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  • Mimic Chest!!!

    1 day ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Many years ago I started hanging out with a wonderful group of Halo players who formed a clan called the Halo Wheelmen.  While I never officially joined their ranks I played many MANY games of Halo, Destiny, Gears, and a variety of other multiplayer games with them because they were good people in all the ways a person can be good.

    Fast forward more then a decade later and a few of those wonderful Wheelmen start working on a box for D&D players to carry all of their stuff. The Mimic Chest from Polymorph Crafts looked awesome, and those good people offered to send me one in advance of their Kickstarter.





    It sounds SO GOOD to roll dice in the dice tray, and they even made the bottom color blue because YEAH BLUE!!


    I am very excited to use this in a D&D game! It's super functional and is gonna save me a lot of space in my bag for all of the random little things I usually have to bring!

    So yea, this might read like a commercial for their box.  But these are friends of mine who I have known for years, starting a small company, making a cool product, and are good people.  I have nothing but love for this, and am happy to preach all over the internet about how awesome Polymorph Crafts are.



  • Guess who's back, back again

    10 hours ago


    Crofty's back, tell a friend.

    Or I guess I've kind of been back for a while. Went to Sweden's biggest convention (aka NärCon) for four days in July which was super fun! Meeting friends is always fun, and considering that most of my close friends are cosplayers, attending events like these always make me happy. I didn't get too many photos as I didn't cosplay as much as I usually do at cons (I was working as an assistant for the photographer of the Nordic Cosplay Championship), but links to some are further down in this post!

    Then I went on vacation - spent three weeks in the Philippines. Warm as hell, as usual, but fun. After that, I was busy with the intro weeks for the new students at my university (I helped out and it was so much fun, but damn was I exhausted). Then, there's obviously studying to deal with... and Overwatch. An awful lot of Overwatch.

    I will actually stream some drunk or at least tipsy Overwatch in a little while over at my Twitch channel so feel free to stop by! I stream occasionally from time to time so if you're interested in watching, follow me like a crazy stalker (but please not literally)

    Oh, and have some cosplay selfies from NärCon. Those are always fun.

    I hope you've all had a lovely summer! <3

  • RTX London Community After Party

    1 day ago

    Tudor RTXL Store Lead Guardian

    Have you heard the news? We're hosting an after party for the community after RTX London, and raising money for Special Effect to boot! We understand some people have questions, so we'll try and answer some of these below. If your question is not answered, please leave a comment and we'll reply to you.


    Poster designed by @Lixxieb

    When do tickets go on sale?
    Tickets will go live for sale on October 4th. We'll announce it first on Twitter, so go follow @RoosterTeethUK to know first, other social platforms will be updated afterwards.

    Can I buy tickets on the door?
    Afraid not. Due to the capacity of the venue and the drinks tokens being included in the ticket price, we'll have to have a confirmed list of ticket holders prior to the event.
    There's also a very limited number of tickets available, and we're expecting them to sell quickly!

    Do I need to have an RTX badge to buy tickets?

    While we'd like to see this as a chance for people who have met at RTX to hang out socially afterwards, we've got no way of stopping anyone from buying tickets if they didn't attend RTX.

    How far is the venue from RTX London?

    You can take either the DLR up to Stratford from Prince Regent Station (this is the station by the east entrance to Excel) or take the 473 bus North bound. Either option takes roughly 25 minutes.

    Is it over 18's only?

    Will any RT staff be attending?
    We've extended an open invitation to any Rooster Teeth staff or special guests from RTX London that would want to come, but we won't be announcing any guests for the party.

     towerPlease do not come to the venue without a ticket in the hopes of meeting RT staff. tower

  • Day 265

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I finally decided on a method and topic to experiment with. A local museum is having a 10x10 artwork sale (similar to the 6x6 one at a different museum).  I cut out a piece of matboard to those dimensions and laid down some dimensional paint, which now has to dry overnight. 

    I am attempting a landscape using the metal tape-we'll see how it goes during the next step. 

  • It's Friday

    1 day ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    And you wish you loved anything as much as this chipmunk loves freshly washed bedsheets.

    You're welcome.  wink

  • RTX London Community After Party

    1 day ago

    Tudor RTXL Store Lead Guardian

    GET HYPE!!!


    More details here!

    Super shout out to the lovely and talented @Lixxieb for the poster!

  • My RTX/North American/Other Stuff Adventure!

    11 hours ago

    andytheciderman RTCyclist/Keeper of Wine

    Catchy title eh?

    What do you mean 'no'?

    Anyway, here are some pics from my summer adventures, and some links to my Flickr albums for you to enjoy :)

    First up is Vancouver.  I went here as part or my North American adventure and visited before heading down to Austin for RTX.  A beautiful and incredibly interesting place, I saw my first orca here.  RTX was next, and it was my first chance to meet my GGG and OCC friends.  I had a wonderful time and it certainly won't be my last RTX, it might be an 'every other year' thing though, but I'll see.  I've included my favourite snaps from here down below.  After that it was down to Galveston for the GGG Meet Up beach holiday.  That was a smashing week and it was a shame I had to leave early.  Definitely keen to go to the next one and play silly buggers with those guys again.  And finally on this trip was one day in New York, first time there and it wasn't long enough to do it justice, but it was a great day.

    Here are the links to my Flickr albums:

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8fkF49 - North America trip

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5AXFYq - Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm3hRpsU - Isles of Scilly family holiday












  • Bored in 7 Days

    1 day ago

    Treanomaly Absolute Travist

    So I got bored in 7 days. I'm too well fortified and don't know what else to do. So I started to make a maze in the game. 

    Oddly, some of the zombies kind of walk through it, so I'm putting traps in also. I'm going to see how big I can make it. It's going to take a lot of resources, but it's something to do for now. 

  • Fact of The Day:

    10 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    China went mango mad during 1968.

    Chairman Mao Zedong, whom was given about 40 mangoes by the foreign minister of Pakistan, decided to gift them to the workers of Northern China.

    Yes, Mao gave approximately 30,000 people, at the time, around 40 mangoes.

    They were a hit with the public.

    Though they became immortalised throughout all of China's population, all 

    The mangoes were taken as a symbol of how Mao had in the chaotic random violence of, and that the mangoes symbolised the end of the Cultural Revolution.

    They were so popular that the large majority were never eaten, they were instead preserved and revered as "holy" objects.

    Wax replicas of the fruit held in glass were even given to workers, which were to be held in high regard in their homes, else they would be admonished by their companions and superiors.

    There were riots, parades, debates and even executions all in the name of these mangoes, most of China had never even seen a mango, let alone worshipped one as holy.

    To this day the mango is held in high regard in China.

    So, there you are China went mango mad in the late sixties, all because Mao didn't really even like fruit.

    If Pakistan had given him a crate of raisins then there might have been enough for everyone.

    Further Info: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/A059/production/_88194014_mangoestop.jpg


  • Worldly Views

    15 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold First World Palabras

    I think park of my problem with the Internet is that it lulls me into thinking everyone's close by until some dose of reality reminds me that I'm in some freaky dimensional oasis in the middle of the Old South, where only retirees and college kids live, locked in an epic struggle to maintain a simple life on one side and to progress on the other - not realizing that the two are not mutually exclusive. (Even the weather doesn't want to get involved in that mess - the worst of it always gives us a miss.) It's a jarring sense of loneliness for us sometimes.

    I wonder if having two timestamps, one with my timezone (Rooster Teeth's timezone) and the other with the member's own timezone, would help keep me grounded a bit more when online.

    It might also help people plan online get-togethers better if they could see the differences in time zones. That would be a neat social feature... optional of course... and only after other social features are working as we need them to do.

    ... but on other social platforms, this could be a nice addition, too, so I know when someone in Newfoundland posts in the wee hours of the morning, its actually after sunrise for them, or when someone in Alaska posts well after bedtime, they're not actually staying up late yet. It throws off my perspective of their posts when my timezone says they're doing something at an odd hour.

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