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    1 day ago

    PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time

    OK, full disclosure. I've got OCA Albinism (I'm using the OCA acronym because I can't freaking spell the unabbreviated version!), which is why one of the main characters of the project I'm working on also has it.  

    There are shockingly few depictions of people with my condition in media where they're portrayed as basically like other people but face a few additional challenges.  The most common depiction of people like me is as villains (and hilariously as snipers for some reason.  I can't even drive a car, let alone blow somebody's head off from a mile away).  You could argue that would make him a Mary Sue or a self-insert but that's getting off the point.  He mostly exists because I want there to be at least one character like me out there who's portrayed as an actual human being, even if it's only a character that came from me.  

    During my time at uni most of the staff were fine with me and treated me like any other student; they were also prepared to make the few accommodations for me that I asked for.  I tend to not like asking for help because every time I do it feels like a failure on my part, and also because people, as well meaning as most of them are, usually tend to react with pity, which is something I definitely do not want!  Most of the time I don't even think of myself as disabled.  But realistically I know I've got to swallow my pride sometimes and admit I need a bit more help with things than other people do.  In the case of university lectures it was usually a case of asking for space at the front of the lecture room be reserved for me, emailing me copies of OHP slides and other course materials, try to stick to typed out slides instead of hand-writen ones because I really struggle with reading handwritten text, stuff like that.  Not huge things, but they were things that could make a big difference.  

    Like I said most lecturers were fine with these requests, but there was one who was a complete arsehole.  I'd ask him to reserve me a place at the front but his response was that if I wanted a place at the front then it was up to me to get there before everybody else, ignoring the fact that I had another lecture immediately before his whilst other students may have had a free hour, meaning I couldn't turn up before them.  I asked him to email me copies of the projector slides and other stuff and he said no, his time was too important and he couldn't waste it on a single student when he had entire classes of students to contend with.  When I pointed out that I had educational needs that most other students didn't his response was that if that was the case then I had no business being in university.  

    In retrospect I should have lodged a formal complaint against him because he was obviously discriminating against me in a way that's actually not only completely unprofessional not to mention horrifically unfair, but also illegal.  I never did though because I wasn't very good at standing up for myself, and I guess I was still pretty screwed up with experiences from high school bullying (from other students, not teachers).  

    I'd like to write Reese having to deal with something like this too, because as I know from first hand experience this is a thing that happens to people in university sometimes (plus it's an opportunity to get some belated catharsis by having the fictional a-hole get what's coming to him!), but I'd also like to turn the drama up a bit and make the fictional version a lot more nasty than what I actually contended with.  With that in mind I started googling for other stories about disabled students having to deal with bad stuff in academia so that I could get a feel for what would a reasonable level to take it to without going overboard.  

    It made for really depressing reading, I can tell you.  The stories from African nations like Tanzania were especially heartbreaking, where kids like me basically get hacked to death so their body parts can be used to make witchdoctor potions.  I was planning on trying to work out a rough outline over the weekend regarding a discrimination plotline, but I feel like I'm probably going to spend it staring at the wall and wishing people didn't suck so much instead.  Maybe I should just not touch on stuff like that and instead just stick to something goofy and light-hearted.  Also, I try not to let myself think that people suck so much, but sometimes it's really really hard.  

  • Maybe a thing?

    15 hours ago



    Sure is pretty.

    Deadly, but pretty.

  • Destiny 2 Beta (Review i guess)

    18 hours ago


    I myself have put in almost two thousand hours since the launch of Vanilla Destiny. I feel I've made some of my greatest friends online while playing Destiny, @Fly and a couple of us started a small clan called "Team RockBurn", check it out if you want.

    So here's what I think of the D2 Beta thus far. To start, a lot of people missed that the beta is from an old build of the game, and Bungie has said they've already made adjustments to certain areas, so keep that in mind. I think everything so far is an improvement in some way.

    PvP:  It feels so much better to me now, a few weapon balances are to be expected here and there. The slow recharge of abilities I know is a big one for a lot of people, but personally my only problem is the grenade timer, 2-4 seconds faster would probably be the only change to the abilities for me. Time To Kill (TTK), this is a very nice change, slower TTK means more time to think, more time to strategize, and in some cases make a run for it. With TTK Guardians have chance to play skill based games, if someone gets the first shot in now you have more time to show your skill (or lack there of) and get in those crispy head shots the other guy can't land. Movement speed has been reduced as some may have realized, smaller maps, smaller fireteams, it's not a bad thing, moving on. I haven't played Countdown but this is what I think about Control. The changes made to the Control game type feel good, not needing to capture the first point makes the game feel faster right from the start, and the smaller maps keep the game feeling the same way throughout the match. simplified scoring is just that, simple and easy to understand, just how it should be, not two team scores that look like 698765456789098765432 this on your screen. Power weapons feel like power weapons from the early Halo days, you get ammo before the other team you are going to get kills unless they out smart you, this is a good thing. Any adjustments made to this if at all, I imagine would be minimal. Well that pretty much some up my felling on PVP. 

    PvE:  Quick note; Some thought that the TTK felt too long on ads, while I personally didn't think it was too bad, something came to my attention, in both the story mission and strike the recommended light level is 210, everyone is light level 200 meaning we are technically under leveled for these missions, so while TTK may have felt too long this may have been the reason it felt like that. Ability recharge again, *sigh* ok here I have to admit things could probably be bumped up a bit, missing that feeling of being a badass ninja space warrior. Now then, the story mission was fun save the fact I'd seen it about ten times already, the scale of it was something we only really got to experience through cut-scenes in D1. Also seeing NPC's during missions is something I have wanted since D1 came out, very cool and immersive choice. If this continues Bungie will have redeemed themselves to some capacity when it come to story telling. The strike I have to agree felt like a redo of Atheon from VoG, the scale of the map was a nice change, and the decent during the boss was neat, but I'm looking for something more akin to the new "Sepiks Perfected" strike from Rise of Iron with the shields and energy cannons. When I first played that strike with the music it made me feel like I was back in Halo 2 again playing Gravemind with Breaking Benjamin in the background. I want more of that stuff, Come on Bungie you can do it!

    Another thing to keep in mind are Exotics, the effects both weapons and armor will have on both PvP and PvE could be a big reason for a lot of the decisions made when it comes to the things I mentioned above.

    That concludes my rant on the state of the Destiny 2 Beta. If anyone wants to play my GT is: Draco067, just say who you are from RT.

  • I'm A Big Advocate Of A.I.

    14 hours ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    Not for any scientific reason but just so I can create the right guy for me. But let's be honest I'll screw that up as well.

    What did you think, I'd want to create something to delve into the reaches of space or plumb the depths of the ocean? 

    Sorry, I'm not that deep.

    P.S. I imagine it being really sad and cheesy like that movie Making Mr. Right.

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 2/1/2014)

    1 day ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    What a week.

    Congratulations to Team Gents on their recent victory in "Snowbound". One could say with a little "help" from Kerry and Kdin for their placements of items/players is what gave them the victory.

    A masterful Let's Play, which you should definitely check out.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 88 - Snowbound

  • Silent memeber.

    22 hours ago


    Dear journal. Today I got 2 muffins with the price of 3. Good day.

  • Is it wrong to....

    2 days ago

    Sangjester InSeRtBrAiN

    So, is it wrong to not watch a movie because of an actor or actress? Like, there are people that the general public go "HOLY SHIT THEY'RE SO FUNNY!!!!" and I'm sitting there going "nope, not funny. annoying yes, funny no." and I generally stick to my guns on that stuff. There are movies I've refused to watch just because that person is in them. So, is that stupid of me?

  • Camp camp

    1 day ago


    I like quartermaster.

  • Day 15: First Time Rock Wall Climbing

    1 day ago


    Something I had never done, but always been curious to try. My friend and I only tried bouldering for our first time, and we were about as great as we expected(we were awful) We only made it to the top on the easy levels, and made it part way on the more difficult ones. And now my hands are sore and my calves too. But totally worth it!

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