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  • Logan Design

    1 day ago

    dontdoit96 Sponsor-tacular

    I watched Logan a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I don't know why it took me so long to think to make this.


    Redbubble link here!

  • Making Friends is Hard...

    13 hours ago


    I find myself constantly wanting to make friends with people online. Whether it's on here or on Twitter or Tumblr, I just can't gather the courage to message someone, and it sucks. I wish I wasn't so self-conscious about the way that I might come across in a message. I feel like I'm even more awkward (if not more so) talking to people online vs. talking to someone in person. That's so strange, isn't it?

  • Weekly Update for 3-20-17

    1 day ago

    TyrianRogue FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold
    Group Updates

    Critical Halfwits "Movie Night": A movie night, or show watching afternoon in this case, is in the works for a sunday in the future.  We'll be watching Heroes and Halfwits to start. More details to come! 

    Tales Of adventure

    Dice, Camera, Action! -Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm (PST), available next day on youtube.

    Critical Role - Thursday at 7PM (PST), also streamed on Project Alpha (paid subscription site, enhanced stats) with VOD available next Monday 3/13 at Geek and Sundry

    Heroes & Halfwits: Comes out on Tuesdays.

    The Adventure Zone - Updates this Thursday.

    Thrilling Intent: Comes out on Tuesdays,  “Thrilling Intent is equal parts D&D, Pathfinder, and House Ruling. It's sort of a podcast type of thing”

    What has happened since the last adventure

    D&D Beyond: Has now launched!  It currently an online compendium; future features will be rolled out to include a character builder and homebrew support.  It seems pretty helpful for a quick lookup of rules so far.

    Unearthed Arcana: Two new Wizard schools have been brought to light!  Theurgy and War Magic are now able to be playtested.  If you've wanted your wizard to be a master of deflection or have a more religious connotation, check it out.  Theurgy's sparked quite a bit of debate on the discord server already; what do the rest of you think?

    Upcoming Potential Encounters

    Gary Con : Mar 23 - 26 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  One of the conventions Wizards will be going to.

    Wondercon : Mar 31 - Apr 2 in Anaheim, California.  April 1st Special Live edition of Talks Machina and Critical Role will be occurring there

    International Tabletop Day-  Apr 29th.  Grab some friends, try a local game shop or play online!

    Origins Game Fair : Jun 14-18 in Columbus, Ohio.  ONe of the conventions Wizards will be going to.

    Gen Con: Aug 17-20 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  One of the largest Tabletop gaming conventions.  The Critical Role Campaign Setting will be available to buy here first.

    Pax West : Sep 1-4 in Seattle, Washington.  One of the conventions Wizards will be going to

    Hascon: Sep 9-10.  One of the conventions Wizards will be going to

    Gamehole Con: Nov 2-5.  One of the conventions Wizards will be going to.

    Weekly Spotlighted Monster

    This week's spotlighted monster is the Invisible Stalker.  This creature is summoned for an explicit purpose: to kill someone or fetch its summoner an item.  It is tireless in fulfilling its task, though is very resentful at doing so.  As it's name implies, it cannot be seen normally so the poor target won't know what hit them until it's too late!


    Please let me know if you think there is a way this weekly update to improve.  Also let me know if there is any piece of news I miss or you think should be added to this..  If there is an awesome tabletop rpg show, game, stream, podcast or something else (doesn't have to be 5E) that you want to let people know about that has an episode coming up let me know and it will get added for that week.  Just email those comments to [email protected]

  • Revenge is bitter... (I think it is fully edited! hopefully...haha)

    1 day ago

    LinkAndConnect The One Who Write's

    Thanks Username13 for giving me lots of feed back. Hopefully I've gotten all the edits done lol anyways enjoy my synopsis poem I'll try and create a second one which will describe the other half of my story.

    Immortal beings, similar to the gods.

    Parents become cowards

    And thus set the clock to stand still in the near future,

    Leading to a land forgotten by the earth

    Except for the legend behind it.

    To let time begin moving forward.

    The land rises from the ground

    And people once dead rise once more,

    Not as zombies, but as flesh and blood

    They are human once more.


    Immortal beings come to this forgotten land

    To try and get their brother back to normal,

    But cowards the parents were, thus the brother remains broken,

    Lifeless, except for the small bit of breathing he does.

    And maybe occasionally his eyes will open

    But only for a brief amount of time,

    He just lies still, not knowing how to fix himself.


    Try as they must, the immortal beings are at

    The end of their ropes,

    Nothing has worked.

    Magic, talking,

    Nothing they do will work.

    Soon they realize something,


    “Why not do terrible things?

    If we do terrible things our brother may appear,

    Just like before. He doesn’t have to be normal, we shouldn’t expect him

    To be normal, he just has to move around….

    He just has to have some will to live.

    Even if he hates us,

    We just want him to live.”


    So the immortal beings set out

    To bring back their brother,

    To some form of normalcy.

    As they raise the forgotten land

    And its people, they divide it into

    Six equal parts.


    The first four parts was left for

    The immortal beings,

    These four parts would be the areas for their plan.

    Each of the four immortal beings

    Would have a different challenge for

    Others to complete.


    Gladiators with Magic

    Find their weapons.

    They battle like the old,

    But due to magic it becomes new,

    Especially thanks to science.

    Though they seem separate

    They are one and the same.

    The only difference is

    One always has an explanation

    While the other one

    Will forever have very few.



    Simple it is, survive

    In a climate different than your own.

    You can never be sure

    How long you’ll be gone.

    It becomes scarier and scarier

    The more climates you go to

    The more Time passes quickly and thus once

    Back to bed, you are much wiser

    And older than before.

    One day you may wake up an old man

    With Only a week passing by

    Old or young you never know

    Just how long these different

    climates will change you.

    Personality? Or body?

    Which will change first?

    What type of person will you become?

    How much of you from the

    Beginning will still be you….?


    Killing another team

    Or at least one member

    Of another’s team.

    A time limit is said and

    Until the time is up

    Each team has a chance to win.

    Even if one or more are dead.

    If the clock isn’t zero

    A chance of luck may

    Appear before you.

    Will it be a weapon?

    Will it be your skill?

    Maybe it will be suicide?

    Who knows…? Because anything can happen,

    Since the possibilities

    Are and have always been endless.



    Bends and twists the mind

    Or maybe solves a puzzle.

    This challenge

    Will never be the same.

    Don’t try and make it sane.

    It tests the mind, it tests the heart.

    But even then the answers,

    Don’t really matter.

    Because let’s face it,

    This is just for fun until

    The time is right.

    Until the brother is back to



    These are the challenges set by

    The immortal beings. 

    The other two areas would be the living quarters.

    One for the challengers, the other

    For them.







    Killers from long ago,

    Where able to redeem themselves

    Thanks to their brother.

    But Cowards his parents were,

    They feared the kind boy’s power

    And destroyed his poor mind.

    Since this was done The clock stands still,

    And the domes begin to fall.

    All over time and space

    These domes fall sucking people into the forgotten land.


    Revenge is bitter that much is true,

    But what happens when you like

    Bitter things?

    What happens when you make a good person go bad?

    The result is simple,

    People and aliens from

    Different time periods fight amongst one another.


    Some are important, others aren’t.

    If they aren’t too important they get replaced by another,

    If they are important then history changes.

    Time is a mysterious thing,

    Humans will never stop finding an answer for time.

    No matter how much they fail.


    Cowardly parents watch on

    As the siblings your son cared for,

    Destroy time and make it anew.

    Watch at what your cowardice has done

    To your son and to the once

    Redeemed siblings.


    Watch the very world you

    Tried to protect, crumble before your

    Old, old eyes.

  • 25 years

    1 day ago


    it's my birthday today

  • Back from the grave

    9 hours ago


    So I've been gone for a while. I don't really know why I think in part school got in the way but since this week is First Week I got really into AH again and decided "Screw it its time I dived in again."

    That being said I still need to get to know some of the people here and try to make some friends with all of you so if anyone feels like talking hit me up.

  • Activity

    23 hours ago


    I think watching rooster teeth content only on youtude is about to stop.  

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