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  • Testing

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    Does anyone even read shit like this anymore?

  • I Partied Out the Party

    6 hours ago

    MassacreMan101 That Guy with the Hat

    Finally got my last achievements in Party Hard. The one that was giving me the most grief was the fucking achievement to beat a level in 3 minutes or less. There is a level called Party Bus where you can literally finish it in less than a minute, yet it doesn't give you the achievement. The requirements should have read "Beat a level in 3 minutes or less except on Party Bus, the easiest fucking level in the game". I hate it when achievements do that shit.  michael  michael  michael

  • RTX 2017 (A Little late, but here it is!)

    1 day ago


    Holy crap! RTX this year was amazing as always.

    I know there was that hiccup with the metal detectors, but.... well it all worked out.

    I had a BADASS team this year in lovely Meeting Room 9. Made some new Guardian friends this year too.

    I was so glad to see some familiar faces! (Looking at you Penguin Guy, Death, and Deadpool!!)

    RTX is the HIGHLIGHT of my whole year, the only thing I truly look forward too and I am so honored to have been a part of this family for 6 years now.


    Is it RTX time again yet? I'm ready to fill out my Guardian application!

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 3/16/2014)

    1 day ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    Ruin my leaderboard? Boy were they wrong.

    Congratulations to Achievement City on its first ever Tower of Pimps victory in "UnMonuments Men". Achievement City not allowing any of the AH guys place their paintings (except for Ryan, who got DQ'd) is perfect reason for Achievement City to be a victor.

    Check out the leaderboard and watch how the City fucks the guys over.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 94 - UnMonuments Men

  • By the way

    23 hours ago

    Jalnor Planet Exit

    If you haven't yet seen RvB 15x15, you absolutely must. Like, right now. Go clicky. Star Trek TNG fans especially.

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 3/30/2014)

    19 hours ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    History continues to be made!

    Congratulations to Achievement City on winning its second Tower of Pimps after the AH Crew's failure to win "Tallest Tower". Can it continue its streak? Only time will tell.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 96 - Tallest Tower

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 2/15/2014)

    1 day ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    Feels as if it's been a while.

    Well, for Gavin, it certainly has been a while! Congratulations to him on his recent victory in "Mad King Ryan". This is his 3rd Tower victory and 6th overall victory. This is also his first tower victory since episode 53 in "Shopping List". 37 weeks!

    Check out the leaderboard and watch Gavin's last two victories.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 90 - Mad King Ryan Part 2

    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 53 - Shopping List Part 2

  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 1

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    Hello everybody and welcome to my next where I watch project! Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh God! He's doing another one? What terrible thing have we done to deserve this!?" First, I want to let you know that yes, I'm doing another one, and yes, you are completely responsible for letting this happen for that terrible thing you did. You should be ashamed of what you did.

    So this next project comes via recommendation from a previous thread, which has been getting a lot of discussion in the General Anime thread. So much so that I've actively been skipping posts about it. Why? Because outside of it's premise, I know pretty much nothing about the show itself. I am going into this 100% blind, which means the spoiler rules are in effect for this series.

    Though to be honest I did watch a minute of the first episode recently but quickly stopped myself. Because whatever was going on in those first few moments I wanted to experience for myself. I think this is also my first magical girl series, too, so there's that.

    Anyway, I plan to do all four seasons of this show, including the one season currently airing. And because I'm looking at thirty-six plus episodes, I'm going to go with two episodes a week. I imagine a few of you will be happy with that.

    With all that said and out of the way, I think I've delayed long enough. So let's jump into Senki Zesshou Symphogear and see how the power of rock saves us all.

    -Our episode begins with a young girl holding a bouquet of flowers in front of a half destroyed wall with more destroyed buildings behind it. Well, there's one fast way to hook your audience. We then get a sudden cut to black before we get closer on the girl, but we're focusing more on her skirt and legs. She is completely soaked to the bone as she's basically standing in the middle of a hurricane. Then another cut as we cut higher up. We see part of her face and the flowers she's holding. I think they're lilies? I know little about flowers but I'm assuming that's what they are. Those lilies, however, are no selling this rain. They're not moving an inch. Clearly, it's not because of the animation constraints, but because in reality, these lilies are John Cena.

    -We pull back to our original wide shot of the destroyed wall and buildings as the bus pulls in. You'd think they'd have at least some sort of shelter for waiting passengers, or did whatever happen to that wall took out the shelter, too? Then we get text on a stylized red background. At top we have a caption saying "This is what she says:" Then our narrator talks. "A little cuckoo chirps 8,008 times, and coughs up blood." Well, that's a disturbing thought, isn't it? She continues, saying that even while the little bird is coughing up blood, it continues to sing. Like it's going to let a little lung damage stop it from singing the best damn song ever! Our bus continues down the road as we see more destruction in the background. As in a natural disaster came in and basically wrecked this town. Looks like there was a stadium here, too, but that's basically gone.

    -Well, isn't this all fun and happy, right? Inside the bus, the girl, our narrator, or at least I think she's our narrator, continues as she's forming a small puddle of water under her. She says that her precious best friend kept singing, too. The bus continues it's way as we get more shots of the destroyed streets, cars, and buildings. This is really bad, and given how everybody seems to be acting, whatever happened only did so recently. Our bus then arrives at it's destination, a cemetery, which actually mostly survived whatever disaster hit this town. That can't be a good sign.

    -Our narrator continues as she approaches one of the graves, saying that her friend kept singing, even as her blood spilled out. At least it stopped raining, right? She soon stops in front of one grave, but doesn't last a moment before collapsing in front if it, dropping the lilies. We finally get a good shot of her face, but she's crying her eyes out, telling the grave that she wants to see it, that she can't stand not being able to see it again. Of course, this grave has a name. Or rather, the person in the grave. Her name is Hibiki, and we get a panning shot of the grave, complete with flowers that were obviously recently planted there, as well as a picture that's partially torn off, showing off Hibiki. And as our narrator cries, the rain returns, leading to a very nice shot of the camera pulling down, with the tombstones rising up and covering the screen in black, leading us to our title, Senki Zasshou Symphgear. Our narrator continues, saying that her precious best friend kept singing on the battlefield. Did I accidentally start watching a Metal Gear Solid Magical Girl anime instead?

    -So looks like we're going the "how we got here" route as we get a title card telling us that we're starting this journey two years earlier. We pan from a beautiful blue sky, showing off the town before it got hit with it's disaster. Including what appears to be a rather stylized stadium, completely with reflective glass that reflects the sky. That has to be a flight hazard. We see that we have a port town as we get a shot of the harbor with a boat in the distance, then we know we're in the future because we have a subway train in the sky that has it's rails on the roof. Truly, the future city is better than us.

    -We come in on the flight hard location to see that there's another building there. I think it's suppose to be a shopping mall or observatory, as we then cut to the inside, I think, and see several holographic banners, all which appear to be promoting a pop idol group called Zwei Wing. Because nothing sounds more interesting than taking two foreign words together and smashing them together to find it interesting. Though it makes sense in this cause, given what zwei means.

    -We get a shot outside as there's a person holding a sign saying "End of Line." Must be doing a human source code project. Though I think we're looking at a concert hall as we have tons of people here. A girl on the line is on the phone, calling Miku and asking where she is because she's already at the stadium and an sixteenth of the way through the line, the point where people get upset about other people cutting in line. Miku, however, can't come because something came up, causing this girl, who is clearly Hibiki, to be upset. She got invited to this mess by the girl on the phone, who I suspect is our narrator from earlier. Clearly, these two are the best of friends.

    -We cut to Miku, telling Hibiki that her aunt had an accident so she and her family will be driving there now. Why do the family members need to be injured during the worst times? Though I note that the father is reading the paper and one of the headlines says that a rescued Japanese girl disappears, followed up with a line about the South American Civil War battleground. I have to be honest, when I first read that, I thought it said "Second American Civil War Battleground", and here I was preparing to make all kinds of dark jokes.

    -Hibiki is upset, though, because she knows nothing about Zwei Wing, but Miku apologizes. The call ends, leaving Hibiki to wonder if she's cursed. Though apparently her conversation was loud enough that some of the other people on the line are looking at her. Well, if you don't want to go, you can always resell the tickets. If the group is that popular, you should make a lot of money for those tickets. Inside the concert hall the crew are hard at work getting ready for the show. We spot a girl in a robe hiding in the corner, who was on the pictures as part of Zwei Wing. I think her name was Tsubasa? She's looking nervous as somebody comes up to her, saying that they don't really have anything to do to pass the time. The time right before a show sucks, doesn't it? Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. This is the other member of Zwei Wing, Kanade, I believe. She just wants to get out on stage and go wild, but they can't even do that. Don't you know that pop idol groups have to be pure and sweet, right? Though given how Kanade's hair looks a bit wild, I guess she gets away with being the wild child. But only in moderation.

    -Kanade then turns to Tsubasa and asks if she's nervous. She denies it, though, despite blushing, adding that Sakurai said that today is really important, but she's quickly stopped by a flick to the forehead. No blabbering secrets, okay? Okay. Kanade tells her that she's too serious, but soon they're joined by a male character. I'm guessing it's their manager, though they apparently call him Commander. Who knew pop idol groups would become so militaristic in the future, right?

    -Though his name is Genjuurou, and he's more of the older side of things. He reminds the girls that today is very important, but Kanade interrupts him, saying that they already know this, so don't worry about it. Genjuurou smiles, happy to know that they know. Especially since hte future of the human race is riding on the results of today's concert. What, are you guys in an intergalactic battle of the bands or something? We cut to the outside of the concert hall, then to another location where this strange looking object, which looks like some weird fossilized crab called a Nehushtan, I think? The subtitles are blocking it so I can't be certain of that, so time to fiddle with it until I can get the timing right. Okay, Nehushtan it is. What a strange name for a crab fossil.

    -The fossilized crab appears to be in a lab as we pan to the observatory room, where we hit find a woman standing there. She has a call and introduces herself to the audience when answering the call. Her name is Sakurai Ryouko, and she has a bounce to her step. Also, she has a model's figure, because every sci-fi show needs a scientist to be hot, despite their profession. It's in the rules, after all. Though with Ryouko they're trying a bit hard to make her cute with her poses. Anyway, she tells the person on the phone that everything is ready here. It's Genjurrou on the other line and says he'll be right over. With that, Kanade tells the Commander to leave the stage to them, for they will win this intergalactic battle of the bands and save Earth!

    -We check in on Hibiki who decided not to sell the tickets, stopping at a vendor to buy some glow sticks. She bought three because... I'm guessing one is a souvenir for Miku. She enters the concert area and I will have to admit that this is a pretty sweet venue. The way it's laid out, you have the main stage in the back, which also has paths all around the concert hall, allowing four our pop idols to make a grand tour of the venue. Hibiki is very impressed by it. Perhaps, one day, she'll find herself on the stage. Just got to make sure that everybody keeps their cellphones off for this concert, which nobody ever really does.

    -Backstage, Kanade and Tsubasa are in pre-concert preparations, with the wild child ready to go on stage and go wild. She's all ready to have some fun, but Tsubasa is still her serious self. To help break that, Kanade walks over behind Tsubasa and gives her a calming hug. She tells the blue haired girl that if she takes this too seriously, she's liable to snap eventually. And nothing destroys a career faster than a pop idol snapping at the wrong time. Kanade continues, telling her that they're partners, and when Tsubasa looks like that, then she can't have fun, and she's all about having fun. Tsubasa looks back at her blushing a bit, then smiles. She agrees, saying that if they aren't enjoying it, the people who'e come to see them won't. And then the bad reviews start coming in, the sales plummet, and suddenly, Zwei Wing becomes yesterday's news. Oh, and the world will be destroyed if they don't win, either, so there's that, too.

    -Kanade is glad Tsubasa gets it, with the blue-haired girl saying that, as long as they're together, it'll work out somehow. Alright, let's get on stage and show them who they are! For they are Zwei Wing, two wings that can fly to the ends of the Earth! They are then enveloped by a white light just as they're about to hold hands. After the cut to white, we return to the concert hall, where the lights dim, signaling the start of the show. Soon the music is playing as everybody gets their glow sticks out, cheering for the performance. We then see Zwei Wing flying down to the stage, feathers raining down with them, as they land in the center platform in the middle of the concert venue. They get their dance choreography out of hte way as Hibiki lights up her glow stick and joins in on the fun. Hey, being at these concerts can be infectious, after all.

    -And thus the music begins to play. I won't try to talk too much about it since my taste in music is rather terrible, but it's got a good beat to it. Also, it plays out like a standard concert as, during certain parts of the song, the duo let the concert goers sing that part. Those are sometimes the best parts of a concert. Anyway, the girls make their way to the stage proper, signing along the way, which can be really, really hard to do, before making their pose as the roof opens up to the sky, catching the right time of day as the sun begins to set. The girls do some more signing and dancing as the song comes to the end and they strike the pose. And the crowd eats it up, though I imagine outside of anything terrible, they would have eaten it up anyway. When you go to these kinds of concerts theres an atmosphere to them that just makes the whole thing exciting. And I feel like they got that feeling perfectly.

    -Also, the dance choreography here was down really well, having extra feel of moment and weight behind the actions. Clearly the animators took a great deal of time and effort to get those parts right. It probably explains why a good part of the opening didn't have a lot of movement. They were saving the money for this. As for Hibiki, she's caught up in the excitement of the concert. This is the best concert ever, even if it is her first concert!

    -Back at the lab, the scientists are watching the results. The phonic gain grows is within the estimated range. Ryouko calls it a success and thanks everybody for a job well done. Cheers all around! You all deserve a drink! But Ryouko ain't paying for it. The Commander will, instead. His poor wallet.

    -Back at the concert hall, Zwei Wing is still going strong, with Hibiki getting caught in the excitement. Clearly, nothing will go wrong here. Back in the lab, things are starting to go wrong. Genjuurou asks for a status report and one of the scientists says that hte safety isn't holding against the internal pressure of the rising energy! Ryouko adds that, at this rate, the relic will activate, or more accurately, will go out of control. Suddenly, in the concert hall, there is an explosion, right in the center platform, catching several people. And I do mean that because there's a figure of a person lying prone on the ground. Well, the teaser prepared you for this, so expect it to go dark. Kanade sees what happens and can only say one thing. The Noise is coming. Better get your pins ready. Hopefully one of you has a giant stuffed cat to help out with battle.

    -In the sky, some tree, semi-translucent bird creatures fly overhead, coming right for the concert, as a blue slug like creature appears in the middle. The crowd panics, apparently knowing exactly what they are. The slug then starts spewing out some green liquid as smaller creatures, one that looks round and the other looks like a walking bug. Two of the Noise creatures grabs some people, draining the color from them and causing them to break apart, with one girl screaming that she doesn't want to die as it happens. This happens to several more people as...

    -Uh, wow, okay. This got really violent all of a sudden. And dark. People are getting killed left and right as the Noise birds come spiraling in, impaling several people as a young girl, probably an elementary school girl, collapses and is swallowed up by one of the round Noise creatures. Did Get Urobuchi write this? Because this has his finger prints all over it. I mean, I literally had to stop a couple of times from what I'm seeing. Sure, it may be bloodless, but bloodless doesn't mean that this isn't shocking.

    -The blue slug Noise spews out more of that green liquid as smoke rises from the concert hall. It's turned to a wholesale slaughter, which prompts Kanade and Tsubasa to action. Kanade tells her partner that they must fly, for they're hte only ones here carrying a spear and sword. Uh, I don't want to ask where you're hiding them, given the outfits you're wearing. Tsubasa, however, is reluctant, because Genjuurou didn't say anything, but Kanade isn't going to waste any time as she jumps off the stage and begins singing. And thus do we get our first magical girl transformation of the series. Which includes her stripping off her clothes and having covenant censorship via golden rings. It's a quick transformation, though, as she gets armored up and ready for battle.

    -As Kanade faces against the Noise, which draws their attention to her. She then uses her gauntlets to creature a spear and charges forward, taking out a number of Noise creatures. After that, she starts singing because... uh, she needs to keep singing to keep her power going? Maybe? She slices through several more Noise before jumping in the air and realizing that there's quite a lot of them here. So she uses her spear and throws it at the group of Noise, which fires out several more spears to attack all the Noise. We then get Kanade jumping through the destruction as we get the name of the attack, Stardust Infinite Foton. Which I'm sure means something and isn't just a bunch of random words.

    -As the battle rages on, we see that the lab kind of suffered a massive explosion. A lot of the scientists are dead, and we know this because a couple of them are trapped under debris and bleeding from the head. Lovely. Genjuurou survives the blast, though, and is looking for Ryouko. Before he can continue to look for her, he spots the Nehushtan and notices that it's glowing. He calls it the Armor of Nehushtan, though. So the fossilized crab is actually armor? Who knew? It then changes form as more debris collapses, with one landing on Genjuurou as we get an exterior shot of the concert hall, with a massive explosion taking place. The city isn't going to be happy with this bit of debt.

    -Tsubasa joins in on the fighting, but we don't get her magical girl transformation, as Kanade continues the assault with another skill called Last Infinite Meteor, which is her using her spear to create a whirlwind. It's an effective attack, though, as it hits several Noise, including the slug, but despite the damage, it's still standing. The two girls continue to slice through Noise as we see that the concert hall is evacuated at this point. Well, almost. For you see, Hibiki is freezing up, watching the fight. Apparently she's never seen this before as the fight continues, and now we have two slug monsters to deal with. Kanade does another Last Infinite Meteor, but it isn't as effective as before. That's when she starts powering down. Looks like it became a fight of attrition, and the Noise are winning here.

    -Kanade blocks an attack aimed for her, but the effects of the attack causes part of the concert to collapse, which just happens to be the part where Hibiki was. She falls but survives, but she's been injured. Her fall and scream cause the noise to come running for her, but Kanade heard her, as well, and intercepts the enemy, telling Hibiki to run. She does so, but with a limp due to her injured knee. The Noise continue their assault on Kanade, but she continues to block all the attacks, but it's clear she's running out of time as her armor starts showing signs of damage.

    -As the slug Noise continue to shoot their green liquid at her, she continues to block all the attacks, but soon her armor gives up and breaks apart. You expect this to be the end of Kanade, but you'd be wrong. For you see, one of the pieces of her armor actually gets sent flying backwards, hitting Hibiki right in the chest. As she lays in a pool of her own blood, Kanade runs over to her, telling her to keep living. Hibiki, much to my own surprise, is still alive, but she's on the edge of this point. Kanade smiles a bit before closing her eyes, and I'm expecting her to get stabbed in the back by Noise, but a later shot seems to indicate that this isn't the case anymore. Well, at least it didn't get too dark on us.

    -Kanade then reaches for her spear, saying that she always wanted to try emptying her heart and body, to just sing for all she's worth. And I'm apparently wrong about the Noise being gone as there's still a bunch of them there. Kanade takes a slow walk towards them, happy that so many came to listen to her today, and that's why she's going to give them everything she has. She's going to give them the Climax Song as she holds her spear high, but it's breaking apart. She then sheds a tear as she begins to sing. Wait, is this going to be a suicide attack?

    -Tsubasa calls for her to stop, but Kanade isn't listening. Hibiki, still on the edge, says she can hear a song, with Kanade taking over narrator duties, saying that this is her last song, the one that burns with life. There's a purple hue covering the area as blood drips from Kanade's mouth. The purple hue expands, taking out the remaining Noise. After they are gone, Kanade collapses to the ground as Tsubasa wordlessly calls out for her. Hibiki herself can barely keep her eyes open as Tsubasa cradles Kanade's body before it breaks apart, leading us to a fade to black.

    -Well, that was a thing. And the worst part is that we're only half way through the episode. Can't imagine what else can go wrong. So, to recap, we started with a cemetery shot of Hibiki's grave, followed by a concert where everything seems to be going well until a sudden explosion and monster attack kills hundreds of people, including a magical girl who used a suicide attack, leaving her partner behind as Hibiki lays dying. I had to check and make sure, but it appears that both Madoka Magica and Symphogear aired in the same year, suggesting that there was no influences being drawn from the other dark magical girl show. Man, what a dark year.

    -So back to the show, because we still got another ten minutes left. From the back we see an eye opening as two doctors appear to be working on somebody. It's Hibiki, who's a bit surprise to find that she's alive. Though I wouldn't be surprise if it was close, given what she got hit with. Our eyecatch is just the title of the anime. From there, we return to the present. We come to a futuristic looking school as we have more signing! Though this sounds more like a graduation song. Except it isn't, for we are at the Lydian Music Academy. We get some panning shots of the school, which looks really nice, before coming into a concert hall packed to the brim with students, all singing. Hibiki is one of those students, indicating that she survived her encounter with the Noise. Unless she had to face off in an underground version of the town she was in with the hopes of getting her second life.

    -Also, I think that's Miku next to Hibiki, though I can't be certain. We then suddenly cut to a teacher yelling at Hibiki, who reacts to the yelling as if she was blowing away by something. She's also holding a white cat because... reasons. We're in a different classroom, which is huge and has a rather large white piano, too. Man, this school must be super expensive to attend. Anyway, the reason for the cat is because Hibiki found him in a tree and he couldn't get down. As is typical of cats. So Hibiki, showing that she's a nice girl, thought the cat must be hungry, but is interrupted by more yelling. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this school is going to have a no cats policy. They just do so much damage to the musical instruments.

    -A quick cut to Hibiki laying on the ground in her... dorm room? Apartment? Either way, it's a rather spacious just for her. It's also her first day of the academy and she feels like she's gone through the climax a hundred times. She fells like she's cursed, but really, girl, you shouldn't say that! Remember what happened you said that last time? I didn't notice but there's another girl, but she tells Hibiki that she's a blunderer half the time, and the rest of the time she's always meddling. Hibiki objects to being called a meddler. She's "helping others," and that's her hobby, dammit! Hey, it's Miku, I think, and she tells Hibiki that she takes it too far. She tells her friend that people don't lend their textbooks to other students in the same class. That would make sense. Because then how else will you learn? But don't worry, Hibiki has a backup plan. She'll just read off of Miku's books. Brilliant!

    -Miku blushes a bit and calls her friend an idiot as Hibiki sqees a bit, bringing out a poster of Tsubasa, commenting that her CD is coming out tomorrow. Looks like she went solo thanks to her partner stopped being a part of this world. And it looks like Hibiki became a fan, too, which causes Miku to smile. I'm guessing she doesn't remember much of the concert, what with nearly dying there, but you'd think she'd suffer a little more trauma given that she nearly died. But maybe she just gets over that stuff easily.

    -And we get some back story, with Miku mentioning that Hibiki came to Lydian because she admires Tsubasa so much. Well, yeah, but apparently she hasn't seen a sign of Tsubasa being at the school. I imagine with a CD coming out she's probably busy running the talk show circuits to sell it to other people. Though Hibiki does understand that Tsubasa is a top artist, so meeting her won't be easy. She then lifts up her shirt and looks down, allowing us to get a good view too because we're disguising a fan service shot with an important shot of her scar.

    -Hibiki recalls the day, remembering that she was saved by Zwei Wing. However, when she was released from the hospital, the only news she heard was that Kanade and a lot of other people were victims of an international disaster, "Noise." Though despite knowing she was saved, she wonders if maybe it was all a dream? As day turns to night, we see Hibiki and Miku sharing a bed because... they're roommates? I don't know, either. Anyway, Hibiki feels that if she can meet Tsubasa, she can understand what happened that day. Still, she closes her eyes and readies herself for a peaceful sleep.

    -What's not peaceful is a battle that's taking place elsewhere. The military is engaging against an army of Noise, but their weapons have no effect on the creatures. Hell, the missiles just go straight through them, exploding behind the Noise. Suddenly, singing! A helicopter comes in as a girl jumps out, doing a magical girl transformation that shows that, yes, everybody can see it happening. Though it is quick as the girl lands in her transformed state. As you expect, it's Tsubasa, and it looks like her outfit got an upgrade. Genjuurou... at least, I think it's Genjuurou, tells her to cooperate with Section One for now, to see what they'll do. Tsubasa, however, has grown cold and hard since that day, saying she can do this alone. She then charges in, spinning on one hand as she uses a sword in another hand, as well as blades on her feet, to slice through the Noise. And who said dancing can't save the world?

    -We get a still of what the skill is called, Reverse Rakshasa, and then Tsubasa jumps into the air, allowing it to rain swords on the Noise. This skill is called Thousand Falling Tears. I can't imagine what that's suppose to reference. Now, to deal with the bigger Noise, she lets her sword become bigger, electric, and then attacks the Noise with a skill called Blue Flash, slicing the giant enemy Noise in half. Which then explodes, because there's some conventions we do have to keep. And with that, she leaves. Talk about pulling a DDP. Come in, kill everybody, leave.

    -The next day, at school, Miku tells us Hibiki that, according to the Self-Defense Force and Special Disaster Response Team, the guided evacuation has been completed and damage was held to a minimum. Apparently it wasn't too far from where they are. The girls are in the cafeteria, having either breakfast or lunch, when suddenly the room is abuzz with activity. It appears that Tsubasa has walked in. This catches Hibiki's attention as she stands up to try and find her, only to almost headbutt the pop idol. That would have been a terrible first impression, Hibiki.

    -Hibiki stands in front of Tsubasa, shaking a bit, likely from meeting a celebrity this close, but is having trouble getting the words out. Wordlessly, Tsubasa points to her own cheek, which leads to Hibiki notices that she has rice on her own. Later, Hibiki realizes that she wish she head butted Tsubasa. It would have been less embarrassing. Now Tsubasa will think that she has mental problems. Miku tries to assure her friend that the pop idol doesn't have the wrong idea about her, which is good. Got to keep track of those small victories, no matter how small they are. Miku appears to be working on something as Hibiki asks if she'll be a while on it. Miku quickly realizes that today is the day Tsubasa's CD comes out, though she does mention that CDs are kind of antiquated. Hibiki tells her friend to his, because first-edition CDs are packed with more bonus materials! Because why bother using an outdated medium unless you can entice people to buy it with extra stuff, plus charging them extra for it, too!

    -Though given that, Miku says that it's likely sold out. Shock! Horror! And soon, Hibiki is off to the raises, in the hopes of getting the CD with the bonus materials. She pauses to give herself a moment, but then some black stuff goes by her. Well, that isn't ominous at all. She looks inside of the store next to her to find some black stuff, as well as some around the corner. So, yeah, apparently Hibiki found herself in the middle of a Noise attack. She then hears screaming in the distance and immediately rushes off towards it. Post traumatic stress syndrome? What's that?

    -Inside the super secret base, Tsubasa reports in, asking for a SITREP. Yup, the noise are attacking, and look, Ryouko and Genjuurou did survive the attack, after all! Talk about lucky. So, yeah, Noise. First they're going to find out where the Noise is then come in to stop it. Though hopefully they'll be fast as we see Hibiki running down an alleyway with a young child with her. Unfortunately, they run into a bunch of Noise that were apparently waiting for them. The young child clings to Hibiki who refuses to leave her behind. They happen to be near a stream, so Hibiki decides that she isn't going to die there, grabs hold of the child and jumps right in, swimming across to the other side. Screw that Noise, right?

    -They soon reach the other side and start running, this time with Hibiki carrying the child on her back. Sadly, they're a long way from a shelter, but Hibiki soon runs out of energy, collapsing from exhaustion. That girl took a nasty bounce, too. There's no time to rest, though, as the Noise are coming right for them. Remembering what Kanade told her from the concert, Hibiki gets her second wind, takes hold of the child, and continues running. She remembers that she was rescued by Canada, who sang a gentle, yet powerful song. Day turns to night as the girls keep running, which includes Hibiki climbing a ladder with the young girl on her back. She's basically running on nothing but adrenaline at this point, probably pushing her body well past her limit, but she isn't going to give up and let this girl die!

    -The two collapse on top of a roof, but it's a small reprieve. The young girl asks if they're going to die, but Hibiki smiles, telling her that won't happen. That's when she turns around and sees hundreds of Noise. Do these guys have a teleportation power or something? Because we had an aerial shot where that roof was empty. They're cornered, even though they could probably get on that ladder to safety. We get a heartbeat sound, probably from Hibiki, which turns the screen red as she tries to find something she can do in this situation. She yells out the words told to her by Canada, to not give up on life, because screw this Noise! Even in the face of death she will remain defiant!

    -Suddenly, we have singing! It's Tsubasa... no, wait, it's coming from Hibiki. She starts glowing as a light comes from her body. The super secret base detects the Noise, as well as the high-output energy that's different from the Noise. They attempt to identify it as Ryouko seems to recognize it as an aufwachen waveform. On the screen, the word Gungnir appears. Everybody recognizes that word as Tsubasa goes wide with shock. Well, yeah, I imagine a number of people recognize the legendary weapon. After all, who hasn't played Final Fantasy at this point?

    -As Hibiki continues to glow, we see that there are changes done inside of her body. A strange, vine like object travel through, turning her insides from red to purple. This reflects in her own changes, going through a magical girl transformation of her own... well, I would call it that, but she's on all fours, screaming in pain as...

    -Okay, so remember that series, Saikano, which was about hte young girl transformed into a weapon by mass destruction that could produce weapons from her body? This scene kind of reminds me of that, where what appears to be weaponry and circuitry appear from Hibiki's back, before transforming her into her magical girl outfit. She also grows fangs because... uh, reasons. Though after the transformation, she gets up, but she's shaded in shadows, but with glowing red eyes. Yeah, so that basically became a thing. And that's when we get our title card, Episode 1, Awakening Heartbeat. Cue credits!

    -Normally we'd get what would be the typical ending credits or opening credits, but here we just have the scrolling credits as one of the themes play. It sounds like a dance mix, but going slightly darker than you'd normally expect from a pop idol song. There's also next episode preview, either, so yeah, that's the end of the episode.

    Well, that was a thing I wasn't expecting at all. From the way people talked about Symphogear, I was expecting a light hearted romp where the power of rock helped to save the world. Instead, what I got was a rather dark magical girl show where the warriors use the power of rock to defeat their enemies as people are killed in the hundreds. I mean, seriously, the first half caught me off guard by how they just started killing random people left and right, as well as killing off one of the magical girl warriors and almost all of the support staff. You'd think we were watching the end of a series, not the beginning of one.

    And the hits don't stop there, either, as we have another major attack that Hibiki finds herself in the middle of, though I suspect she inherited Kanade's powers as her outfit looks similar to Tsubasa's partner, only looking more evil like. Welcome to the team, Hibiki!

    But I think I can see why they started out like this. I made mention to Madoka Magica, but the difference between the that show and this is where things start. PMMM took until it's third episode to go full dark. This one needed about fifteen minutes. It also draws your attention in as it starts out with a cemetery shot, suggesting that Hibiki will eventually die at some point, leaving Miku heartbroken. And to make sure it's not something that happens suddenly, they make it very clear that in this universe, people are going to die.

    I think I'm glad I'm going into this blind and didn't complete the full episode. Otherwise, the shock of the massacre at the concert would have been lost on me. Seriously, I had to stop the video for a moment just to get over that shock.

    What will happen with Hibiki now? Will she be able to protect the young girl? Will Tsubasa show up on time to prevent something bad from becoming worse? And more importantly, will Hibiki ever get that first edition CD? You'll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when performing a dangerous experiment that could kill thousands of people, try to keep it from happening underneath a concert hall as a concert is happening at the same time. That's just common sense right there.

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 2/22/2014)

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    Caofontaine Wizard

    Tower of Pimps. It's a thing.

    Congratulations to Ryan Haywood in his recent victory in "Darwin Awards". This guy sure knows many ways to kill himself in Minecraft. This is his 11th overall victory and 9th Tower victory. With 9 Tower victories, he ties Ray for second place, while Jack sit up in front with 10 total Tower victories.

    Check out the leaderboard, watch the Let's Play. You know the drill.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 91 - Darwin Awards

  • July Game NIGHT!!!! Update

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    shadowdmf TKE Brother

    Great news the voting is in and it looks like we will be playing Overwatch for the PC and for the Xbox we will be playing GTA V. Just reminding everyone but the Game Nights will be taking place on the 21st and the 22nd. The Xbox will be on the 21st at 7:00 pm, and the pc will be held on the 22nd and will start at 6:00 pm. I hope to see everyone there!!!

    If you are having any issue getting my Gamer-tag or battle.net username then you can DM me comment on this post or message me in discord

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