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  • The Making of "Better Than You"

    1 day ago

    Miles Miles

    Howdy Campers!

    I hope you guys have all been enjoying the new season of Camp Camp! It's been an absolute blast getting to work on this show with Jordan, Kerry, and Gray and I'm SO happy it's back.

    One of the things I wanted to do this season was write a new song, as I had a ton of fun writing "The Camp Camp Song Song" which plays at the start of every episode. I've always been really interested in music. In school I played violin, saxophone, and guitar... and I was terrible at all of them. HOWEVER, I've really developed a love for working with musicians on the shows we make (like Nico and David for RvB). The only problem is... I can't read or write music.

    Throughout the production of the Chorus Trilogy, I would often call Nico and have to sing melodies to him and describe the kind of instrumentation I was hearing in my head because I simply didn't speak the language. It sounded just as silly as you'd expect, but it got the job done, so I did something similar for David and Daniel's song "Better Than You"!

    It started with dozens of voice memos saved to my phone of me just humming different melodies, adding to them, and then eventually settling on one that I liked! After that, I moved onto the lyrics. Turns out writing lyrics for songs is INCREDIBLY fun. It's this cool word puzzle where you have to not only make sure the words rhyme, but that they all have the right number of syllables AND are hopefully funny/clever/cute/etc. I got my first taste of it on the RvB Musical from Season 14, then again with Camp Camp, but THIS time I wanted to flex my teeny, tiny music muscles and take on a duet!

    The song was originally titled "When Daniel Went Down to Camp Camp" (but I changed it as it was a little too on-the-nose), and these are the lyrics:




    I wrote David's verse first, Daniel's second, then had to write their simultaneous parts for the finale and figure out how to harmonize with myself. It took a LOT of voice memos, but I finally figured it out, practiced it, and walked into our sound booth one day and asked our mixer Alena for a favor.

    This was the end result.

    The children are horrifying. I know.

    We sent that off to Camp Camp's composer, Benjamin Zecker, and HE. MADE. THAT. SHIT. DOPE. Re-recording the song with ACTUAL music to listen to made the whole experience way more fun, and he made a slight suggestion to change the melody that actually works a lot better with all of his supporting instruments, BECAUSE HE'S A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS.

    After that, Daniel was cast! You might know Evan Gregory from the musical group The Gregory Brothers. Not only was he a great voice actor for our creepy cult leader, but the son of a bitch can SING. Like Benjamin, Evan added his own ideas to some of his lines that really helped elevate the entire song and we were super grateful to have him come on board for the role.

    Soooo YEAH! Thanks to the amazing work of Ben and Evan, our sound team, our animators, our producer, our director, and plenty of other incredible folks, we were able to take a silly little recording of myself and turn it into something awesome!

    Here's to hoping we can do it again sometime...

  • RTX news!

    2 days ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

     towerAdditional signings added!

    Check out the latest post by @Bethany

    All questions, comments, concerns you might have about the additional signings can be commented to her post

     towerUpdated RTX Schedule!

    New updated schedule shows the times & panels for the Animation Fest!

    (Looks like it's not updated on RTXAustin.com yet, but the following link is to the Twitter announcement. Will edit this post when updated!)

    New Schedule located here

     towerRTX mobile app

    The RTX app is being updated for this year. No release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

     towerWhat are you looking forward to the most at RTX?

    For me - It's seeing all of my friends in real life. It's watching attendees make new friends and meet their heroes. It's the feeling of a job well done when we lock up for the night. It' all the hugs and high fives. It's all of the chances to problem solve and learn new things about working with a terrific team. It's the Texas sky when the sun is setting. It's the intense love of air conditioning. It's the foooooood.

  • On Autographs (And RTX in General, Really)

    1 day ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck

    Let me preface this by saying that everything I write here is not meant to be hate. It is honest criticism that comes from a place of deep hurt and disappointment. It's not meant to tear down, but to build up, hopefully better and stronger than it ever has been.

    I never went to RTX for the autographs. I am one of the lucky community members who was here when this place was a thriving, bustling hub of activity. Groups were super active, there were 100s of journals posted every day, and there were maybe a dozen spambots to deal with in a week. By the time I went to my first RTX in 2014, I had made a ton of friends. I was going to see them, to see panels they were on, to have fun. I don't recall even considering autographs that year.

    After that it felt like, bit by bit, the community crumbled. Things stopped receiving the attention they deserved, people started dropping out... And then, of course, the site switch. We've all ranted enough about that, I won't go into it, but suffice it to say... We lost a lot of that community feeling.

    I didn't get a pass for this RTX that came with a signing so I have no idea how the process worked this year. I do think there was a distinct lack of communication on RT or Frontgate's part when it came to pointing people to the link to sign up. I hope that's corrected next year. In addition, I fully acknowledge that there's no way we could ever possibly wipe out the complaining entirely. However, I think there's a lot RT could do to mitigate this situation in the future.

    Would people have been as upset if autographs weren't the only thing they were looking forward to doing at RTX? If the focus were on the community, would we be in this mess? I think the answer is an unequivocal "no." This issue is fundamentally tied to the way the community has disintegrated in the past 2 years. If there were a concerted effort to bring this community back to life... If more attention were given to the community and the site (including all the community-building tools we used to have)... If RT did more to help us connect to each other rather than just try to grab the attention of the staff, maybe we'd all be excited for more than just autographs.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I totally understand why you'd be upset at not getting an autograph. The culture of RTX, and the community, is not about connecting people anymore. Lots of us are trying to keep it that way, but we really can't get anywhere without it coming from the top down. Just don't get me started on the community panels this year. That would take a separate journal of its own.

    I don't know... Maybe I'm talking out of my butt here. What do you think?

    <3 Duck

  • Day 174 RTX hat

    2 days ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I finished my hat that I will be wearing at RTX. I'm not sure it's obnoxious enough though...


  • GiFriday #30 (Guns For Hire post 1)

    2 days ago

    Myshu chupariffic

    This GiFriday's a special one!

    Last year I collaborated with @synnesai and a good fella named Sam Newmark to make this video:

    Synne was our illustrator, storyboarder and concept artist, Sam did the sounds and music, and I modeled and animated the rest.

    You can check out Synnesai's badass art pieces (character designs, sets, fake screenshots, etc) for this on her blog right here.

    It was a really fun gig, and I was happy to be a part of the team! I should probably also mention that we're not following up on this. It was just a happy one-shot idea, haha.

    Something I did to prep for this project was create test gifs for each character. This week we'll start with Blue Team!

    Synne's art:






    Next week: some rowdy Reds.

    Love y'all~

  • RT Radio @ RTX Austin 2017

    1 day ago

    Joe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Eighty7/RT Radio

    Hello! We're only a couple of weeks out from this years RTX Austin. Are you going? Are you excited? YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED!

    Errrr, anyway. Once again we have plans for the RTX weekend so here are all the details....


    Yes, a return of RT Radio Karaoke Night. That means a night of having fun and singing sometimes inappropriate songs with a bunch of friends. It's the 3rd year we've hosted this meet-up and we're looking forward to seeing as many as you there as possible. So come join us on Friday night (7/7) at 9pm at The Highball. We'll be in the Joystick room.

    And again for a 3rd year running, we'll be giving away some free stuff throughout the weekend. We'll be handling it slightly differently as @Joe won't be in Austin (sad face) and @dizzyblinker will be busy with Guardian duties during the day. This year head to Booth 642 on the convention floor and superstar community member @LadyOddDuck will have our supply of pins to give away.

    Thank you all for supporting us and being members of this group. We hope to see you at the convention and at our meet-up, have a fantastic RTX!

    ~ Team RT Radio

  • Old or distinguished?

    1 day ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    It's been a long time since I've posted a selfie. Figured some of you might want to see the salt and pepper hair I got going on.


    It's mostly on the sides for now (which is why my hair is all emo swooshed to the side) and I promise that's not light reflecting. I'd say almost 1/4th of the hair on my head has turned completely white and I aint even mad because I think it looks cool! 

    I'm 31 years old btw.

  • 008 Update #23- RTXcited (Again) Part 1: The More You Know…

    15 hours ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    {6/21/2017 16:12PST}

    This #RTXcited blog is the beginning of the series for #RTX2017.  Since it’s from me you can mostly expect it to be ridiculous with kernels of things that are nice to know.


    So, at a few weeks left until RTX, I don’t have so much on the level of plans but I’ve got plenty of facts and ideas to share because this will be my second trip down to Texas for the best gathering of an internet community around.  I also feel writing all of these out might foster further discussion, questions, and RTXcited entries.  So, let’s start the list of fun facts:


    -I’ll only be down for the three days of the convention.  It’s unfortunate because I’ve got a lot of friends who I only really see in Austin and I’d love to visit with all of you.  But, it’s a work thing and I’ll be taking the red eye in and out (more so in).  So, if you see me, please come up and say hi.  This is me by the way, and that brings me into my next point:


    -There will be a more detailed post about this down the line, but there’s more than just my classic shady smirk under thick frames and ginger hair that’ll help you recognize me on the floor (and I may get a haircut between now and then (y’all will get updated on that)).  The easy thing to recognize me on the floor is I plan to cosplay (casually at least) all three days (quite a step up from my one day of Deadpool last year).  The days and levels of costume are still up in the air, but I’ve got three RT characters ready to roll.  Casual Mad King: my brother got me a Black Watch kilt for my birthday last year and I’ve got a crown and Ryan Achieve Shirt ready to go.  Camp Camp Camp Councilor/“David:” Shouldn’t surprise anyone a happy ginger got his shirt last RTX and exploits it and his dark green shorts as much as possible.  Hair gel, maybe, but we’ll see.  Epsilon “You Gotta Have Faith” Church: I am very proud of that jacket and wear it all the time, but the full “costume” is something else entirely. We’ll see how long I can last in denim in Texas in early July.  I’ll be doing this on RvB panel day.  (Started writing this before the schedule was released.  With that in mind, here’s my “official” “cosplay” schedule.)



    -RTX is a full long weekend put on by a fantastic online entertainment production company, but even that comes with some down time.  Especially when it comes to waiting for panels, bring something you can just sit with or play with other people with.  Sure there’s MBD and other things RT related, but I’ll be up to my old tricks some too and have a few decks of Pokémon cards.  I don’t exactly play strictly tournament style (the easiest way to casually play it).  Because it worked well enough last year I’ll be bringing more decks for other people to use than just the  “Toxic Beasts” one from last year.  I’m thinking my classic “Mental Shock” and “Dark Rocket” decks as well.  We’ve got options, I may go over them sometime soon.  I haven’t really been a hand-held guy since I beat Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on PSP, so I’ve gotta have something right?  I’ll probably be down to play your games too.  Except Magic…

    Other things you can do in lines/in down time are: chat with your neighbors, check twiter and group messages (because coordinating with others is important), take a little rest,  have a snack, and organize your own things and plans.


    -Did you read my FUNpacking of the RWBY trading cards?  I’ve got a few of those that I’d be willing to trade, and they’ll be with me too.  I’m also going to have other merch on my person, both the stuff I buy and the things I’m bringing around to get signed.  You’re going to have stuff you won’t want to carry so bring a pack of a sort.  You get a free gym bag with your badge, but it’s not that big.  I’m still figuring which I’m going to have, but you should bring a decent sized pack for not only your merch, but for some basics as well.  This includes a snack, liquids, a charging log or two, and things you need for health.  I’m bringing a small thing of Star Wars Band-Aids, and probably a couple of notebooks. 


    -I am very excited.  Not just to be down there, but to see all of you people and to have interactions and situations I don’t expect.  It’s good to have plans and things you want to do, but it’s important to be flexible and open to the experience based on priorities, not a checklist. For example, the one panel I have prioritized above the others is the RvB panel, my autograph session ends at 3:30.  I’m willing to put aside the rest of that afternoon towards getting to that.  It means I might miss Meg walking the floor or a chance to play Tetris with Jack, but I’ll be in line with awesome RvB fans I can talk to.  There are trade-offs.  And if I somehow arrive after the RvB panel has been capped, I have a whole few hours opened up.  Maybe I’ll check out this year’s interactive experience (Personally I hope it’s not ____ Little Roosters themedbut that’s just me .(It’s fun but I’ve never been able to get as into the ARG part and I fall off…)) 

    The point is, you can have things you want to do, but RTX is best when you let it happen.  I met people waiting for panels, I stumbled upon “wnning” that Pizza Hut Skateboard from playing The Simpsons Arcade with Greg Miller, I found all my guardian friends around the hall, there was a Grif Ball challenge I had no idea about, and more. 

    I do have a quest, but it’s a long time forming and it’s just something I need to keep an eye out for.  And if we’re ever together and you see a Founding Father in the wild, tell me. 


    - There’s of course some basics too, things to make sure you’re happy and healthy.

    --Make sure people know where you are for your own safety and their peace of mind

    --Respect other people

    --Do what Guardians tell you and don’t be afraid to ask them for help

    --Wear sunscreen

    --Keep yourself fueled (eat the free Pizza Hut)

    --Clean up after yourself

    --Get some sleep

    --Keep yourself clean

    --Be aware that the RT cast and crew have all sorts of obligations at the event they are hosting.

    --And, as always, have fun.


    That’s all I can think of for now.  Are you RTXcited?  Do you have anything in mind?  Any particular questions about the event or my planned trip down?  Let me know in the comments.


    Next time we’ll talk packing and actual things.



    EDIT P.S.


    Rather than keep moving in circles around something square, I'm going back to basics and moving forward. 

    Also, about the delay of Red vs Blue: Rec0very; as much as I love my little fan work, I've been dedicating some time to other more original projects and want to know if anyone is interested in me continuing to post the comic script here?  I will if anyone wants me to. 

    EDIT P.P.S. {6/24/2017 11:44p PST}

    And...  Red vs Blue Rec0very is being postponed and for good reason.  For a project that was founded on the idea of being a possible RvB14 story, I have found I made a huge mistake hinging on a smaller detail and it is one I can't quite overlook or explain away.  Some things will need to change.  Good thing those were all billed as just drafts, right?

    I'll rework things and try to get the new versions out soon, but other projects (see the first half of the previous post script) are coming along so we won't be without the semi-regular 008 Fanwork posts.






























  • The Red Wedding

    15 hours ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    Today (24th) I went to a wedding for someone we lovingly call Red. I dressed up for it a little.


    Fancy knots are fun to tie. That one's called the Celtic Knot. I kept the last loop a lot looser than the video shows, to give it the rounded look. People seemed to like it. My shoes are pretty spiffy as well, but I didn't grab a picture of them for this journal. Because they're shoes.

    The wedding was fun. The food was excellent. The Internet got our own table. And then there was Dungeons & Dragons. I played a sassy drunken gnome NPC and watched mayhem ensue. It's great when a World of Darkness player brings that particular sensibility to DMing a D&D game. It makes for twisted stories.

    And then we went to a hotel room and ordered pizza. Because why wouldn't we? The wedding was smallish, and things wound down at a reasonable hour, which was nice. 10/10 would attend again.

    Also everyone lived. Take that, Martin.

  • Best Bye

    2 days ago

    Jteeth Mandalf, his brother

    Let me start this journal off the way I assume most RT site users are required to nowadays: Man it's been awhile since I posted huh?

    Now that that's out of the way let's talk about life, more specifically my life, that IS why you're reading this anyways right? I thought it was time for me to post a little update on here since after a very long time I'm finally doing some stuff that's worth of mentioning.

    For the past 3 and a bit years I've been working full time at Best Buy. In that time I've put my all into my positions there. I'm the kind of person who can really only focus on one thing at a time so because of that I haven't really been doing much else (except for the occasional RTX or Toronto event((RIP)) which honestly kept me going, y'all rock) Recently I came to the conclusion that I couldn't see any next steps there that appealed to me and my particular talents so I handed in my two weeks notice. As of next Tuesday I will no longer be working at the big blue.

    I am very thankful to be in a position where I am able to do a move like this without having to fear about my immediate needs like food, housing, or debt which would force me to have a new job ready to go almost right away. I plan on taking a little bit to look at myself, my health, and my goals and figure out what next steps I should take to make things happen in my life again. I'm really tired of being the person at the table who doesn't have anything to contribute to the conversation except "Yeah I'm still just working, sleeping, and eating". I'm pumped to have the chance to kick myself into gear and actually find a situation that will build me up to becoming a better person, living a happier life.

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