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  • Amazement Continues!

    1 day ago


    Now RWBY Season 5 is on the way and one of my favourite shows I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, Day 5, is coming back with a season 2! The trailer for it looked so good with new things that are brought up to question. I also recently just found out about RvB Amino! I am already well in it taking the quizes, talking to new people, and most importantly, discussing different ideas and *theories*. God, I love theories. But yeah, everything is going great!

  • Starting to Write

    2 days ago


    I Plan on writing a story.Never really have before. Still deciding if I'll make it into a comic or animation.I'm still going through character creation and a brief version very basic version of the story. I'm saying it here as I plan to post a link to it here when i actually start it. I feel people in this community might enjoy it.

  • Will Drake - Concept Art

    1 day ago

    ragusa33 Goose Master

    The main protagonist of my sci-fi anime project. This is close to being the final design. Sword may change though. 

    Drawing was sketched by hand, then colored & edited on Photoshop.


  • Doctor Who? What? Awesome!

    2 days ago


    Hello everyone!

    I don’t know if you heard the big announcement yesterday, but the next doctor for Doctor Who was revealed. If you have yet to see the little video that was released, here it is.

    So, being completely honest here, I have never watched Doctor Who. The main reason is that I don’t want to start a show without seeing everything that precedes where a show is now. And with Doctor Who, this means A LOT of watching. There were originally 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989, with 10 series since 2005. I could theoretically start with the newer adventures of the Time Lord (now Lady), as the producers/writers would have had to assume when they rebooted the show that many people were new and had to start from there…Right?

    Regardless of how much I would feel I have to catch up on, the fact the new doctor is a woman really makes me want to watch everything up to this point. In a world where equality on the basis of gender is still an issue (although not as much as 100 years ago), this seems like an honest-to-goodness turning point. A beloved television series has switched up the formula and cast a female in a traditional male role; this is beyond exciting! Sure, there are naysayers online, but one tweet summed it up best by saying “100% of people mad about the new Doctor Who had their laundry folded by their mom today” (@BrianGaar).

    How do you feel about who will be playing the 13th doctor? Are you like me and haven’t watched the show because of how daunting it would be to catch up? And if you are a fan, should I start from the very beginning, or since the show got rebooted?

    Now excuse me while I step into this blue police box to place a call,

    Steven P.

  • South Dakota Problems

    1 day ago

    the_kedrock replacing sleep with RT

    I am still struggling to find RT fans in SoDak.... this may be because I can't find any community groups or accounts for it..... my state kinda sucks

  • Bad reason for being offline

    1 day ago


    We had an internet outage here for a few days and I was finally able to get through to their customer service yesterday. My grandmother was a little late getting the check out to the mail, so I figured that it was either due to that or some sort of system issue. The rep who looked us up did confirm that it was a billing issue- they needed the numbers for her new credit card replacement she got a couple months ago as the old one had expired. My grandfather (who died three and a half years go) had two separate accounts, one for the house wifi and one for DSL back in the day so he could deal with multiple affiliation groups and whatnot. The checks were for the second account, and she hadn't ever realized that she'd been paying twice for internet since he passed.

    This is what happens when the person in a long-term relationship who handled all the bills dies.

    Thankfully, the discrepancy was cleared up and several hundred dollars are being refunded, but now we're realizing just how much my grandparents hadn't communicated on their habits, and that my mother and her brother now have some extra sleuthing to in figuring out if she's keeping up any other memberships that we didn't know about. I'm sad that this happened, but I'm also pissed because it means there's still more homework to be done and that means more emotional damage control to do with grandma when inevitably someone starts asking her questions she doesn't want to answer. Stubborn is an understatement.

    I just wish we had everything straight, but that might never happen. Also, I may or may not have yet another skin infection- this time from upstairs... turns out the blinds in her bedroom haven't been dusted in over a decade. That's just gross.

  • Will be gone for a week starting tonight!

    1 day ago


    Going to a camping, so. If anyone cared. I'll be missing a ton of shit.

  • An Alien Head-Bites into DEATH BATTLE!

    2 days ago


    Time for a DB Analyses. Today, we take a look at H.R. Giger's Masterpiece!

  • "Breach of Protocol?"

    20 hours ago


    Hello everyone!

    I consider myself very old-fashioned, so much so that I would trade in my car for a horse and write exclusively with feathers and ink. I also consider myself a monarchist*, which was hammered home all the more after watching ‘The Crown.’

    *However, to calm down you Americans, I totally agree that the colonies’ separation from Britain was necessary, as Britain was being very unreasonable in the latter half of the 18th century. You deserved representation if you were getting taxed! Dumping tea went a little too far, though. Tsk tsk...

    But, there are times that make me shake my head at how things are run in relation to the monarchy. Today (http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/20/europe/queen-elizabeth-canada-governor-general/index.html) was one of those times, as our Governor General (the Queen’s representative in Canada) had the AUDACITY to touch her, helping her down the steps from Canada House in London. In the immortal words of Gavin Free, “Um…wot?”

    Royal watchers think this is pure blasphemy; really? She is 91 years old (so she may have needed help down), and there is no actual rule that he cannot touch her. Now, just because a Canadian did a very Canadian thing, he is coming under fire from the country who gave Canada birth! This seems to be the equivalent of a toddler getting their hand smacked for cleaning up a mess. It makes no sense; he was helping her!

    Maybe she had no problem with it…


    Never mind; her eyes seem to be saying “What the bloody hell is he doing?”

    What do you think? Was this “offence” something that should be taken very seriously, or is the hullabaloo complete poppycock? Are you a fan of the monarchy, or would you want as much distance between you and Britain as possible? And how adorable is Princess Charlotte?

    God save the Queen God help the Queen down the stairs,

    Steven P.

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