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  • Tetris Is Fun

    1 day ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    I've decided that you don't have enough Tetris in your life. I give you the closest finish to a Tetris: The Grand Master race ever recorded.

    The Twitch clip above is from about 10 minutes ago, at the Classic Tetris World Championships in Portland, Oregon. Not only was the end of the final race as close as that clip shows, but it ended the tournament in a 3-way tie for first place, which had to be settled by adding up the total duration of everyone's runs and seeing who had the lowest total.

    This is why I love video games.

  • Fact of The Day:

    17 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Obsidian blades are still being used, relatively, regularly to this day.

    Obsidian is a naturally occurring type of volcanic glass, that is extremely hard and brittle. It therefore fractures with very sharp edges, which were used in the past in cutting and piercing tools, it has even been used experimentally as surgical scalpel blades.

    These blades are spectacularly sharp and smooth, being so sharp they are capable of cutting through individual cells. In comparison to steel scalpels which under a high power microscope appear more like saws than scalpels.

    The obsidian edge when, cut correctly, is so sharp that it’s edge is 30 angstroms in width, a unit of measurement equal to one hundred millionth of a centimetre, that’s over 16.6 thousand times thinner than a human hair.

    Their use however is limited due to their fragility, the blades are so thin that one miniscule move from side to side can shatter it, a problem steel scalpels do not have, needless to say a shard of volcanic glass being stuck in the patient is not a good thing.

    Thus it takes a great deal of practice to be able to use these blades effectively with minimum risk, though this practice can pay off as it has been found that obsidian scalpels may reduce inflammation, healing time and scarring in the patient due to the lessened irritation caused by the blade.

    Ultimately however the blades cannot be justified for use outside of very fine surgery, due to their higher cost from being hand made, their greater fragility and their little forgiveness for wayward movements.

    So much so that the FDA has not approved them for use, despite the benefits they can bring, thanks to the higher tolerance they must be held in and their extreme fragility.


    I wonder if trepanning will make a comeback in western medicine as well?

    Further Info: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/02/health/surgery-scalpels-obsidian/index.html


  • RTXLondon happened

    21 hours ago

    Lixxieb Art person

    Yep. I know I'm pretty late on the RTXLondon post but I've been processing everything that happened (and also suffering from some mild conflu) So yeah.

    Okay. We get there on friday and had a bit of a wander around London before heading to our hotel because we got a stupid early train (it was so cheap). Checked into our hotel then headed out to pick up our weekend passes! It was our first time encountering any of the guardians and they were (unsurprisingly) extremely lovely and helpful! Didn't even laugh at my photo ID! Also bumped into some friends in the convention centre after picking up our passes! 

    That night I went to Custom House pub to gather together bits of treats for the basket of treats I'd organised for Bethany and the events team, the support for the project was incredible and it ended up being AMAZING! I unfortunately wasn't able to give it to them in person but I really hope they liked it!  DMw58Q-W0AEMkvb.jpg

    SATURDAY BEGINS! Hotel breakfast was eaten then it was time to get into the Grimm onesies we'd made and head to the convention! First stop was the RT Store which had a huge queue that only seemed to get bigger BUT the queue and store guardians were once again amazing and made the whole thing so easy and hassle free  heart

    After I spent way waaaay too much money in the store it was time to head to N10 for the RTUK CommuniTea panel which I was so happy to be a part of along with some super awesome (far cooler than me) people. AGAIN. GUARDIANS WERE AWESOME. The panel was so much fun to do even though I was terrified and it was wonderful to see so many people attend the panel and hopefully be inspired by it! Also I ended up with a queue of people wanting one of the prints I was giving out at the event! DMWHuzpXkAA0Aww.jpg

    NEXT UP. SIGNING. As per usual everything was handled so well by the guardians and it was wonderful to stop and chat with other people in the queue. My signing session was with Gray and Kerry... gosh I was nervous. I've met Kerry before so I wasn't as nervous about him but Gray is really cool (and handsome shh). The last thing I expected was for Gray to instantly recognise me from twitter and tell me he liked my art! I was so happy and shocked and also very very red. Gifts were given by me to them, photos taken, hugs happened and then I was ON MY WAAAAAY to go and have a drink because y'all I needed it. We'd planned to watch the Off Topic podcast but instead ended up sat in a nearby Starbucks with a group of friends that I so rarely get to see. DMhMQiCX0AE3qYU.jpg

    SUNDAY BEGINS! Hotel breakfast once again although slightly less than the day before. First time ever at a convention not in cosplay! We were up and out super early so that we could get a good spot in the queue for the RTAnimation panel and we ended up being 6th & 7th in the queue (not including VIP and those with disabilities). The panel was wonderful and we got to see some Gen:LOCK footage and concepts which was so exciting! Then we saw some BlazBlue including the introduction of Weiss to the roster! After the panel a lot of the day was spent just looking round the hall, watching odd thing on the main stage, and trying to catch the impromptu signings that were happening! DMP9JbBW4AIo7CG.jpg

    The convention finished and then we were off to watch Ready Player 3 (Game Grumps and JackSepticEye!) It was absolutely hilarious and I really hope they'll tour the UK again sometime soon! DMMmVRlWsAE92Gd.jpg

    In the end the event was amazing and surreal (people recognised me and wanted photos with me??? wild.) The Guardians were wonderful and worked so hard, I got to see people I've known for years but never met in person, I got to achieve one of my life goals by being on a panel. 

    My only slight issue was the traders. There were two stalls selling RWBY prints (something RT have said isn't allowed so it was odd to see at their event) and a stall that is actually banned from some events because all they do is take pictures from google images and add a filter over the top. As an artist in the community this all made me feel a bit sad I guess, it would have been lovely to see some space in the convention for an artist alley or something that all the amazing artists in the community could get involved in! HOWEVER the vast majority of the stalls were excellent, more of those please! 

    I really hope that RTXLondon will return next year, I'd very much like to be a Guardian at the next event! 

    TLDR; RTXLondon was absolutely awesome and I'm still overwhelmed by it. RTUK rocks!

    P.S. I want to give a huge shout out to Rosie who is my friend that I mention in this. We met at a convention through a mutual friend and have now been going to conventions together for longer than I can think. She always supports me at these events and in everyday life I honestly can't express how grateful I am for her and how I don't know how I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend!  heartpulse 


  • RTX London 2017: From a First-Time PA Guardian Perspective

    8 hours ago

    aww102 RTXL PA Guardian

    It's been a few days since the end of the first RTX London and it has given me time to reflect how fortunate I have been to be involved in something special. It was certainly a first for a lot of things. A first RTX London, my first time as Guardian and a first time as a PA.

    Needless to say it was daunting at first, not having any experience either being a Guardian or as a PA, since I didn't know what to expect. What I did learn is that there is no shame in asking for help from those more experience. It's not a competition to look better than other Guardians or PA's. All the Guardians are working together to make the show run as smoothly for attendees and staff. I was fortunate enough that the veteran PA's and Guardians I was able to speak with were able to advise and give suggestions on how best to prepare.

    So what is being a PA Guardian like?

    You are:

    - First & foremost, professional and there to serve the needs of your assigned guest. One of the reasons you are chosen to be a PA is to not be an excitable fanboy/fangirl in front of them. By all means try to be relaxed, but do not go pitching ideas or go asking them photos or signatures, whilst on duty. You are there to make friends with your guest, you are to work for them.

    - the keeper of your guest's schedule. This means communicating with your guest (especially if their schedule is packed solid) and keeping track of where they need to be now or next, to ensure that your guest arrives in good time.

    - your guest's navigator around the convention centre. You may need to scout the most efficient routes around the convention centre and that might change depending on the time of day you need to transport your guest around.

    - not always a lone wolf. You are a member of a team and at times you will need to work with other PA's. This is especially the case if your guest is sharing a panel or signing with other guests and they will be all traveling to the same place together. You may also need to speak with you team lead or team coordinator to make extra arrangements (e.g. notifying of seat reservation requests at other panels by your guest).

    - the bearer of bad news for attendees. Sometimes you will need to politely tell attendees that your guest needs to get to a panel or a signing so they cannot get that impromptu photo or autograph the attendee has been waiting patiently for. Sadly you have to look at the bigger picture at times, meaning it's better to disappoint a few opportunistic attendees for the sake of not delaying the start of panel for a thousand people. It can be stressful dealing with so many attendees, but you will need to use your best judgement and remember to be honest with them.

    - a liaison with other Guardian Teams such as the Panel/Tech teams, Signatures Team, Expo Hall Team, ensuring you respect their needs (e.g. turning up early enough to a panel room/center stage for tech tests).

    - an extra pair of hands and an extra set of pockets. Hopefully you will have spoken with your guest about their needs before the convention starts so you'll be ready to hold items they require whilst out and about on the convention floor (e.g. Hand Sanitiser, Sharpies etc.) or hold onto gifts given to your guest by attendees.

    - there when your guest needs you. This might mean there are times you (and other PA's) are waiting outside the Green Room so you can found easily and quickly should your guest have a question or ad-hoc request.

    - working to your guest's hours, not that of the convention. Your guest might need you accompany them to after hours events (e.g. VIP Party), so be prepared pull an extra shift at short notice. Similarly, your guest might not arrive/leave the convention centre at the same time as other guests, so again you will need to make alternative arrangements or adapt to your guest's preferences.

    - there to help in other ways if needed. Your guest might say you are no longer needed for the rest of the day if they are done with their commitments. Be prepare to be temporarily re-assigned to another team might requires extra assistance.

    - in a privileged position. Being a PA Guardian is a sought after position due to close proximity of RT talent. Remember to be modest (i.e. only tell other Guardians you're a PA if asked which team you are in) and to act proper in front of other guests, not just your own.

    Would I be a Guardian again?

    In a heartbeat. It's tiring, hard work and at times quite stressful, but being able to do your best for your guest and the attendees as well as the experiencing the camaraderie with your team is so amazingly worthwhile and satisfying. Even now, almost a week since the end of the first RTX London, I still feel enormous pride to have been part of something that required such a huge collective effort to pull off. My hope is that RT see it fit have another RTX London and that I can continue to be a Guardian and a part of the convention's growth in the near future, whether it be as a PA or not.

    Special Thanks to:

    The PA Team - It has been the greatest privilege to work with such a talented bunch of people, who have shown me an enormous amount of patience and kindness. I’ve learned for much from all of you and I hope to work all of you wonderful people again soon!

    Our PA team lead and coordinator - @The_Hybrid and@Sassbutt_, our jobs would have been undoubtedly been more difficult had it not been for expert problem solving and clear instructions. For that I am extremely grateful.

    Chad and the rest of the RT Talent - We are humbled that you all were able to come visit the island we call home. To have been given the responsibility to serve Chad has been an incredible and unforgettable honour. We hope that your time in the UK and at RTX London was as good as it could be.

    The RT Events team - Thank you for your efforts and persistence in bringing RTX to the thousands of fans here in the UK and beyond. I hope that the RT Community in this part of the world has convinced you that a RTX event has a long and prosperous future here in London.

    @Arileya, @Boomer and all the Team Leads - Your calm heads and astute direction were the reason the show was able run and adapt as smoothly as it did. You all did a fantastic job worthy of so much praise and more! Also thank you for the faith you placed in the Guardians you selected. I hope we were able to do you all proud.

    @SailorTweek, @sirNARVY and @mrarcys - Thank you for gracing the first RTX in London with your invaluable wisdom, experience and support! There are few who match your strength and presence in this wonderful community RT have created!

    @Roocrow and @kriss - In my anxiety and worry, I reached out for PA Guardian advice and you both gifted me with such useful and indispensable information. You have no idea how much of a foundation your reassuring words provided for this first timer. I tip my hat to you both!

    All of the RTX London Guardians - It was wonderful meet many of you, whether we got to chat, shared some humorous quips or exchanged a celebratory high five outside the Green Room. Please congratulate yourselves on a job well done!

    @HuggyV,@Accipita, Emma, @CaptainNai, @PhoebeG & Meghan - Thanks for helping me unwind during our stay at the AirBnB and for putting up with my various states of tiredness, crankiness, delirium, silliness and nervousness.

    And last, but not least, my wonderful girlfriend, @CristaGalli - Your thoughtful & heartfelt messages of love and support helped give me the energy to do best I could. I am so lucky to have you and your love in my life.

  • RTX London... WOW

    1 day ago


    So it happened!!!! Holy Shit

    Last Weekend I had maybe one of the most enjoyable 5 day weekends of my life. I got in on Wednesday, shared a few drinks with some visitors from distant lands who have quickly become some of my favourite people on this planet.

    Thursday started great, getting a few bevs inside me and getting a lovely handprint from @aww102 before starting on the bag packing side of things, meeting my team for the first time (And the only time they didn't call me Daddy) and then spending the evening at the Custom House

    Friday started early, finishing bag packing and then getting my team together for orientation and the like before spending the evening with @PhoebeG and watching the rest of the flat spend 15 minutes deciding whether to lick a little triangle that did fuck all during DnD.

    Saturday & Sunday was when it all started, the madness, the questions, the queues! We were running around like headless chickens a lot of Saturday trying to keep everything working and we did. I had an amazing time, lots of people thanking us for Guardian-ing really made my day and honestly, I couldn't have done it without my amazing team who were easily the best bunch of people I've had the pleasure to call my children. You all chipped in and brought me a gift and honestly, even now I well up thinking about it and you guys so thank you so much!!!

    I also had the honour of being on the RTUK & Special Effect panel on Sunday, talking about Special Effect and the work they do, and all the help that RTUK do, and will be doing in the future (£2,500 for a GameBlast tattoo next year!)

    Sunday night, I had the pleasure to attend the RTUK after party for Special Effect. @Tudor did a fantastic job and everyone should go tell him what an amazing job he did! The event and auctions raising over £2k for charity.

    I haven't mentioned a lot of names, but you all know who you are and how you helped me have one of the best weekends in my life.

    I love you


    2 days ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I hope everyone enjoys the CRWBY episode today!  It’s lots of fun talking about some of the FX y’all see in RWBY.  I would love to answer any questions any of you may have!

  • Black Sabbath

    2 days ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am

    So this video was put up this week. The last of the last, the end of The End. Paranoid, played one final time at the final show of the final tour of the progenitors of heavy metal, Black Sabbath. 

    I saw them on that tour, in Mansfield, MA. Outside, at the xfinity center. I had seats but my friend and I chose to stay on the lawn instead, where I met up with someone who I had seen play before in a much smaller place and a friend of his. It felt like how I always imagined the 70s, everyone good-naturedly talking, sharing their beer and weed freely. There was a mosh pit during Paranoid, just a series of push-pits up on the lawn because everyone was so excited that we were among the last people to see these living legends play live. 

    On the way back it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot. Someone said our car looked a little low, but I was so full of cannabis and alcohol so I fell asleep until I was shaken awake. We were on the side of the highway in a breakdown lane with a shredded tire and a flat spare. So we called AAA and I fell asleep again on the grass beside the highway until the tow truck came and dropped me off a block before my house before taking my friend and his car the rest of the way. 

    It was a magnificent time, one of the best nights of my life. I went the day I got hired at the job I finish one week from this moment. 

    Everything is endings and the closing of chapters. 

  • Cracking open a cold episode with the boys

    1 day ago


    Content ID Free


  • Funny Dumb Thing

    17 hours ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    I just found this series on Amazon. Thought I'd check YT and that's where the link takes you. Go waste a few minutes of your life. 

  • Look what I got in the mail today

    17 hours ago


    I know, right?  USPS sending mail in on Sundays?  Crazy.

    Anyway, the thing that came in...


    Which reminds me that I need to finish up the first one.

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