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  • Wednesday Wisdom

    22 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Porn Evaluator

    Yesterday, I was introduced to InspiroBot.

    One of the magical pieces of wisdom that it imparted today was the following.


    I like it. Seems like sound advice to me.

    (Are you starting your day with something funny every day?)

  • Swords n' Squirrels n' Stuff!

    1 day ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    You ever feel like you've been really busy but can't think of what it is that you've done?  That's what the past month has felt like to me, the last couple days have almost felt like a nice reprieve from that though. 

    I've *finished a knife to use for fighting (here's the start of the knife) that's been a long time coming and now that it is complete, I'm sorely disappointed in the final product: I assumed the steel I forged it out of was of better quality and that was a mistake, It does not want to harden at all. But that's ok, it doesn't need to hold an edge, all that is required of the knife is to have the ever living shit beaten out of it and not break, which it will do. 


    Unfortunately during the process of the knife being finished today, it wound up being sunk about 6" into a stump, so now it's stuck, until the one true ruler comes to claim it!

    Or until someone with an axe or chainsaw comes by, whichever...

    There was a little red squirrel that visited the shop the other day, a very friendly little fella, something that isn't very common with most squirrels here, usually they keep their distance from people.  This guy though, I had a bag of bread I brought for breakfast, and Hansel (that's what we named the squirrel) jumps up onto my work table and starts to try taking off with my bread!  I had to pull the bag away from him.  I shared some pieces with him which he went off to eat, then a short while later he comes scampering across the floor and climbs my leg up to the table to get some more bread.  This went on for another half hour before he finally disappeared after the hammering started.  One of the gals that works at the sanctuary, where the smithy is setup, was talking with me over the course of Hansel's visiting and had an idea.  The next day she brings me a drawing. 


    So now I'm a viking squirrel.  I thought this was pretty great.

    Jaron and I will be leaving for RTX in one week!  I'm so excited to get back down there, even more so than last year because now I know what it's like and because of the friends I'll get to see in person again (looking at you OCC).  Can't wait to hang out with everyone, it's honestly the only thing I've been looking forward to this year!    

    So until then

    Take care!

  • Can we not?

    14 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I'm sure a great deal of you will take this as white male insecurity. There is a crossable line when it comes to this topic and that goes for people of all races.

    The only thing I owe my fellow humans of any race is empathy and understanding. What I offer is some eyes to see from the nitty-gritty what it's like to be a social worker and advocate for the homeless. I do that regardless of any factor. Why don't you tell me who is changing more lives... The person actively working with people who are usually products of this shitty system we have, or the person laying down in a busy street as an act of protest? 

    I'm forced to work with people who have insanely different pasts than myself. People that remind me that I wouldn't be where I am if people had not invested themselves in me. I have to understand people who come from all walks of life and it is my job to advocate/coach them. If you think I am bragging it's because I am. I don't make a lot of money, but I also don't wake up and sit at the edge of my bed just dreading going to work. I take this very seriously because I relate to these guys, and that means I have learned to listen. All you have to do is listen to them rather than lecture them. You need to be on the same playing field if you want to understand someone and have any sort of influence.

    My point is you have to tackle shit from the inside. If I was not able to relate to all the people I work with (staff or client) I don't think I could keep my job. I completely understand why people are compelled to lay down in the streets or block traffic as a form of protest. These are people who are not being heard and what do you do at that point? I can't stand blocking traffic though because there are people who need to work. Then you have more serious matters to consider like medical emergencies. It takes disregard for people to take notice of a cause that is disregarded and it's just not right. The point is made loud and clear and it draws a big line in the sand as well.

    I'm seeing so much blame and no accountability by people who have never walked a mile in a another person's shoes. It just leaves everyone on the defensive and ultimately divided.

    I'd say we are all guilty at some level. 

  • Wham, Bam Shang-A-Lang and A Sha-La-La-La-La-La

    14 hours ago

    DrHairz FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Professional Human

    RTX is right around the corner folks! Which means I can see all of your beautiful faces and give out all the hugs!

    Since we have just about a week before most people get to Austin, I want to know what are you looking forward to most this year? It can be durring the event after and or before. Do you have any plans? Are you going to wing it this year? Are you a guardian? Are you cosplaying, and if so what are you cosplaying? Let me know!

    And if you aren't going to RTX are you looking forward to anything being announced?

    Ah I can't wait!! Less than 6 days and I will be on a plane flying over to Austin... but who is counting.  yang

    Love you all!

    -Derek R. Hair

  • Day 178

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Prepped the reference for the next painting. 

  • Having trouble writing.

    15 hours ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    I'm having a great deal of trouble writing entries lately. 

    I'm unsure why.

    There's plenty to write.

    In fact I've started several entries over the past couple of weeks (not talking about Andromeda I mean), yet I didn't finish them.


    Maybe it's the site.

    Or maybe it's everyone's going to RTX.

    Maybe sometimes I feel like I don't belong here.

    Or maybe I'm just blue today.

    Whatever it may be.... hopefully I actually write something later.


  • Day 179

    9 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Started the painting (and mowed the lawn before it rains, again!)

  • GOTD Not Dead...Yet

    1 day ago

    Ooaul Keeper of the .Gifs


    I'm not dead yet! Just paws deep in clay, and fake blood. Got my first call sheet yesterday! All day Saturday I get to work on my first film :D Getting some Etsy stuff in the works too...maybe.. we'll see. Anywho, I'm not dead actually much alive just busy xD

  • RTX Day 5

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens


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