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  • Update on Chloe

    10 hours ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I know many of you are familiar with what's going on with my Maltese, Chloe, but I don't believe I've posted about her here. 

    To get y'all up to speed, I fostered Chloe in 2012. Back then, we worked with a dog rescue and they reached out asking if I could rehabilitate a dog that was going to have her leg amputated. Since Wasabi is a tripod herself, the rescue thought I would be a good fit for Chloe. Turned out that her previous owner broke her leg and left her like that, so it healed improperly and was rendered useless. The rescue picked her up and decided to amputate and place her in a foster home to recover. 

    She came to our home, and she never left. The little fluff ball bonded to me within minutes and she never left my side. I decided to adopt her officially in October of 2012. She is a little hellion, and that's a huge understatement. She's chewed through door frames, broken out of puppy gates (and cracked the walls because of it), destroyed shoes, dug holes into the carpet WHILE crated, and no combination of thunder shirt, anxiety sprays/meds, etc... worked on her. But she is still my baby. 

    She followed me everywhere I go, always assuming that I will leave her for good. As soon as I move, her little head pops up and wonders what my next plan is and whether it involves her. When I get up in the morning, I see her head pop up at the foot of the bed, and she waits for me while I shower and get ready for the day. Even though she sleeps most of the day, she's never far from me. She's my little white shadow. 

    A few weeks ago, we found out she has cancer. She hadn't been breathing well, so I took her to the vet, and we had X rays done and found a huge mass that has taken up half her lung capacity. As she's a senior dog, we felt that surgery and chemo would be too extreme for her. So now we are just making her feel comfortable until it's time to say farewell. 

    As each day goes by, she shows more signs of slowing down. She no longer follows me everywhere, and she's eating less. The vet told me that I shouldn't expect her to live beyond July with Christmas being the longest she could likely stay, but now it's looking more like I will have to make that decision in a week or so. I want her to be happy and comfortable. I don't want my last memories of seeing her suffer in any way. 

    I write this for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I tend to share these points of my life because it's therapeutic for me and I've found that it's therapeutic for others who may be experiencing the same. We live in an age where social media moments serve as foundation points for our personal lives. While I normally post food pics and stupid selfies and odd thoughts that are intended to make people laugh, there are moments that aren't as happy or silly. I think it's important to share that balance. 

    I also write this because many of you know of Chloe because of my posts about her and I know you're worried about her. I think it's wonderful that so many of you check in on her and ask how she's doing. I feel that Chloe is incredibly loved because y'all think about her so often. I don't share everything about my life (even though it may seem like it), but I love to share my experiences with my dogs with you all. 

    Lastly, Chloe is a rescue dog. She was abandoned and needed a home, and she found mine. I will always adopt from a rescue or a shelter. Rescues aren't "perfect on paper", but that doesn't make them any less loving or wonderful. I share her story to hopefully help change the stigma that rescues aren't great dogs. They really are. 

    Until the next update. Send all the love to this adorable pupper. 



  • Rooster Speak Meet Up Party

    1 day ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    In seven weeks time, Rooster Speak will be hosting their seventh annual Rooster Speak Meet Up Party. In 2012, the party was a bit of a mess when @Fthreat had the idea to get as many friends together at the Iron Cactus after RTX wrapped up. Nearly 50 people showed up, and RS realized there's too damn many of us and we needed to be thinned out we needed better coordination.


    In 2013, @Kiyoshi took up the mantle of organizing the event and got a ton of us together at the Cedar Door. There was food, drinks, friends, and too many great photos taken. 


    In 2014, I was handed the duties and we returned to the Iron Cactus, this time with them being prepared!


    And in the following years, we took over the entire B.D. Riley's and The Rattle Inn!




    This year, we're changing things up. In all years past, this has been a private event. We've privately DM'd and emailed past attendees and tried to keep it "secret" and year after year we were happy to see so many walk ins from people we've met over the RTX weekend. 

    This year, Rooster Speak is proud to announce that our event is now public! We want to invite everyone from the Rooster Teeth Community that is willing to make the trek down to the Star Bar in Austin, TX on August 5th, 2018 from 7pm to 11pm. We have rented out two sections of the venue, both the interior room and the southern patio. Feel free to tweet about the event, invite your friends, and there may be some invite cards floating around during the convention that if you wish to have to hand out to new friends you can!

    Whether you have been to all of our events, or this will be your first time, we cannot wait to see you! 

    This event has seriously been host to some of my favorite memories and it is always the highlight of the entire RTX weekend for me. I have partied with so many friends and wish for this to continue for years to come. Making it public like this, I feel like this is a step into solidifying that wish. 

  • RTX Animation Festival 2018 -- We're Back!

    8 hours ago

    Koen Wooten Animation Producer

    Holy cow! RTX is just around the corner and that means planning for the Animation Festival is in full swing. It’s hard to believe we are in our third year. When we first pitched the idea, it was about sharing the animation that we watch and love. Nothing has changed. Our festival committee has put so much effort in creating an outstanding event with animators and content that excites and inspires us.

    The Animation Festival is Running August 3rd - 5th and included with admission to RTX Austin 2018, it is headquartered at the adjacent JW Marriott Austin hotel; 110 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701.  Our exciting HQ promises to be full of special events and surprises! So, if you haven’t bought your badges yet, go grab’em!

    And… each week, right here, we'll be bringing you spotlights of the upcoming guests and events you can expect from our biggest year yet!


  • RSWU 335: Going Through Changes

    1 day ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    Sup fools! 

    Before we get to the weekly shenanigans, we'd like to announce something. Starting this week, our Meet Up Party is officially open to the public! 

    Rooster Speak Meet Up Party 2018 - Star Bar - Austin, TX - August 5th, 2018 - 7:00-11:00 PM

    After the last couple years and the ever growing number of attendees, the ability for our admins to privately message everyone to make sure they get their ticket has become a daunting task. We plan to start promoting the event publicly here and on Twitter, and ask for you to do the same! Tell your friends about the event, much like you are one to do in Austin since we always have a ton of walk-ins that are always a warm welcome!

    We do reserve the right to refund a ticket if the person who bought it has a negative history with the RT Community, so if you're an asshole we will politely ask you not to attend!

    With that...

    Starting at 7:00 PM CT on Tuesday this week, we'll be hosting a Movie Night featuring Shaun of the Dead! 


    Also since this update is coming in before the event, a friendly reminder that we've a Watch-A-Mania tonight starting at 6:00 PM CT for WWE's Money in the Bank PPV!


    Hope a kick butt week, ya fools! 

  • Day 1627: Muchos Wrestling

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today was a chilled out day! I spent some time playing games with the dogs! And I spent a lot of time just playing games in general. Actually, I watched the NXT Takeover and it was excellent! Like maybe the women's match was good and not great, but the rest of the matches were excellent! 

    I'm looking forward to Money in the Bank, I just hope it produces one match of the quality that was seen from Takeover. I haven't been watching anything but NXT though, so I might not completely follow the storylines leading into it.

    This week ahead looks to be somewhat of a relaxing week, I'm hoping that I can set myself a list of objectives to complete daily and just smash many of them out. And there are quite a few gym times ahead, and I'm staying under 70kg for the time being, which is encouraging. 

    How was your weekend? 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • #Fit4RTX Week Thirteen - When To Not Do A Thing

    2 days ago

    Tropes Einn Saman


    So this is a bit of a continuation-slash-response to something from last week. When do you not do a particular exercise, or what exercises should you not do?

    I usually don't like this discussion. I feel like it runs the risk of becoming an all-talk-no-action trap sometimes, and generally I prefer to tell people what they should be doing - it's more active and positive. But that said there are some circumstances where some exercises shouldn't be done.

    I should say first off that different people will say different things at different times in the fitness world (and some folks are infamous for flip-flopping on what they say). So everything I say now may be outdated in a matter of months. I am also not a medical professional. Also, and most important, no one who reads this at time of writing is someone I have worked with personally. Different rules for different people. I wouldn't make the blanket statement that people should not do barbell snatches or overhead squats, but I won't do them because my impinged shoulder. So it's very important to at least try to consult with a professional for intense workout programs. Also, ALL loaded exercise carries some risk of injury. All of it. Sometimes your luck just runs out at the worst time and a light bicep curl blows out your elbow, and sometimes you can squat 800 pounds and walk away fine with no real rhyme or reason that you can see without really diving deep into the individual cases.

    So here are the ones I see a lot. There are definitely others, but if I tried to write down every exercise that the internet - or even just professionals or semi-professionals - have said not to do at some point or another I'd write down every exercise. 

    As for where I got this information, I won't be citing individual sentences wikipedia-style, but this is a combination of my own knowledge as a trainer, my continuing education since then (I can't become a CSCS or CSC but I am reading some of their testing materials) as well as various physical therapists that I know and work with. 


    The argument: Squats place unnecessary load on the knees. 

    The facts: If you don't squat with proper depth then the argument is actually true. It may sound counter-intuitive, but squatting down to sub-parallel depth is safer than parallel or above! Let me explain a little. Per a physical therapist I've worked with, the point of maximal tension on the patella and surrounding structure of the knee is at parallel (for new or non-lifters, when your thighs are parallel to the floor during the squat is just shortened to "parallel" in the gym). If the direction of force changes from down to up (as in, the muscle action reverses) then that maximizes the amount of tension at that point in much the same way there's more energy going down landing from a jump versus standing. However if you squat to proper depth some of that tension is lightened, making it safer to switch from the downward motion to the upward. 

    When you ACTUALLY shouldn't do it: This would be when you have a knee or major hip injury. Basically, if flexion and extension of the leg causes pain in the joint, especially under a load, then you would need to find other ways to keep your legs strong - things like glute bridges, for example. 


    Argument: Deadlifts are bad for your back

    The facts: Because the deadlift is the strongest lift for a lot of people there's a great deal of temptation to ego-lift more weight than you can actually handle. This leads to doing the exercise with improper form, causing the spine (which is supposed to stay stable) to bend under an extreme load. So the real case is that crappy deadlifts are bad for your back. Done correctly and with the right weight, deadlifts are actually fantastic for strengthening your spinal erectors. 

    When you ACTUALLY shouldn't do it: This one is contraindicated if you have a back injury, since it does require a lot of spinal stability. Fun fact, I once had a consultation who claimed he had no injuries but before we did deadlifts "remembered" that he once was thrown from a horse and broke his back in three places. In the case of a back injury, definitely find some other way to work glutes, hamstrings and erectors. Glute bridges and hamstring curls may be a friend here, again.

    Upright Rows

    Argument: Upright rows are bad for the shoulder

    The facts: This one is kind of a grey area - I honestly use it in very specific cases only. Np PT I've ever worked with has specifically contraindicated it for any client I've worked with, at least. It does leave the shoulder in a compromised position that can cause some discomfort if the grip is in the wrong place, but in terms of shoulder hypertrophy it actually works well in instances where overhead press is not possible (like high blood pressure situations). 

    When you ACTUALLY shouldn't do it: If I ran a Functional Movement Screen on you and there was pain on either side. To be honest, I see this one come up the most but it always seems to have the least meat to it - both in terms of benefit and in terms of how often it actually seems to go wrong. I definitely see how it CAN - but I also see how every exercise can potentially, maybe go wrong. In either case, if possible just do overhead press instead if you can. It gets better results and you won't have people giving you dirty looks over your choice of exercises.

    Any Olympic Lift

    Argument: Olympic Lifts Are Bad and Will Break You

    The facts: I don't hate on crossfit as a whole, but if there's one thing that it has absolutely done bad for the fitness community it has made the association between olympic lifting and injury potential. Olympic lifts (snatch, clean-and-jerk, variations thereof) are very high intensity, requiring strength, power, speed and coordination. They are definitely best done by advanced lifters. However crossfit entails doing a lot of Olympic lifts for a lot of reps, still at high weight and often without enough focus on proper form and technique. This means a lot of folks who aren't ready to do snatches are doing A LOT OF SNATCHES. An expert lifter could probably make it through the workout feeling pumped up and awesome, but anyone else is really just putting themselves in harm's way.

    (Aside: High Pulls, a subsection of a clean, are basically just super-fast upright rows)

    When you ACTUALLY shouldn't do it: Well first off, don't do a lot of them under heavy loads until you're sure your technique is up to snuff. And even if you do, don't do them injured. They require multiple joint actions and muscle groups, so they can and will aggravate prior conditions in the shoulders, knees or hips. 

    So what's it all mean? I said at the beginning I hate these kinds of discussions, and the most basic reason why is that it really doesn't mean all that much since these are blanket statements for use over individual cases. But if you do take anything away from this one, I have two main talking points related to this topic. 

    My big bugaboo with fitness talks on the internet is that the amount of people talking about what exercises are "dangerous" very rarely actually lift. Sure, some do, but more often than not it's people with no profile picture commenting on some YouTuber's lifting video saying that they are Bad And Wrong for doing the program they're doing. That kinda frustrates me - it kind of reminds me of a much less severe Not All Men in that it completely derails the actual discussion going on almost all the time to force focus on what is at best a peripheral point - and in much the same way, there's a world of difference between "upright rows mean you're a bad lifter and worse trainer" and "I prefer to do lateral raises, shrugs and face pulls for shoulder and trapezius development because I feel my shoulder position is less compromised that way."

    The second talking point is trust your judgement. Every lift has injury potential that goes higher and higher the more advanced you become, from the mightiest of deadlifts to the most cursory of bicep curls. As you get more advanced, though, your ability to read your own body will grow and you'll be able to back off of things you know your body doesn't work well with. Maybe you have an impingement of the shoulder that allows for vertical pulls but you can't reach overhead for presses or snatches, or vice-versa. Maybe you have a busted knee that only acts up once in a blue moon. More important than any number of articles or videos is your ability - a cultivated, learned skill - to listen to your body. And if you can't learn to trust yourself as you currently are, a qualified trainer can and will help you until you become the person you can trust. 

    (Gus voice): Speaking of qualified trainers, I just want to remind everyone that I do have online coaching available for a discount rate of $100 (normally $150), for which you get twelve written workouts sent to you via an Excel email attachment or Google Spreadsheets that will be tailored based on your fitness goals and current abilities. Send me request or inquiries via DM or on twitter @jeroic9 or Instagram @jeroic

  • Little Witch Academia Wrap up

    1 day ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our final look at Little Witch Academia. The cute show about cute girls going off and saving the world for a mad scientist who just wanted to be the chosen one.

    Having given the show a couple of days to mull over, I've come to realize that I've had a few issues with the show. Mainly it's second half than it's first half, but it's nothing terrible, like with a certain season of the otherwise enjoyable Symphogear. Huh, I wonder when that season is coming out?

    But enough about lingering thoughts, what about the show itself? Well, like any good Trigger show, it takes what would be considered the normal genre conventions and changes them up in different ways. First, the show is very much their own take on a Harry Potter type series, with magic and fairies and dragons and the like, but one major difference between HP and LWA is that, in LWA, the magic world isn't secretive at all. Magic exists and is well known, but has also been on the decline thanks to science change our perspectives in how the world works. This is considered a bad thing to the old guard, who are very traditionalist, but most believe that for magic to continue to thrive, it must change and adapt, which is something we'll get into a bit later when we talk about a certain character. Heck, some of the old guard also believe that change is inevitable, but creating that change is difficult. Though it would have been interesting to see Luna Nova go over a massive modernization of it's campus. Less reliant on magic and it's precious Sorcerer's Stone and more reliant on technology, like electricity.

    Then we have the supernatural or fairy creatures. Most of them tend to work as custodial or support staff, doing the cleaning, cooking, maintenance, and so on. And they seem content for their work, except for one particularly funny episode, but that may have been the exception due to what was going on there. The only supernatural creature we meet that could be considered mean is Fafnir, but he's more of a sharkloan dragon than actually being mean.

    Of course, having the setting and worldbuilding is nice, but it won't do you any good if your characters aren't good and if your plot isn't compelling. This is where I have issues with LWA, mainly in the treatment of both of these aspects. They do some good things with them, but at the same time, there are some questionable decisions involved.

    First, let's start with the star of the show, Akko, aka, the chosen one, who just wants to make everybody smile because she saw a popular witch do just that. She's not that much different from her OVA counterpart, but the main difference between those two characters is actually a plot point in the LWA series. Akko isn't what I would call bookdumb, but easily distracted and rather selfish at times. While she is kind and wants to help out her friends, she's usually projecting herself onto her friends instead of realizing that they have their own goals and wishes they want to do. This is a flaw that she comes to realize rather early on, though she kind of switches between remembering some lessons and forgetting others.

    Her task as "Person to gain access to the Grand Triskelion" isn't made known to her until the second half. For the first half, she just kind of stumbles into completing part of the task without realizing it at all. It does occasionally make me wonder how much of the show was planned and which parts were added in at the last minute. You could actually make an argument for both, but we'll get to that later.

    Now, what makes Akko different from your typical main protagonist is that she is neither the book dumb hero who's able to do things thanks to luck and overwhelming power, nor is she the kind of character what is just so overwhelmingly good at everything she does. She's more of an average type of protagonist. She's not smart, nor is she dumb. She's just easily distracted, but she is quite capable, when given enough time and practice, as well as shown great insight when it matters. She's motivated in her goals, kind to her friends, but is also flawed in that she can be selfish at times and unintentionally hurt her friends. She's actually the type of protagonist we don't get to see much these days, but that depends on how you can handle her flaws.

    Next we have Akko's main rival, Diana. She's the typical foil to the main protagonist, except, for a twist, she actually isn't. Diana is the type of character who has everything Akko wants. Mainly, popularity with the students and staff, exceptionally gifted in magic, and just seems to know what she's doing all the time. The twist is that A) She's not actually mean to anybody except to Akko, but that's because Akko has a way of getting under her skin, and B) she doesn't take anything for granted. We find out later that she had to work for a lot of her own strengths and abilities, especially when she lost them for a time, and her dislike for Akko stems more with herself than anything else, and she never goes out of her way to try to sabotage or hurt anybody. She wants everybody to have a good school experience, even with Akko.

    Now, one particular instance where her "know it all" attitude comes back to bite her in the ass, and it happens very early on, in episode 2, where her attempts to resolve a matter end up having the opposite effect, requiring Akko to correct it. She receives credit, but from this episode we can see that Diana is very reluctant to accept any credit that she doesn't earn. This shows up again at the end of the first half, where she's named the Moonlit Witch, even though she thinks Akko would be more deserving. It's something interesting to see in rival characters, where they're only antagonistic to their rival is because the rival is actually the one that gets under their skin. It's rather rare in most media.

    Of course, a main character needs a supporting cast to help them get into trouble, out of trouble, and point out their flaws. Enter Lotte and Sucy, Akko's friends and roommates at Luna Nova. Lotte is what you would call your stereotypical supporting protagonist. She's friendly and supportive of Akko, and while she has her own motivations and wishes, she typically puts other people ahead of her. This is actually a bit different from how she's portrayed in the second OVA, where she and Akko have a very nasty fight that leads to a massive crack in their friendship. This is something that I don't recall seeing in the show, and I think it's something that should have been included in, just so that their friendship can be rebuilt as stronger than before.

    Sucy, however, is not what you would consider the stereotypical supporting protagonist for the main protagonist. At least, not one where the main character is very much on the good side of the spectrum. Sucy is pretty much chaotic incarnate, usually ranging from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil. Which is funny given that we get a look at her mindscape, and at one point, she actually appears as a Star Wars fangirl, and shockingly enough, as a Jedi. She's also rather mean to Akko a lot of the time, usually snarking at her in one way or another. But, like Lotte, she will support Akko in her endeavors, but usually it'll end with her being able to test her potions on her.

    What's rather disappointing with Lotte and Sucy is that a good chunk of their development happens in the first half of the show's run. When the second half starts, they're pretty much pushed to the sidelines as the series starts focusing on the plot more. This is actually where a lot of my problems for the second half come in. Characters who look like they would have more agency or be more involved in the plot disappear for good parts of the series. Which is very odd for Lotte and Sucy, who should appear more frequently.

    This is more glaring with one other character, Professor Finneran. She's the hardliner of the Luna Nova Staff, and early in the second half, when things starts to change, she becomes concerned and skeptic of the changes being made. You'd think that would mean she would show up more often, but nope, she doesn't reappear again until the final two episodes. It makes me wonder what she was doing all that time. Matter of fact, the staff outside of two character's don't show up again for the second half of the series' run, which is kind of bad as you have some interesting story elements that could be told here.

    The two that don't get sidelined are Professor Ursula and Professor Croix, who's own past and rivalry take center stage in the second half. Professor Ursula, who is actually Chariot, a character Akko admires, takes a on-hands approach to helping Akko, who is struggling magically compared to everybody else, but in her case, it's because she had a direct involvement in crippling Akko's magical abilities, thanks to Croix providing her with a spell that actually robbed people of their talents. This is a major different for Akko between her OVA self and her series self, where in the former, she just didn't come from a magical family, while in the latter, it was actively stolen from her, though unintentional.

    Croix, who appears in the second half, is a former friend and longstanding rival of Chariot's, and their rivalry is what you would normally expect in shows like this, which can get rather murderous at times. It also mimics a lot of the rivalry between Akko and Diana, though unlike their seniors, those two girls have completely separate motivations for coming to Luna Nova and doing magic. Though it is interested to say that, if Akko and Diana were closer, or if Akko ran into Diana before Lotte and Sucy, the series might have taken a different turn.

    But I think that's where part of the problem lies. The first half was a semi-slice of life magical school series that did have something of an underlining plot, which showed up in bits and pieces, which really revved up in the second half when Croix is introduced. It was clear that she was suppose to be involved since the very beginning, but because the plot really revved up in the second half, it makes me think that either Trigger couldn't pace themselves properly here or didn't have a firm grasp of what they wanted to do with the story. Clealry, it was to do something different from the OVAs, but was it really the right call?

    Honestly, I think people would have been happy with a semi-slice of life magical school show. While the main plot in the second half wasn't terrible, I feel like it would have been better if it was happening throughout the entire show's run instead of being compressed like it was in the second half.

    Now, that's not to take anything away from the show itself. The show is well animated, with great character designs all around, creative use of spells, as well as having strong characters with good characterization all around. After all, if you can get good characterization out of a character who doesn't speak, you're doing it correctly. And this is why Constanze is best girl. I also like how the series took the standard tropes, but instead of flipping them around too much, worked with them to make a different kind of show. It's familiar, but at the same time, does things differently where it doesn't feel stale.

    So, would this be a show I would recommend? Yes, yes I would. I would also recommend the OVAs, though I would add that the OVAs are pretty much in a different universe from the TV series, so it's best to keep that in mind. While I do have my issues, it doesn't deter from a show that, in my opinion, was strong from beginning to end. Especially when Best Girl Constanze was involved.

    And that wraps it up for Little Witch Academia. And thanks to that, the show I originally planned to do is now available, and is also on Netflix. It's a show that was released this year, but we Americans didn't get it until a couple of months ago. So I hope you join me this Friday as we take a look at the Kyoani series, Violet Evergarden. Until next time.

  • Where I have refereed

    1 day ago

    Burpoe Rugby Referee

















  • Red Oni Cheese

    8 hours ago


    For those of you playing FGO, there's a very easy way to defeat the 3BP quest for Gorikimaru with 6 million HP. And I don't mean the Arash exploit that was for farming materials (and was patched), I mean actually killing it and getting the DP for rewards. Granted, the raid will likely finish sometime today considering the remaining HP, but it'll be back later.

    Anyway, if you have a Jack or one in your support list with the MLB Sumo CE, she can solo it. Just take two weak servants  - preferably with a taunting skill so they die sooner - equipped with Hot Springs CEs, and just send the 3 of them into battle (maybe using a Quick Bean). Try to get the two spare servants killed ASAP so Jack can be alone, and when she is just spam her three Quick cards (and her Noble Phantasm whenever it's up). Use her skills as necessary to reduce the enemy's crit chance, heal, or dodge the enemy's NP. Even better if you're using the Atlas Academy Uniform Mystic Code to support her. She easily handles him all by herself. Damn I wish I had one of my own.

  • Ask Doc (June 18th)

    1 hour ago

    Myshu chupariffic


    As a kid, I'd always expected x-rays to work like they do in the cartoons, where a character runs behind a light box and all their bones instantly appear. Maybe on Sirca they actually do...

    Cheers to my chupamigos on Discord for the question!

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