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    Orchard Park 4 OVA: Las Swords World GT Tournament: Erin is seen talking to Elise and Brittney in Elise’s apartment. Dante asked for a building meeting, and Elise volunteered her apartment being the meeting spot. Alana, Sena and Limit come walking in the door. Alana asks where Dante is. Erin says “He is off doing something that, but I was told that I can’t talk about what he is doing.” Alana walks over to Erin and tries to pry out what she is hiding, but Dante walks in with a big smile. Elise runs over and jumps in Dante’s arms and says “Erin told me everything. You’re finally going to ask me out. I knew that you always loved me!” Dante stands there with his face all red but looks at Elise in confusion. Alana stomps over to Dante and pulls his ear and says “You son of a bitch, how come you never told me first” Dante starts laughing and says “No, no, no…I wasn’t even going to say any of that. Calm down, it’s some news about everybody.” A couple minutes go past and everybody is sitting down in Sena’s living room, except for Sena, she has hold of Dante’s arm holding on to him. Dante starts talking “The Las Swords Organization and the Directional Dragons two years ago announced a Las Swords World GT Tournament. The tournament consists of three categories, 2 person teams, a 3 person teams and the 4 person teams. It is a 4 month Tournament that will be taken place all around the world. I recently was contacted by a lot of people about this tournament. After some thinking, I come to say that I will be joining the tournament. I will enter the 3 person team with Seph and Brady.” Everybody in the living room gets excited about the news and Dante starts to talk again “Seph, Brady and I got a sponsor deal to join this tournament and a lot of money is coming our way for joining and if we win, we will get more. Now this sponsor also wants to reach out and make a couple more teams and give them a lot of money to join in as well. All they want are the warriors who helped defend Mount Vernon. I told them that I know some of those people who helped in this that fight. So that’s why I look at everyone now. Do you all want to fight in this tournament and make some money?” Alana asks Dante “I would love to be on a team but what team would I be on?” Dante smiles and says “I already got that covered, the only thing I need was your permission. Your teammates would be Erin, Craft and Cord, Team Orchard Park. You would be the team Leader and Deadpoint would be the team advisor. Erin, Cord and Craft already said yes to this, now they need you?” Alana thinks about it for a moment then says yes. Dante looks at Sena and Limit and asks them “This sponsor also wants a two person team, how about you two? I think that you both will do great in this tournament.” Sena looks at Limit and they both agree to join as well. Dante then says “Lei and Mayon will be your advisors. Seph, Brady and I will have Zero as our advisor.” Dante stands up and tells everybody that he is done with everything and everybody can go back to what they are doing.

    Dante goes to fly off into the woods, Alana sees him and follows. Dante lands on the tree in the middle of the river and he sits on it. Alana flies up behind him punches him in his ribs and says “Alright what is the matter? I wouldn’t be a good friend if I couldn’t tell something else was wrong.” Dante scoots over to let Alana sit beside him. Dante then says “I have been discussing with the Federal Government, State Government, Nasa, and a lot of scientist about the T-Boost technique. They want me to start teaching the techniques on a regular schedule. I told them that there aren’t a lot of people in the world that knows energy based moves and techniques. I told them that this would require different classes just for to lead into flight training. As of yesterday the Federal, and State government approved of classes and allowing me full control of what classes are needed, who I want as the teachers, where I want it, and all the above.” Alana gets happy and says “I am very happy for you! When do you start?” Dante puts his head against the tree and says “I start after the tournament. But I have decided that I am going to be moving where I am teaching classes.” Alana leans down to see the water move below her and she says “Even if you move, you will still be in town, so it will be just a simple minute or two flight.” Dante looks at the water with Alana and says “I never said anything about staying in town.” Alana slowly looks at Dante as he is talking. “I will be moving to Columbus.” Dante said with a sad voice. Alana grabs Dante’s arm with her hand and she says “I…uh…we wouldn’t want to see you go. Orchard Park needs you.” Dante says “I need to go. I will be making great money, I will have a big house to live in and when Jace gets older, he will have a big backyard to play in.” Alana then says “Who will be living with you?” Dante looks Alana and says “Probably by myself.” Alana then gives a fake smile to Dante and says “Well I promise to visit sometime.” Alana goes to fly off but Dante grabs her are before she can get too far and he says “Will…will…you…” Dante is having a hard time trying to speak to Alana. Alana looks at Dante and says “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody else for now.” With that, Alana flies off. Dante is left sadden and speechless. Dante then says “So, I guess it that means no.” Alana is seen flying off but stops mid-flight then she says “Wait a second. He wasn’t going to ask me to keep it quite. He was trying to see if I would…” Alana flies back to where Dante was. She zips through woods looking for Dante. As she was looking she runs into a tree branch, as Alana is falling to the ground, Seph flies down and catches her. Seph smiles at her and he says “Sooo…are you ok?” Alana’s face turns red as she looks into Seph’s eyes. “I am now” Alana says as she puts her head against Seph’s chest. Seph goes to fly off with Alana as Dante is watching from the background. Dante lands on the ground and says “Figures.” Dante then pauses for a second then as he starts stretching he says to himself “It is your fault Dante for not saying it to her. But oh well, that’s how life goes.” Dante then flops on the ground and says “They would make a great couple anyways. I am actually happy about this more then what I thought I would be. I wonder who do I actually like?” Dante smiles, leans against a tree and looks up into the sky. “I never really thought about that.” Elise sees Dante as he is leaning against the tree and starts to walk towards him. The camera fades out.

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    Caofontaine Wizard

    The exams still come, but MAN, the snow here on the east coast. It just kills the vibe and all motivation to study.

    Luckily, I'm still able to grind out some achievements this week. One in Oblivion, because although I've played the game, I haven't gotten the achievements on my primary gamertag. Time to get that done. Also, I'm still trucking along Batman: Arkham Origins, trying to get a bulk of the achievements because I start the collectibles. Be on the lookout for achievement guides on those.

    Other than that, it's time to force myself to look at math all day.


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