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    Because DynaMike wasn't available.

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    SydneyBitters FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Hi everyone! My names Sydney!  I enjoy anything Rooster Teeth, obviously otherwise I wouldn't be here. My dream is to work for Rooster Teeth as a Video editor/Writer/Actress.  I know it's a thing that's said a lot, but here's my reason.  

    Rooster Teeth has brought so much joy to my life, I was in a dark place for a long time.  It really wasn't until my friend showed me a Rage Quit video that I found something funny and cool.  I've been a fan of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth for almost 8 years.

    I used to be very shy and couldn't manage to speak well with people.  To be honest I still think I have trouble talking with people.  After seeing Rooster Teeth, I decided to try Theater.  By my Junior year in high school, my school offered Theater.  I stayed in Theater for the rest of my years in high school.  I was grateful to be cast in Everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten and Little Shop of Horrors as small parts, but large singing parts.  During my Senior Year I was going to play my first lead in Proof, this would have been my first non musical role.  Unfortunately my school couldn't get the budget for the show and so we couldn't put in the show.  I did help with building the sets for the four shows we could perform, as well as being House Manager for one of them.

    After high school, I tried to audition for different places for 3 years as my work allowed.  I couldn't land anything.  I decided to go into collage for Theater and helped for a couple performances.  I also took a Voice class to bring my voice back after 3 years of not using it.  Before this I had been in my school Choir for 4 years as a Soprano and had many solos.  I was very fortunate during this year to be able to perform at Cine Con in Las Vegas, with my voice group.

    Now I don't have the finances to continue school, so my friend and I work on our video game channel THOTSI (Two Halves of The Same Idiot).  We play games in spit controls and see how far we get.  I am also the primary editor of our channel.  We would love to one day play against Achievement Hunter!  Who knows?  We might win and gain some awesome friends or we could lose and still get some cool friends.  I also do a lot of writing, I only show my Fanfic's on Wattpad under the name NobodyXidel.  I have a couple of original stories, that I'm uncertain when they will ever surface.

    Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter has given me so much joy and inspiration in the years that I've known them.  My dream has always been to make others feel something from my stories and performances.  Rooster Teeth has been doing this for me for many years.  I would love nothing more than to help them to continue bring everyone laughter and joy! 

    Thanks for Reading!

  • One more reminder

    2 days ago

    Epitaph Tonight at 11:00 DOOOOOM

    Just one more reminder about Game night.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/rdQv3Y

    Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mightynumberb

    Somehow Mighty was added to my twitch handle.

  • Update for the Week of 10/15/17

    12 hours ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Meetups and Events


    Day 5 Season 2 Watch Party

    This Saturday Oct. 21st we'll be having our Day 5 Season 2 watch party host on Rabb.it and in our discord server. We'll start around 11am so we should finish around 3:30pm. Feel free to stop by or join in at anytime.

    Image result for extralife logo

    ExtraLife 2017

    ExtraLife is coming up soon, November 4th. We'll likely be streaming for a full 25 hours. Games will mostly be kept to large online multiplayer game that many people can play so we can have the most involvement. Also we're still looking for additional locations to host the stream so there is not really a single everyone can fit into. If you have location available and are interested in hosting please let us know by filling out this form. https://goo.gl/forms/jZjbcw02zMDajkoi2  And if you have any questions head over to our exrtalife channel on our Discord Server.

    Holiday Party ?

    Last week we mentioned the possibility of doing a holiday party at the Blarney Stone, just like NYCC, on Saturday December 9th. Now while we've seen a lot a interest we still need more in order to make this happen. So please if you are interested let us know via this Facebook Poll ASAP or if you're not part of the facebook group post in the comment below. 

    Game Nights


    Star Wars BattleFront II (Classic, 2005) 10/17 8pm

    The servers for the original Star Wars BattleFront II were recently brought back online. The game also  supports up to 64 players and since it is a rather old game most PCs today can easily run it. So we felt this would be a perfect game for game night and maybe get people excited for the new BattleFront II next month.


    Halo 5 10/19 8pm

    This Thursday we'll be jumping into some Halo 5. Halo 5 offers a large variety of game modes and things to do from Slayer and FireFight, all the way crazy customs and mini games thanks to Forge. Add GRat Finn or Evil Angel2020 and let us know if you'd like to join.


    Just a small remind we still have our crossplay Minecraft Realm up and running. If you'd like to join add GRat Finn on XBL and let him know.


    For those who don't know RTNY MVP is a program where we spotlight community members who go above and beyond in there contributions to making this group such a great place. Winners get a few perks like bragging rights and even some prizes. For all the details head over to the forum thread and if you know someone who you feel fits this description please nominate them.

    Video of the Week

    Check out this week's video of the week and let us know if you have a cool/funny video you'd like to share if may just get featured next week.

    Twitch Channel  | Youtube Channel | Mixer Page

    RTNY Discord Server

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    XBox Club Page


  • A looong time away

    17 hours ago


    It’s been a long time since I’ve made an appearance. Life gets busy, and the busy get moving. But I’m back! 

    I’ve changed my handle to reflect my Enforcer and most commonly known handle now.

    I guess a bit of an update. RTX Austin was my first ever convention that I was a volunteer for, and now I’ve got such a huge repertoire, I owe so much thanks for RT and for the Managers of RTX Austin for where I’m at now. 

    I now am a Stage Manager at PAX Australia.

    The Front of House Manager at OzComicCon Melbourne

    Aaaand an unknown position at RTX Sydney!

    Hopefully I will see everyone I love and have missed really soon!

  • RWBY VOLUME 5!!!!

    1 day ago

    BloodCal-Cal7 Im Callam Hi

    OMFG!!! That episode was amazing! Can't wait for more shit to hit the fan like last season!

  • 펄안마안내 ♨OlO〃3ö4ö〃8831♨ 서비스좋은곳☜ 미소실장❣ 펄안마방 펄마사지 펄안마가격 펄안마안내 펄안마위치 펄안마추천 펄안마 펄안마예약 펄안마문의

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    펄안마안내 ♨OlO〃3ö4ö〃8831♨ 서비스좋은곳☜ 미소실장❣ 펄안마방 펄마사지 펄안마가격 펄안마안내 펄안마위치 펄안마추천 펄안마 펄안마예약 펄안마문의펄안마안내 ♨OlO〃3ö4ö〃8831♨ 서비스좋은곳☜ 미소실장❣ 펄안마방 펄마사지 펄안마가격 펄안마안내 펄안마위치 펄안마추천 펄안마 펄안마예약 펄안마문의펄안마안내 ♨OlO〃3ö4ö〃8831♨ 서비스좋은곳☜ 미소실장❣ 펄안마방 펄마사지 펄안마가격 펄안마안내 펄안마위치 펄안마추천 펄안마 펄안마예약 펄안마문의

  • 서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지

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    서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지서초출장안마 (0I0ㆍ2823ㆍ6026) ❤20대서비스❤ 【후불제】 서초역안마 서초출장후기 서초안마 서초출장샵 서초출장마사지 서초마사지

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