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  • Team Yume Podcast: "Los Illuminados Confirmed!"

    4 hours ago


    WATCH OUT!!! Madhog and Devar team up with Toon Grin's WhyBoy to analyze and dissect the newest season of "Samurai Jack" and how it compares to the original run. Afterwards, the team veers into a lengthy conversation about "Resident Evil 4" as the cherished memories of gaming past resurface. This episode discusses: the art of visual storytelling, the correct application of the Nemesis dynamic, unexpected references in a 2017 animated series, Adult Swim's redemption, why "Resident Evil 4" is still a great game and... Goocy!?
    SUPPORT MADHOG ON PATREON: http://www.patreon.com/Madhog
    the MP3 File here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/team-yume-los-8540681

  • A reading from the Book of Salt.

    1 day ago

    EmptyEternity The Silent Sovereign

    The Wars for the City of Sand

    The desert mesa of Frivilon Valley, home to the famed City of Sand, has been engulfed in endless conflict for as long as any in the Doldrums can recall. Almost every nation on the continent lays claim to the crumbling metropolis of Sand. It is said that there is not a patch of ground in or around the city that has not be soaked with the blood of mortal men, soldiers and citizens alike. It is also said that very blood (stiff and coagulated) is the only thing keeping the city from finally crumbling to dust. The city’s resources have long since been spent, and the surrounding land left desolate by the conflict. The famed Sacred Font of Salt, was tainted with gore ages ago, now “Sacred” in name only. 

    Yet the slaughter continues daily, each nation adamant in giving meaning to the mountains of causalities. To an outsider, Sand could be aptly called a cursed city. But the carnage within and without its walls seems to bother Doldrum natives little. Their attention ever-focused on an opaque “higher” purpose to the fight.

  • Untitled piece - Chapter 6 (final)

    3 hours ago

    Treanomaly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Indifferently different


    “Breakfast is ready!” my mother calls out, as I gather my books into my bag and make my way down to the kitchen. I stop by my father’s office. He’s at his desk, as usual. He looks like he’d been there all night. “Dad, mum said breakfast is ready.” He was a brilliant man, my father. I had no idea what he was working on but I knew he would succeed. He always did. “Everything ok dad?” I asked. “You’ll work it out, you always work it out!” He looked up at me from behind his desk and smiled. “If only everyone had as much faith in me as you do, son.” He got up from behind his desk and put his arm on my shoulder as we walked to the kitchen. “Wonder what your mother has made for breakfast? Smells good honey” he said to mum and kissed her good morning. “Pancakes with blueberries” she announced as we sat at the kitchen table. “My favourite” I replied. The conversation was normal for a school morning. Mum made sure I had brushed my teeth and cleaned my room. Dad would make sure I had completed my homework and looked over it. “Knowledge is what makes a good man great” he would tell me. Our house was comfortable, cosy and easy to clean my mum would always say. The kitchen was fairly basic with a four seater table. The area was fairly quiet and everyone knew each other. My father worked for the government and this area was occupied mostly by the families of soldiers and other scientists like my father. Dad headed off for work as mum drove me to school. We waved goodbye to each other as we did every day. I never thought that would be the last time I saw him.

    When I got home from school, my mother was in the lounge room with Dr Peters. He worked with my father and they were good friends. He had his arm around my mum and telling her he was very sorry. That he would be there to help her as much as he could. My mum, who was crying uncontrollably, noticed I was home and called me over. She held me so tight, it was almost painful. I didn’t know exactly what had happened, but with Dr Peters here, it must have been something about my father. I sat and held my mum as her heartbroken tears continued well after Dr Peters had left. Eventually, she stopped crying or her tear ducts just dried up and she was able to tell me what had happened to my father. There was an accident in his laboratory and he was exposed to a deadly toxin and died. We didn’t know exactly what he was working on and weren’t allowed to know more than the basics of his death. The pain I felt as my mother held me was excruciating. “If only I told him to stay home today or”

    “It’s not your fault. Your father loved you very much.” She insisted.

    Before Dr Peters left, two men in came and took all of my father’s work from his office. They took everything, his laptop, filling cabinets, papers in and around his desk. They even took the papers in his bin and the contents of his safe. I don’t know how they knew the combination to his safe.

    As my mother took me to my room to put me to bed, we passed my father’s office. I stopped and looked at the bare room. It had been cleaned out, stripped of what made it look like my father’s office. Now, it just looked like any other study.

    Life was never the same from that point. My mother though tried to be strong as she put me to bed, telling me that everything would be fine. As I lay in bed though, I could hear her crying in her bed. I got up and went to her room and we both cried ourselves to sleep that night. From that night forward, she would cry herself to sleep.

  • My new motto:

    9 hours ago

    TK_ DigiDestined

    Bambinatum est Maggitum

  • Locksmith Lorton VA

    1 day ago


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