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  • June Meet-Up and News!

    1 day ago


    Happy Saturday everyone! 

    I know I said I would get this info out last week but unfortunately I had a family emergency that prevented that so my apologies, however that is over and we are ready to get started! 

    First off I would like to announce that we will be holding events every 2nd month while we are starting back out. The first being on Saturday June 24, 2017; Venue TBD (will depend on about of interest.) The following events will be held on the nearest Saturday to Community Day (15th of the month) Something will be posted in advance of each meet-up to confirm the date, time, location and activity. Any questions can be asked in the comments of the post, via direct message to @DanniCheri or on twitter 

    Second, we have a new Admin joining us, @peachesndahlia AKA Hayley. She is still being set up and is new to this so please be patient! Hayley is an old friend of mine and will be helping with Edmonton events.

    And finally that brings us to talking about our June 24th meet-up! Please see the poll on our twitter, if for some reason you are unable to respond there please respond with your interest (yes, maybe depending on venue/time, or no) in the comments below. This is for me to see how many people are interested so we can plan an appropriate meet-up location and make a reservation if necessary. Please respond to the poll if you are in the Edmonton area. Possible venues include West Edmonton Mall Mini golf and dinner, Table Top Cafe, Pokemon Go hunting at the Legislature, ect.

    If you have any questions, concerns or comments feel free to DM @DanniCheri, or leave a comment on this post

  • Imma be trippin'

    1 day ago


    Event ticket: purchased

    Hotel room: reserved

    Flights: scheduled

    Watch out, RTX, I'm about to be all up in you.

  • Adjusting to new living conditions.

    3 hours ago

    ChurchFTW345 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Alright, it has been a while since I wrote. Here is a brief update! I got a new job... In Sweden. WOW. That was unexpected. Downsides, I missed LPL by about two days. The timing sucked. EVEN WORSE! I will be flying to Texas in July roughly 2 days AFTER RTX. I can not win. No matter how much I wan't to attend an event I really can't. Is it a lot to ask to meet the RT, AH, FH crews? Like... Really??? I've only watched them since '06. I'm honestly a little annoyed. Anyway, my new job is cyber security, and TSCM consulting. So I guess a level higher than I was looking, but I'm ok with that. It is the dream job after all. I slightly miss America for family and friends. Also knowing where and how to read everything was great. But my Swedish is improving very well. Hopefully I can do well here and travel! that would be ideal. I'm going to sign off for now, Have to see about how to make RTX work, maybe. Later team!

  • Unity

    17 hours ago

    OddBall97 I just want to make frie

    I want to make friends.

  • Momocon

    1 day ago


    i meet a fellow fan at momocon in Atlanta on Sat night he said is name was Jared? its Crystal it would be nice to talk more.sorry we didn't get around to exchanging contact info. not sure how else to find u

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