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    2 days ago


    I saw a cat for the first time since my own cat was put down in august. It as from my dorm which looks out onto a parking lot and like most nights when I wake up in the middle of the night to take my medication, I saw something strange outside of my window which tonight happened to be the cat instead of a cop sleeping in his patrol car like it usually is. I really miss cats and having a cat even though they're assholes. I want a cat so badly now.....

  • I'm finally moved into my new apartment!

    1 day ago


    Well, except for the big furniture, but the new landlord for the old place will bring those over at the beginning of August.

    The first night gave me a couple of sounds for a layout of the area, like cats threatening each other and an early bird that needed to be shot. There was also a fly that had somehow gotten in, but I finally managed to slaughter it on the window earlier today. 

    I also got shower curtains, so now after ~8 months of no real showers (last place just had a lousy tub) I can shower to my heart's content!

  • The Finale of Red vs Blue Season 16: The Shisno Paradox Happened (The Journal is Spoiler Free)

    13 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    I've been doing a lot of ranting.  

    You can read the more interesting bits here.


    This was a great season in my opinion and the finale did have a lot to do with that.

    Go watch it or catch up so you can watch it next week.

    It is amazing.

    Thanks to the entire team.

    I'm off to go see if I can watch this episode as many times as I watched the premier.


  • .......

    2 days ago


    so thanks to the podcast tonight i now have a ticket for the showing of RWBY at the alamo draft house in yonkers..... i don't know if i regret buying it yet because it was a spur of the moment thing but hey it'll be fun i hope...

  • Time to start saving for the Summer Waifus!

    1 day ago


    The FGO Summer event for NA has been officially announced!

    The release date for the event is 07/26, which is next Thursday.  Which is great because I get paid on Friday, so good timing.  And with the 1/2 AP quest, I can start grinding more materials that won't be in the store... which is actually very few, when you think about it.

    Also, on the AniplexUS Youtube channel, they have the NP animations for the first five summer servants (Yes, Assassins Scatach counts).  And Lancer Tamamo's looks especially painful.

  • It’s my 30th birthday

    1 day ago


    Growing old is mandatory.

    Growing up is optional. 

  • A whole year...

    16 hours ago


    Man I have been neglecting this beautiful site and all it's glory. Don't get me wrong I still listen to the podcasts, although not many of the videos. It's been a manic year!

    So I shall begin where I left off. I GOT THE JOB for the awesome post house I interviewed for. I have now been there over a year now and what a year. I have learnt so much and finally at the ripe age of 29 figured out what it is I want to do. I want to be a colourist!

    What is a colourist you ask? Well everything you see on TV/Film has gone through a colour grading process, whether it's just a quick grade in the online or a more involved dedicated colour grading session, which all films do, if they don't then they are fools!

    I have now been working in the DI/grading department as a tech op working on massive shows like, Alienist, The Crown, Annihilation, Isle of Dogs, Killing Eve etc etc. It's amazing to actually be involved in shows people have heard of!

    I'm not even grading some short films myself, one of which is being entered into a film festival! So hopefully get some exposure and climb that ladder to become a colourist!

    Everything else, well kind of fallen to the wayside...I haven't been active in the RT community, I just suck as getting involved and making friends...but I shall keep trying, if not I shall keep posting in this lonely corner of the internet as it's quite a nice outlet for me.

    Hopefully when some of my shorts get delivered I can post them here!

    Update complete, do you want to know more?

  • so kids, don't do drugs.....or get drugged

    2 days ago


    my roommate confirmed that for the 2nd time this week i have fallen asleep without realizing it while doing something, this time i was doing an art project. i swear my roommate thinks I'm crazy because i keep asking her what i did last night.

  • .....

    2 days ago


    things i need to stop doing ASAP: Skype past 11:30 and not leaving my dorm all day during the weekend.

  • Update on Moon Hunter

    7 hours ago

    DodongoDuster Maethori

    Well, I finally got the rear tire off and the axle out safe, so tomorrow I'll have to inspect the bearings and see which seem adequate to be put back in and run, and which have to be replaced. Hopefully it'll just be the one needle bearing and some oil seals, which I may be able to afford, depending on shipping, but otherwise there is no real hope of getting her back on the road this season. I've been starting her up so she can keep lubricated, but I pulled the rear exhaust today to get the axle bolt out, so no more of that till its done. Jeebus Frakkin Cristo, I hope it's just the one bearing.

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