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  • Featured User NUMBER 8

    7 hours ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

    A few days ago, I was Featured User! 

    8 time champion!  caboose

    But...it might not actually count.

    You see, I was the one who put my name on the Featured User queue.

    *collective gasp from audience*

    But I have a really good excuse!

    I've been trying to keep the Featured User queue populated with active users since August. I have a spreadsheet and it totally looks like I have a system  barbara I populate the queue with about 30 Community members at a time and put a little post-it note on my monitor with a date to go back to the queue and repopulate it before the algorithm takes over. 

    And that algorithm is aggressive. It is run by @THE_HAND and it picks 30+ random usernames regardless of activity. That's not totally a bad thing, but I think having a Featured User that has actually logged in is much  better on Community's collective self esteem. ALSO: When The Hand takes over, you have to delete the queue one-by-one. There is no CLEAR ALL button. 

    Anyhoo, populating that queue can be quite the task. There is research to be done - has this Community member been logged in? How do the engage with other Community members? Are they nice? Are they sharing work-in-progress photos of a passionate project? Did they just have a baby? Are they positively engaged with Staff and/or content? Are they helpful to others? Are they writing journals? How long have they been with the Community? - and much, much more.

    And since February was WEIRD and RTX Guardian planning is in high gear, I faltered on my FUQ duties. 

    I was getting super close to the algorithm take-over date, so I had put my name on there as a place holder. I would only have 1 name to clear! Super easy, right?

    And then I completely forgot to write my reminder post-it.

    So, I FU'd myself. I FU'd myself so hard.

    I took a spot that could have gone to someone else. Who might that someone have been? 

    This is where YOU come in!

    I would like for you to tell me who you would like to see as Featured User on the RT website. Nominate folks! You can give an explanation as to why a Community member deserves to be FU'd if you'd like. You can even nominate YOURSELF! No shame; no judgement!

    Either send me a direct message or flood the comments section of this post! Let's fill up the Featured User queue! 

  • Sponsor Chat Fail Compendium

    1 day ago

    Zack Zatch

    A long time ago, @KevinClayton had the brilliant idea to start hoarding screenshots of people posting botched links in sponsor chat. It was glorious and my favorite thing ever. Despite it only displaying a very narrow scope of the chat, it did an excellent job of jogging the memory of anyone that's ever been in there for a good length of time. He didn't want to keep doing it, so I took up the mantle and posted a second volume of fails, and continued the tradition of passing on the torch to someone else. The third entry was put together by none other than @jpps, who even caught adam failing! After that, @niall wrote a fourth entry! I even failed twice in one screenshot in that one... -_- @AnarchyFire put together a fifth entry, where he titled it "Original 48" and then proceeded to post 47 screenshots. 

    I've been meaning to put together a single place to find all of the fails. Here they all are!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    A sixth entry was never put together, because now sponsor chat is really slick (a term I use loosely) and doesn't use img tags anymore. It's like we couldn't complete the second trilogy.

    Yet...here we have our sixth entry at long last. Someone found a way to fail harder than any of the other previous fails. Maybe AnarchyFire can put it in his to make his numbers match up.

    @Cinomari might be embarrassed, but I'm not posting this to shame her. It was incredible to witness. People make mistakes, and the beauty of the Fail Compendium is how it cherishes our imperfect humanity. And the profane reactions are pretty great too.

    Her fail actually spanned 3 separate screenshots that I had to stitch together in Photoshop, that's how magnificent it was. Hopefully your mouse scroll-wheel is in top shape.




    Good luck to anyone trying to top that! I would love a seventh edition of this series, but I would be surprised if someone could fail even harder.

    Once again, if you aren’t a part of sponsor chat, this is probably lost on you. I’ll post something for you next time, I promise. 

  • London

    8 hours ago


    I just can't believe this keeps happening.

    What kind of awful person does such a thing?

    I got a jolting scare, since my cousin lives in London. (She is fine)

    One death is one too many.

    One injured is one too many.

    This needs to stop.

    For you terrorist:



    1 day ago


    Hey Folks,

    Just wanted to say it's an honor to be today's featured user!  I've been a huge fan of RT for years now.  The content they put out every day and the friends I've made in the community have become an important part of my life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

    I've also had the privilege to be a RTX Guardian for the past three years, and I will be returning for my fourth year this summer!  Special shout out to all the Guardians on the site who helped me feel truly welcome in this awesome community we're a part of.  I hope to see you all this summer at the funnest event of the year!  Super special shoutout to all my RT D&D bros.  You know who you are...  

    If I don't know you, let's be friends!  Feel free to shoot me a friend request.  Let's play video games or something.

    - Garth (Gherb)

  • Merch March Photo Collection 2

    1 day ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Starting with one I forgot to put in #merchmarch Photo Collection 1


    Sorry, formatting things happened in this first one.C6AxMYWUYAA5fhh.jpg
    and drinkware helps you to be a hotshot mixologist.


    Hopefully y'all haven't gotten tired of my lovely mug this #merchmarch .

    (@ailsarocks sad she didn't)


    Than HERE IT IS



    What do you have to do to remember your keys?



    What I like best about is how we band together!



    1 I woke up like this.
    2 This is the first RT shirt I ever got.
    3 Not pictured: Sweatpants



    Something about golden idols...
    I forgot the holiday and I am Irish, but have worn all my green. Oh well! .



    I wonder if Team Faturday could be a thing, ?

    Happy Saturday in anyway!



    I specialize in classy absurdist off-brand humor.



    Today I celebrate and the changing of the seasons. (none of that Gregorian nonsense)


    C7eenILVAAI6wS5.jpgI'm ready for anything when I've got my sack! I know it's only , but who's ready for ?


    C7jVlWiVUAAvUoY.jpgThis mouse pad is also a loyal companion for the , especially the photo collections.


    How's your #merchmarch going?


  • 008 Mini Update- Field Notes for RvB 15

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Over in the forums we've been snapping at any #RvB15 information we can get.  We're less than two weeks away from the 15th anniversary of the SHOW AND THE COMPANY, PEOPLE!  That's no conformation of anything, but just something to note by itself.

    As we prepare for the season, I think it's only appropriate I get myself ready for full crackpot mode by making a list of all the things I DO know for sure.  And I may as well share that information.  (And it came up in the forums more naturally...)

    So, here's an itemized list of things we know about the upcoming season or can very reliably speculate.  This will be a post I revisit as we learn more prior to the premiere so feel free to comment anything you can think of, or if you just want to stay as on top of it as me, comment for updates/follow the post.

    Things We Know about Season 15 (Even Tangentially) As of 5:44 PM PST 3/21/2017

    -The story summary states a new plot-driving character who is a reporter investigating the Reds and the Blues and their possible connections to the brewing Human-Alien conflicts in the colony worlds (IE Chorus and the SImulation System)

    -The reporter is female.  This is only important because we can slightly speculate to the possible in-house RT actresses who haven't played roles and what her personality might bring to the character.  External actresses are possible but not as fruitful for speculation.  Too many.

    -There is an unknown timejump between seasons, but it is likely within months like most previous ones.

    -Writing and Directing has been handed over to Joe Nicolosi who wrote, directed, and animated Brick Gultch, the RvBVR shorts, and his own comedy shorts, animations, and skits.

    -Miles, Burnie, and Matt are still involved with story to a degree.

    -Kerry was present at the RTX AU panel for RvB.

    -Machinima is being done in Halo 5

    -Machinima has been done in a night-time variant of an industrial map with a city skybox that in Halo lore is a colony world.

    -Brandon and Kerry have commented on recording lines, meaning that Palomo and Bitters will return for speaking roles.

    - Geoff has confirmed he has/will be recording lines.  As has Gus.  (I'm just putting this here to be through.)

    -Church's plan to delete himself has (for all intents and purposes of the current plan) succeded and some new form of the fragment personas will be returning.

    -There's a hidden gem in a few recent posts by RT that I'm not sure if anyone here caught onto.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, BUT several official RT posts in the pre season 15 hype building in the forums and on other social platforms have mentioned Sister.  And not just a mention, but with enough importance to consider her extened return in 15 as being almost garunteed.  It was tucked nicely into the post about Wash AND Sister lines, true, but she keeps coming up publicly.

    -It has been discussed that retro/classic merch could return to the store sometime soon.  This includes the Red vs Blue Jersey shirts which appeared very early on.  Gavin is lobbying for Grif's to be the original intended 69 rather than 22. 

  • Help!

    10 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    Anyone else having issues with the video player not working? I get to the video, hit play and then nothing happens no matter how long I wait. I can get them to play on mobile but not my PC. It's not my internet either. Seriously, let me know if you are experiencing this because it's been happening to me since yesterday.

    I was really hoping to catch up on some content today, but I guess I'll just go play with my cats.


    Edit: I restarted my PC and allowed some Windows updates to install. The video player seems to be working fine now. I'm leaving the post up for the sweet cat gif.

  • Day 81

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Today I did a fun (unrelated) sketch to practice doing details.  I did more prep work on the support for the next painting as well as finished comping my ref in photoshop. Tomorrow I get to paint!

  • GotD Timed Trials

    1 day ago


    47 minutes, it takes me 47 minutes to produce this monstrosity. I forgot to powder off the wax before painting. Check out that shiny shine. TT.TT Why do I do this to myself??


    Removal .Gif! I made a .Gif of my stuff! So much win!


  • I Want To Die

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Anthill Renovator

    ... or rather, I want to see my characters die in video games.

    Ever since 1980 when my dad brought home this little graphical adventure game called King's Quest, I've been fascinated by how the protagonist dies. Some games like the old Sierra adventure games, Mortal Kombat-type games, and Dead Space have a unique death per situation. The Sierra games were almost always hilarious. Few games nowadays do that.

    I have this morbid curiosity as to what happens when the protagonist dies, and I'm disappointed if it's just a ragdoll or falling in a slump. Sometimes, it's actually a struggle not to just have the protagonist jump off a cliff at least once. Then once done, I'm trying to get the protagonist burned or smashed or some other fatal method.

    It usually makes me laugh. I've actually replayed many games to see if there were different kinds of death of the protagonist.

    Am I weird? Can I blame Sierra for this? How about blaming my dad at least?

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