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    1 day ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    FU?? 3rd time?!?! Time for a reintroduction!


    My name is Julie.

    I compose piano music and take pretty pictures and I am RT senpai です。

    English might be native language... I'm unsure.


    I am humbled to be a part of this cockbyte community.

    I like music, smiles, anything Japanese, cute animals, and silly puns. 


    That's all you need to know.... for now.

    Also Happy America Day Weekend for Americans.

    And Happy Normal Silly Weekend for Non-Americans.


    Carry on.

  • Introductions: Hi there!

    1 day ago

    ailsarocks FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Stylist

    Hello loves! Thanks again to all of you who were so lovely and helpful! I won't gush but things are good.  barbara

    So I started thinking again (uh oh) about the #RTCommunity. Folks come and go all the time, groups are established and others fade away. Podcasts, regional groups, general interest... there's a lot out there!

    What I would like, is an update of sorts on what is still around! Seems like people stumble upon my journals a fair bit so I'd like to help them find any active community members and their groups to join! So if you could, if you have a moment, could you introduce yourself, and talk about any projects you're working on, or any groups you run here and what folks can do to join or help! I'm genuinely curious myself to see what you lovelies are up to!  caboose

    I'll start:

    I'm Ailsa, I am kept busy with Rooster Teeth is Fashionable: a group you should join if you love to represent Rooster Teeth or any of it's branches by wearing the merch your own unique way.

    I also lend a hand however I can with RT Scotland: a group for everyone but primarily organising meet-ups for community members in Scotland. Same with the Rooster Teeth Safe Room: a group that provides a safe place and information for those who have experienced cyberbullying. It's also paired with leading charity Cybersmile, so you know the advice is sound.

    I also help "off the radar" on various other groups but the admins can talk about the groups themselves! As for current projects, I'm toying with the idea of bringing back my "Fashion Stamp of Approval" articles, which feature you, the community, and how amazing you look in your RT merch. Let me know if you'd be up for consideration by dropping me a DM!

     arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down OK, YOUR TURN!! Comment below please!  arrow_down arrow_down arrow_down

    ...while I wait I shall watch this gif of an adorable baby owl getting it's head floofed.  heart_eyes


  • Fuck (apparently "Fuck" Is not a long enough title so here you go)

    16 hours ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I have been happily single for a while but I may have just met someone I actually like. I was not planning on this shit. Now I have to get my shit together because she might be out of my league. I'm still gonna go for it though. I got butterflies in my stomach and all that jazz. Seriously was not expecting this.

  • Bubble Net Feeding

    1 day ago

    Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

    Sat down to eat some dinner tonight, after a long day at work, when I looked up and saw that I wasn't the only one having their evening meal.

    A couple of humpback whales were right out in front of the house, bubble net feeding.  They were out there for a good half hour, before making their way down the narrows.  

    This was a pleasant spectacle to witness, especially after work was such a bust, I feel a lot better after having watched this.

    Take care!

  • Day 148

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I had to go out to get supplies and run other errands today. When I got back I did some chores outside, finally potted my petunias and then came inside and laid out the design for the first metal project. I made it really interesting. Luckily before I started gluing everything down I went on-line to double check where a piece of the design went and ...uh oh....I had the design backwards! 

    So, it was lucky to discover this before gluing it down but now I have to lay the design out all over again and that's not going to happen until tomorrow now. 

    BTW tomorrow is Memorial Day in the United States. It's the day we have ceremonies to honor those military members who have given their lives in service to the country.  My legion post sponsors a parade and a ceremony at the memorial park and I have to be there early tomorrow morning to help coordinate. 

    After the ceremony we have an open house at the Legion Post and I'll have lunch there (free food!) and maybe a little libation. Or a lot-it's my birthday too so....


    I may or may not actually work on the project tomorrow. 

  • My First Journal In Which I Talk About Goals, Careers, and Motivation.

    1 day ago

    dazelikethis Marketing + Video Games

    My Mom died a month ago. She was 57. It was unexpected although she spent the last 10 years of her life on disability. Since then, I have thinking a lot about life and legacy. Everyone deals with grief differently and It’s not atypical; when you are dealing with death of someone you love, mortality and life itself tend to be at the forefront of the mind. I’m 23 years old. I work for a B2B startup as the sole member of the marketing. Life’s okay. Or is it?... (Queue Twilight Zone intro and Rod Sterling’s amazing voice-over) 

    An unexamined life is a life not worth living. 

    In Burnie’s Vlog last week, he said, and I’m paraphrasing,  I don’t believe in motivation, I believe in discipline which is motivating. At first I wrote it off. It sounded crazy. I subscribe to the idea if I look at enough “Thinspiration” posts on Instagram, I’ll get off the couch and run a mile. I have thought that my entire life but alas I’m still overweight and I still can’t run a mile without stopping. You want to know why? I sat around looking for the motivation to do something, hoping that would drive me to do it. What if all it took was a little bit of discipline and more importantly actually getting off that couch and running a mile. 

    You’re rambling. This is not what these journals are for. 

    This is me getting off that couch and running a mile. Every month I like to perform an audit of my life goals. Where am I? Where do I want to go? How will I get there? Right now, as cliche as it sounds, my life goal is to be happy. That’s a pretty bullshit life goal right? So let’s break it down.  I know what things make me happy. Marketing makes me happy. Being successful makes me happy. Building, creating, and writing cool shit makes me happy. Video games make me happy. So how do I combine all these goals into one big life goal? I get a job at Rooster Teeth.


    So time for the actionable stuff. All good goals are based in action. Remember what Burnie said, it is not about the motivation to do things it’s the discipline. How do you break down a big goal like getting a job a Rooster Teeth into smaller much more attainable goals? 

    1. I need to be a better marketer. 
    I’m going to begin this by reading more and executing on my own personal brand. I’m going to begin writing more (hence this journal) and publishing them for the whole world to see. If I want to be a marketer for a massive production company, I need to show them that I’m good enough. The only the way to do that is to BE good enough. 

    2. I need to gain some industry experience
    As I’m growing my own brand, I’m going to work on getting YouTube certified. I’m going to begin pushing out my own content into the ethos. Focusing on growing my own brand as if I was a major MCN or production company.  I’m starting to stream some and if you want to tune in check it out here.

    3. I need to stay active in the community.
    I love the RT Community but it is so easy to stand on the sidelines and watch. Thanks to this site, Twitter, and Reddit, I am surrounded by hundreds of thousands like minded individuals who have at least one thing in common. I need to contribute more. So you’ll see me writing more journals, contributing to the local communities - maybe we can get RT Massachusetts more active again.  

    I’m sick of looking motivation to do this or that. I’m ready to start getting shit done, one goal at a time.  

    Until next time, 
    Phillip McKee 
    aka DazeLikeThis
    aka Future Rooster Teeth Employee

  • #Fit4RTX 2017 Week 21 - The cut, week one

    1 day ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am


    So far my body reacted exactly how I expected. Dropping my carb intake to pretty much nothing but Ignition by 1stPhorm (a supplement company a friend works for, Ignition is taken alongside protein powder to restore glycogen in the muscles post-workout) and upping my fats means I dropped a lot of waterweight in a short period of time. I'm already down to 163 pounds and 13% bodyfat. The rest will be actual fat, and possibly actual muscle, which is where the struggle is.

    But let's also talk about my week! So Monday was a strugglebus for sure, since I went drinking on Saturday and was still hung over because I'm all old and dead. I did train but the session wasn't great. Other than that my training was on point all week. I'm particularly proud of an upper body push/power routine I wrote on Wednesday and will likely do a similar one. I also tested out my calorie burn as I teach both boxing and conventional classes. It's not a ton, but it's not negligible either.

    Nutrition was good but not perfect. My fats were a bit too high and my protein a bit too low. That's okay for waterweight week but I need to re-balance it. Sadly, that means less beef. This week I was eating bun-free beef burgers with roasted peppers and kale salad for lunches and dinners, two eggs for breakfasts and protein shakes or bars as snacks, trying to keep myself at five meals a day to get myself to about 1,800-2,000 calories. I semi-cheated today when I went to my parent's house by having some cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast and some extra Italian sausage with pasta sauce with my burger, but overall I kept even my cheat day pretty clean.  

    The issue is, beef's fat-to-protein ratio doesn't work as my main protein source at that calorie ceiling - not if I want to keep the gains from my mini-bulk. So it's looking like I'll be making turkey burgers with roasted peppers and garlic and putting just a teeny bit of cheese on them to up the fats, plus a kale and asparagus* salad each day with some lemon juice which - allegedly - will help my body burn the fat for energy to make up the caloric difference instead of muscle. I know, poor me, right? You'd almost think I could make eating healthy taste good.

    Overall I feel good about being able to get to my goal with enough time to re-acclimate to regular eating before RTX so I don't bloat up as soon as I so much as smell the floor cleaner at Chupacabra (which, as you may know, can be smelled from a block away). Man, it's all gonna taste so good!

    *I almost said "sasparagus" and I think the Sassparagus should be the next RT mascot. 

  • I'm Back

    1 day ago


    Forgot to mention, I'm back from the UK. Back to my humdrum life. Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim followers, btw. Gotta go fast. 

  • Child of Rhyme

    2 days ago


    A year or so ago I downloaded Child of Light for the Xbox One using a Games for Gold deal, however the policy behind Games for Gold was altered around this time making it so you could not play any game you downloaded through the program unless you were still a member. Pretty bullshit if you ask me, since Xbox 360 users didn't have to worry about this issue at the time, but whatever the case I had to put off playing the game until I had a reason to go Gold again. Well since Battleborn is an online only game I had my reason, and in the past weeks I played through and beaten all of Child of Light.

    I was a bit hesitant since the game looked like the kind of indie title I typically avoid, but I heard that the producer was actually Ubisoft and that it was a turn-based RPG. Color me interested. And so I began my journey into the rhyme filled story that Child of Light encompasses, a story about a little girl's fight to be reunited with her father after awakening in a strange land. The girl's name is Aurora, and after being joined by a fire elemental and some brief platforming she gets a sword and meets and old lady. The lady sets her path, explaining that the queen of night has taken over and now Aurora must defeat the queen's subjects to get home.

    Along the way you encounter other characters, like a circus jester looking for her brother, a golem searching for a missing piece, a magic using dwarf, and several others. These characters join Aurora in her fight for their own reasons, but eventually they all come together to take on the evil queen. Story-wise there's really not that many surprises, as you can tell who the queen is as soon as the old lady talks about her. Heck, you can ever tell who the old lady is too. It's a simple story, but one that can get a bit exhausting as all the dialogue is spoken in rhymes. Terrible terrible rhymes.

    When it comes to game play I mentioned platforming, but after your first meeting with the old lady you gain the ability of flight and you'll likely be flying around 80% of the time you aren't fighting enemies. It's a kind of floaty flight and takes some getting use to, especially since you need to get good at controlling Aurora's boosting for some of the over-world puzzles and mazes. You could also just fly directly to where you need to go, but exploration of the maps will bag you lots of upgrades for your party's stats and gem slots. Stardust is what you'll use to upgrade stats, which can be very useful in making a party member faster and stronger in battle. Gems are use to augment your attack, defense, or give you a special ability. As the maps usually have a theme to them like fire, water, or wind, you can almost always prepare for new enemies by equipping the right gems. Pretty standard stuff in terms of RPG mechanics.

    The only big caveat to the battling is the casting time, in that a greater emphasis is placed on the last 10% of the turn timeline. Get hit while you are preparing your attack or using an item, and you'll be set back in the turn timeline and lose out on what you were trying to do. This means paying extra special attention to how quickly enemies progress on the timeline, using speed boosters on your team, speed dampeners on the enemies, and controlling that fire elemental to shine light on the enemies that causes them to cower and slow down. Making enemies lose out on their turn is vital to winning, as many enemies hit for huge damage that can drop your team in a few hits. And since you can only use two party members at a time, you'll need to be extra keen on creating a symbiotic relationship between the two. For instance the main two I used had a tank and glass cannon relationship, with one casting taunt to hold the enemies attention while the other would hit for big damage. This did come back to bit me in the ass with the final boss, but I consider it a win that it worked 99% of the time.

    While the game's rhyming got old really quick, the visuals were absolutely beautiful. A kind of water color feel to the whole world really grabs your attention, even the designs on some of the enemies were really cool. Although I must say that whoever designed Aurora, her sisters, and her mother had a big fetish for hair that floated around like they are underwater.

    Now while I have given some pretty solid praise for the game, I must say that it is also rather short. Took me about around 30 hours to get through the entire game, which included finding all of the collectables and completing all the side quests. Since I got the game free at the time I wasn't that bothered, but anyone paying for this game should wait till it is on sale.

    Child of Light gets a 8.0 out of 10


  • Words of wisdom 1

    1 day ago


    Im starting a short journal series called "Words of Wisdom". Its an irregular series of entries where I provide the situation, what was done wrong, and how you can avoid the same mistake. If you never made this mistake then good on you ^_^

    When you say "do it like this" and  trying to convey something visual with a physical motion but no one is looking at you, then they cant see what you're doing. 

    Word of Wisdom: Get their attention first so they can see you doing whatever you want them to see.

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