "cool" one. That one is my favorite.

    We are going to give you guys 1 week to post all of your questions and then on Thursday, March 8th at 5:00 PM we will do a Live AMA here on my page! During the week we will comb through your questions and update our FAQ. Then we will post the answers on the 8th as well as answer any new questions. IN REAL TIME! It is the future and we are so excited to make it awesome with all of you.

    It will all take place on my page, but answers will be coming from @Bethany, @Clarissa.Gonzalez, @nicolew, @shelbyengquist, and myself!


    Gossip Boi

    aka Patrick

    aka The Alabama Sidewinder

    aka Earl E. Bird

  • Holy Shit! Avengers: Infinity War Moved Up! You Can See It April 27th!!!

    8 months ago



    Well, well, well... Looks like we're all going to get to see Avengers: Infinity War earlier than expected! Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. teamed up to make the announcement on Twitter via a smart bit of cheeky PR. Check it out here

    It's such good news! It means we all get to see it earlier than expected and lets us have a chance to go back a couple of times before Deadpool 2 and Solo come out. It's quite possible that was the point of the move, to minimize the overlap between Infinity War's Box Office and Solo's and also don't forget that Deadpool is soon enough going to be welcomed into the Disney Marvel family, too.

    Excited yet? I'm excited. That's next month! I mean, it's still, like almost two months away, but technically this is March and it releases in April, so I'm still right! 

  • Tarantino Titles His Next Flick, Casts Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio

    8 months ago



    First of all, I know there's some controversy around this project and I myself am not all that interested in seeing a Manson Family-ish movie, but you know what I am interested in? Anything that Tarantino wants to do. If he wants to tell this story then he'll tell it in his way and that in and of itself is more interesting than 90% of other Tinseltown news. 

    He's calling the new project Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which automatically frames the new film in an epic light. Sergio Leone started the Once Upon A Time trend with Once Upon A Time In The West, which is just flat out great. Seek it out if you haven't seen it. It uses Widescreen unlike just about any other movie ever made. 

    Many years later Leone made Once Upon A Time In America, another fantastic film that gave the epic treatment to a whole new genre. It was more a Godfather-ish Italian Crime story. 

    Robert Rodriguez took that title trend and applied to a goofy action flick called Once Upon A Time In Mexico that is distinctly Rodriguez, even if it's nowhere near the same league as Leone's movies. 

    The point is Once Upon A Time In... has come to mean something to cinephiles. If you use that title you think epic story told in the unique style of its director and shot in wide-wide-widescreen. 

    So Tarantino using the title paints a picture already of his plans of doing a period '60s film set in Hollywood. Knowing his tastes I'd expect a long film overflowing with colorful, richly drawn characters.

    Two of those characters will be played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. DiCaprio will play Rick Dalton, former western TV star, and Pitt will be his stunt double, Cliff Booth. Both are trying to figure out their place in the world as they age out of the system they know. Also, Rick happens to live next door to Sharon Tate, the most famous victim of the Manson Family. 

    We know that Tarantino has approached Margot Robbie to play Sharon Tate, but we don't know if she's signed on yet. 

    Anyway, that's the news. Pitt and DiCaprio are onboard and the movie's called Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I personally can't wait to see how this one comes together. 


    8 months ago

    elliemainey Survivalist

    Hi all!

    Some of you might have seen the final Burnie VLOG that went up for First members a month ago. If you haven't you should check it out - Burnie takes us through a day in the life of a CCO and Founder of Rooster Teeth in a really personal and affecting way.

    The Vlog ends with a cover of Lenka's The Show, performed by me on the Burnie bus while he goes to pilot school (it was so awesome) and finishes out his day, and since we aired that I've been overwhelmed with the amount of support and love you all have thrown at me. Music and singing has been something that's super important to me, but something I haven't had the confidence to pursue. Your encouragement gave me the kick I needed to start playing more, join a band, record covers and start writing my own stuff. 

    I've put a few covers up on YouTube and Bandcamp, with the hope of raising some funds for a small home recording studio so I can put out better quality recordingssss! Check it out grin

    In order to say thank you for giving me the push to do this, I'd love to take some requests from this beautiful community!!! The next songs I record will be the top 5 modded (am I saying that right?) requests on this journal post! 

  • All y'all currently waiting on DMs and whatnot...

    8 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I've got nearly 100 messages so far in regards (to what I assume) are for RTX codes and other related questions. I'm making my way through them, but fear not, I will be responding to you!

    Please don't send in another separate message if you can, and if you have more information to give me, just respond to your initial message so it's all grouped together. :D

    Much love!


  • March - Girls

    8 months ago


    March - Girls

    It's already that time again! This month's playlist is called "Girls" and will hopefully be the only playlist in this experiment that breaks the (admittedly self imposed) 12-song rule. Unfortunately, the Girls just wouldn't play along, and despite weeks of attempts, I could only get this thing down to 15 songs. It started at 41, ballooned to over 60, and worked it's way back down slowly achingly.

    These aren't the 15 best girl songs ever made, or even tied to a genre really. These are just 15 songs from female bands, artists, or bands fronted by women, that I've been listening to a lot lately, and who I think are maybe not super known, but deserve to be heard. It's also been a tremendous source of inspiration, if I keep these playlists going past the this year. 2019 will be full of playlists like "about girls" and "lo-fi girls" etc etc. 

    So here it is. Hope you like it. I'll be back next month with a playlist a little more specific.

    March - Girls.

  • Sugar Pine 7 Content on FIRST

    8 months ago


    Hello friends! 

    For those of you with an eye on the Rooster Teeth website, you'll notice that today, an Alternative Lifestyle video went up for FIRST members only. If you’re wondering why that is, then you’ve come to the right post!

    Obviously there's been a lack of our content appearing on the Rooster Teeth website, whether that's our regular YouTube content or shows that were meant to be FIRST exclusives. This isn't fair to our viewers that watch on the Rooster Teeth site, and it's not fair to those of you who purchased a FIRST membership for us. This issue is on the forefront of our minds, as we appreciate you guys and we want all of you to feel like we care about your viewing experience. We especially are so thankful for those of you that spent money on directly supporting us with a FIRST membership. We're working hard on nailing down more resources and a schedule to help us create more content in a consistent manner.

    In the meantime, we're going to do something a little different with our regular YouTube content. The Alternative Lifestyle videos and podcasts (and any other random shit we decide to do, like music videos) will now go up a day early for Rooster Teeth FIRST members only. This gives you guys some of the promised exclusivity until we can get the ball consistently rolling on our other FIRST shows, like Bloopers and Let's Pine. The videos will be live to the public the next day, both on Rooster Teeth and YouTube, at the exact same time - so those of you who watch on Rooster Teeth will no longer be lagging behind on episodes.

    We want to express again how sincerely we appreciate all of you. You guys sticking with us through our growing pains is humbling, to say the least. Our goal is to give back to you tenfold, and we are actively working on making that a reality.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I'm most likely to respond on the Rooster Teeth site, but you can also try to reach me through Reddit or Twitter.

    love u bois and girls


    Psssst.... also....... if you check out our new YouTube banner, you may see mention of a new show we're starting next week that I'm super excited about. I think you guys will like it!