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  • RT Radio Thursday: Week 95

    19 hours ago


    We just wrapped our last thursday show of the month. Thank you all for joining us tonight! The playlists of tonight's show can be found here:



  • g1 Gamedays (April 29-30)

    15 hours ago



    Shh.... I know we're late.

    Gang Beasts (PC) - Saturday - Apr. 29th at 9pm EST

    What: Gang Beasts (PC)

    When: Saturday, January, 29th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@JohnnyLChase

    How to Join: Contact @JohnnyLChase or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    WWE 2k?? (XB1) - Sunday - Apr. 30th at 6pm EST

    What: WWE 2kSomething (XB1)

    When: Saturday, January, 30th at 6pm EST

    Who is Running It@A_red_robe

    How to Join: Contact @A_Red_robe or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Notes: This sunday is another PPV, so instead of a normal gameday. We are having a WWE pre-show stream and gameday. Play and watch 

  • Jokes

    17 hours ago

    SamWaldo RTMI Admin + RTX Guardia

    "How is a hillbilly divorce like a tornado?

    No matter what, you lose the trailer!"

    -Brought to you by my dad. Your Welcome.

  • Bill Nye

    2 days ago


    If anyone ever tells me that Bill Nye is either a scientist, an intellectual, a science supporter, or a respectable man as opposed to an attention seeking charlatan/whore and vapid moron....

    I will show you this pic and claim you're delusional.

    Fuck you Bill Nye.

  • Oh hey girrrl

    3 hours ago

    scheree Artist

    Life update journal because I promised that like forever ago and NOW I'M HERE. It's been so long. I don't remember when I last posted about life and something that wasn't art related.

    How are you guys? I'm going pretty good. Been busy making comics and animations, commissions, hitting up conventions and working part time at my awesome game studio day job (still can't believe it's real). Home life kind of isn't great but I think I'm just over living in a share house and dealing with my housemates. So many toxic issues. I want my only place with my own internet where no one can suck up the entire download speed or leave dirty dishes in the sink for weeks on end. 

    I stayed in an awesome apartment last weekend for a convention and whoa I've long since forgotten that a home can be actually be warm and not require you to wear 3 layers. And it ain't even proper winter yet. 

    Trying to figure out what I'm allowed to do with work in terms of supplemental income. I want to maybe start a patreon for behind the scenes stuff for longer projects that I don't post about (comics and animations/videos). It's a slight gray area for the day job because I'm part time. At least I'm permanent now. No more stress about being sick and not being able to pay the rent. Yay for sick leave. Speaking of which finding a good doctor is hard. Last two I saw were some old guys who's response to my problems where 'that happens, it's a women thing'. Nope nope totally unacceptable. I'm not gonna share medical things but that's just not right. 

    What else has been happening. I will not be at RTX in Austin this year (awww) because of money (double awwwwww) but I did however, at the end of last year ish sometime apply for some stuff to get a green card to move over to the US which I find out about real soon. I'm kind of in a weird state right now about it because I find about it so soon. Like I've wanted to do this for so long but at the same time my life has literally stabilised for the first time in several years so I've got some weird buyers remorse thing going on of do I want to leave stability and still want this. I know deep down it's still a big fat yes I do but at the same time I'm an anxious ball of putty. Starting over is scary and it's been so long since I've seen and talked to so many of you guys and I know it's on me but like I don't want to bother people so I don't talk. It's some messed up social anxiety going on, same thing that stops me from replying to people on twitter. Write a tweet and never hit send. This is what happens when you're a hermit for way to long. I need positive people. And hugs and waaaaaaay more frequently than the maybe one a week I currently get.

    Why am I being such a downer. What's something nice that's happening scheree. Nice and happy. Well if the green card thing does go ahead I should know by the end of the year if I'm approved all good and proper to move. What else, what else. I started collecting pins. Oh gosh I fell down that rabbit hole. Break one collecting habit, start another. Got into D&D good and proper over the last year. Got no one to play with though so I suck up whatever shows I can get my hands on. Critical Role over on Geek & Sundry is by far my favourite. I want to try tell a story/comic using dice roles to determine stuff one day. Not today though. Got too many of my own projects on my plate.

    I got an Xbox One back at christmas time. I love it. Played Dragon Age Inquisition all the way through. Good fun that. Debating on it I want to get a Switch which I pretty much just want for Breath of the Wild. And mobile Stardew Valley. Oh man how I do love Stardew Valley. Good game to play while listening to podcasts and when I just need to unwind.

    Started streaming to twitch which is the most awesome thing ever. I've been wanting to switch over to them for years and it's just never worked on my internet connections and now suddenly it does. I don't know if it was them supporting terrible internet or my ISP but I'm not gonna question it. Got to stream as part of RT World for Rooster Teeth's anniversary which was pretty amazing. 

    Oh man it's after midnight and I can't type straight anymore. so many spelling errors, help me auto correct. Time to go to bed I think. I've got some art to post but that might come tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams friends. I miss y'all so very much <3

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Shabani is a male Western Lowland gorilla born at the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands, and raised in Australia, he currently resides at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan. He is considered, and stay with me on this, the worlds sexiest gorilla.

    He gained fame in 2015 due to being considered handsome, sexy, photogenic and metrosexual. His residence caused a notable increase in younger female attendance at his zoo, due to their finding him attractive.

    I am depressed by the fact a gorilla is more attractive than I am...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabani_(gorilla)


  • Introduction Post?

    1 day ago


    I've had this account for 3 years now and I haven't posted a single thing to it. I am not the best when it comes to Journals but I'm going to try to start using this site a lot more.

    So I should try to introduce myself and some of the things I've done in the community right?

    well I've been to RTX Australia 2016 and RTX Sydney 2017, I was a general attendee at the first one and a Guardian at the second. Two of my friends and I also had a media pass for this year and had the opportunity to interview Miles, Josh, Jeremy, Michael and Elyse. I personally interviewed Miles and had an amazing time doing so. Here is a link to the interview if you are interested: 

    Other than that, I'm very active in the Roo Teeth community especially on the gaming side. They're all an amazing bunch of people and I'm glad to know them all!

    I hope to use this site a lot more once I figure out what I actually want to write in these journals!
    Hope we can all be friends <3

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